Yankees’ Brian Cashman: “I think we’re pretty f*cking good, personally’

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Yankees managing owner Hal Steinbrenner and General Manager Brian Cashman addressed the media on Tuesday, sharing insights into the team’s off-season strategy. Steinbrenner provided glimpses into future plans, while Cashman responded emotionally to critiques of the team’s performance in 2023.

Cashman Defends Roster Decisions

The Bombers faced significant challenges with their offense last season, with several new players failing to meet expectations. Cashman acknowledged the team’s reliance on Aaron Judge and admitted that their roster construction had significant shortcomings, noting injuries as a prominent catalyst.

Cashman Backs His Team

Despite the team’s struggles, Cashman expressed confidence in the personnel behind the scenes. He emphasized his pride in the Yankees’ staff and their established processes despite the disconnect between their internal work and the on-field outcomes.

“We’ve got good people. I’m proud of our people, and I’m proud of our process. Doesn’t mean we’re firing on all cylinders, doesn’t mean we’re the best in class, but I think we’re pretty f*cking good, personally, and I’m proud of our people.”


Analytics Department Under the Microscope

Contrary to the criticism of an over-dependence on analytics, Cashman revealed that the Yankees have one of the smallest analytics teams in the American League. This suggests a greater reliance on intuition rather than data-driven decisions. The Yankees have even engaged a third-party firm to evaluate their analytical approach for potential improvements.

Competitive Edge and Financial Efficiency

The comparison with teams like the Houston Astros, who have leveraged analytics effectively with lower expenditures, underscores the Yankees’ inefficiencies. Despite a high payroll, the Yankees did not secure a playoff spot, prompting questions about their operational strategies.

Facing a Critical Off-Season

There’s clearly internal friction and the need for a turnaround. With the off-season viewed as pivotal, the Yankees’ leadership is under pressure to make impactful changes. Failure to do so could result in significant consequences for the team’s management and staff.

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