Yankees making big starting pitching shift in first game of series against White Sox

luis gil, yankees

The New York Yankees’ starting pitchers have been phenomenal to open the 2022 season, but manager Aaron Boone is trying to cover up a bit of fatigue and supplement on Thursday.

On Thursday, the Yankees are starting an 8-game road trip, facing off against the Chicago White Sox and the Baltimore Orioles. On Thursday, Luis Gil will get the start, giving some of the regular rotational options a day off. Having played a doubleheader on Sunday, the Yankees were backed up a bit, calling on Gil as their first option.

Gil enjoyed six appearances last year over 29.1 innings. He posted a 3.07 ERA with 11.66 strikeouts per nine and an 84.3% left on base rate. At just 23 years old, Gil proved he could dominate at the MLB level, despite showing a bit of inconsistency toward the end of his short stint with the Yankees.

“The talent is obviously there. When he came up here last year he pitched well for us. Pitched in some important games for us,” Boone said before Tuesday’s game. “He’s gotten off to a bit of a slow start in Triple-A but came off his best outing and has built up a starter’s load… he’s the guy to go to at this moment.”

Over five games this season, Gil has earned a 9.53 ERA and 13.24 strikeouts per nine. Overall, Gil has not looked good this season. However, in his most recent start against Rochester, he threw 78 pitches over five innings, striking out nine batters and giving up one homer and two earned runs. Aside from one poor pitch, Gil looked stout, and the Yankees clearly feel he can translate to the MLB level.

“We feel like he’s the guy to go to in this moment.”

Gil has given up a minimum of two runs in every start this season, which is a bit concerning given how good he looked last year. He predominantly utilizes a fastball, slider, and change-up. His fastball hovers around 96 mph but touched triple digits in 2021, showcasing a blazing rising fastball.

Luis does have trouble hanging sliders over the middle of the plate, so he needs to show a bit better location with his break. However, we can expect him to heavily rely on his fastball on Thursday against Chicago, a team that currently hosts a 15–14 record but has enjoyed seven wins over the last eight games.