Jake Paul knocks Tyron Woodley out cold in boxing match

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Tonight we saw the highly anticipated rematch between Jake Paul (4-0) and Tyron Woodley (0-1 Boxing). The former UFC champion was stepping in on short notice to take on The Problem Child.

Originally, Paul was supposed to take on Tommy Fury. However, Fury had to pull out of the fight win an injury. When this happened, the Paul team got in touch with Tyron Woodley regarding the rematch.

These two originally had their boxing match back in August. For the first time in his career, Jake Paul was truly tested. In fact, Woodley was able to hurt Paul on a couple of exchanges. However, Woodley was not aggressive at all in their match.

As a result, Paul was able to score more points and won a split decision. After the matchup, Paul said he would give Woodley a rematch if he got a tattoo that said, ‘I love Jake Paul’. A request that Woodley followed through with.

However, Paul still opted for the Fury boxing match. Now, we get the rematch we thought we were going to get in the first place as Woodley is back to take on Jake Paul.

Boxing Recap

Round 1

The boxing matchup kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Paul immediately comes out and takes the center. Woodley throws a big overhand right to start his night. Jab to the body from Woodley. Paul looks for a right straight as he’s staying on the outside.

The two come together in a clinch after Woodley presses forward. Paul continues to look for shots on the outside but nothing serious is landing. Woodley again misses on a big right hand that forces a clinch.

Paul works the jab and the two end up in another clinch. Woodley continues to look for a big right hand but he’s a bit out of range. Nice jab to the body lands for Jake Paul. Paul rips a right hook to the body and the crowd is becoming restless.

Woodley pushes forward and eats another jab to the body from Paul. The two end up in another clinch and the crowd continues to boo. The first round of this boxing matchup ends and it’s a very uneventful round one.

Round 2

Second round of this boxing matchup and Paul comes out a bit more aggressive. Double jab from The Problem Child. Paul lands a big overhand right and he’s really pushing the action here in the second round. Woodley forces a clinch and they break.

Lots of booing from the crowd here and Paul answers with another combination. Jab to the body from Paul and then he chains it into a combination. Woodley lands a couple of nice shots on the inside. Another clinch and both men land body shots.

Nice 1-2 from Jake Paul before they clinch again. The two come together again but before they do, Paul lands a nice left hook. Big combination from Jake Paul and Paul is definitely getting the better of this. 2-0 Paul after two in this boxing match

Round 3

Third round of this boxing match is underway and here comes Woodley. Woodley presses forward immediately and wings some wild shots. However, nothing big lands. Paul lands a really nice combination. A cut forms on the forehead of Jake Paul after an accidental elbow.

Woodley pushing forward throwing heat now. Seems like the blood has lit a fire in Woodley. Paul staying composed here despite some adversity. Big combination from Jake Paul backs off Woodley and Paul seems to have recovered.

Woodley slowing a bit here and standing flat-footed. The two clinch and the crowd starts booing again. Nice jab lands for Paul. Woodley misses on a big straight and Paul is bleeding badly. The round ends and it’s 2-1 Paul in this boxing matchup.

Round 4

Entering the fourth round of this boxing matchup and Woodley has a lot of momentum here. Paul opens the round with a combination to try and get some back. Paul backing Woodley up here to start the fourth.

Jab to the body lands for Paul but his shots are a little wild here. Pressure from Woodley now who throws a nice uppercut. However, for Woodley it’s one and done right now with his shots. 1-2 lands for Woodley. Paul steps in and lands a nice combination.

The two come together in another clinch and Woodley picks up him and dumps him as if they were in MMA. Stiff warning from the referee here. The two go back to boxing and Woodley is being aggressive here.

Jake Paul is looking tired and the crowd is getting restless here. The round comes to a close and it’s likely even after four rounds.

Round 5

Entering the fifth round of this boxing match and neither man has had a ton of success. They both swing wild to start the fifth and they immediately clinch. The boos rain in from the crowd again. Paul pushes forward with a combination but nothing big lands.

Overhand right from Woodley is blocked and they clinch again. Nice jab from Jake Paul and the two come together again. Right now there is way more clinching than boxing and the crowd is not happy. Woodley throws a shot and they clinch again.

This is becoming hard to even watch with what we are seeing. Paul throws a jab to the body and Woodley answers with a combination. Neither man is fighting with an urgency. The round comes to a close and I honestly don’t know who’s winning this boxing matchup.

Round 6

Entering the sixth round and fans are hoping for a bit more boxing here. Jake Paul bouncing in the center and he pops a couple of jabs. Woodley stalking him here and throws a jab to the body. Paul works his way on the inside and another clinch.

They break before clinching again. Paul pushes forward and lands a nice combination. Woodley pushing forward and before he can land they clinch again. Power jab lands for Woodley but immediately they clinch after.

Overhand right from Woodley lands. Out of no where Jake Paul lands a massive right hand and Woodley is out cold. Oh my goodness.

Jake Paul def. Tyron Woodley by KO

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