Does Anderson Silva make sense for next boxing opponent for Jake Paul?

This past weekend, we saw the boxing rematch between Jake Paul (5-0) and Tyron Woodley (0-2). The fight was incredibly underwhelming throughout the entire match but it ended with a bang. In the sixth round, Paul unloaded a massive right hand that put Woodley out cold.

While we’ve seen Paul face plant other opponents, knocking out Woodley was different. Nobody has ever really done that to Tyron Woodley in his combat sports career. What Jake Paul did in the boxing ring on Saturday night hasn’t been done.

The result was so shocking that there are already conspiracy theories regarding the knockout. There’s talk of hand signals and pre-coordinated moves that caused Woodley to drop his hands so Paul could unload a right hand and knock him out. Many think that Woodley was paid to take a dive.

However, I’m going to operate under the assumption that Paul won the boxing match fair and square. With that, it’s time to start thinking about Paul’s next move. There’s already talks of Paul taking on Tommy Fury next and that match does make a lot of sense.

Those two were originally supposed to meet before Fury pulled out with an injury. However, Paul has made his boxing career thus far against non-boxers. If he decides to go the MMA or UFC route for his next opponent, why not one of the greatest of all time?

Silva – Paul Boxing Match

If you want to talk about people who had a sensational 2021, look no further than Anderson Silva. After wrapping up his UFC tenure last year, The Spider took to the boxing ring in 2021 and he looked sensational in doing so.

In Silva’s first match of the year, he did something that Jake Paul still hasn’t done. Silva took on a former world champion boxer when he took on Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Say what you want, but Silva completely outclassed the former boxing world champion.

Silva then met former UFC champion Tito Ortiz and knocked him out in the first round. Despite his age, Silva looked sensational in the boxing ring. There was talks about Silva taking on Jake’s older brother Logan, but those talks fizzled out.

Perhaps Silva and Jake could meet. That said, it’s hard for me to believe that Paul would take the fight. Silva is the same size as him and is definitely more skilled. Silva is not a big talker either so Paul would likely be hesitant to take someone on who wouldn’t go back-and-forth with him.

Jake Paul is a showman and he would want the fight to be a show. Taking a boxing match with Silva wouldn’t be a show, it would be a fight. A very difficult fight at that. Personally, I would bet on Silva despite the age and I think Paul knows it would be risky. While I would be in favor, I just don’t see it happening.

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