Yankees Analysis: Future looks bright for the Yankees but maybe not for 2022

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The New York Yankees are a special team, a team that expects to win the World Series every year. We all know that that is not possible.

For all but a few elite teams, a good showing that draws fans to the stands is enough. But not for the Yankees, they always aim high. The Yankees have come close the last few years after not winning a World Series since 2009 but just haven’t found the formula to bring them to the October Classic.

Think what you will, but the Yankees are always planning. They are looking to improve the team for the coming season after the MLB lockout is over. The big question in a fan’s mind is if the Yankees will do enough before the start of the season to get over that hump that has not allowed them a World Series appearance in the last eleven years. To accomplish that, at the very least, they must sign a high-profile shortstop to replace Gleyber Torres, acquire a true number two type starting pitcher, and improve production at first base. If they fail to do that, fans will likely see similar results that they have come to accept in the last few years.

Beyond this season, the Yankees have been preparing for a long stretch of excellence in the future. The Yankees have been one of the more active teams with top of the heap international signings. It started in 2015 when they spent $5 million to snag Jasson Dominguez out of the Dominican Republic. This year they again went after the top international signing with Rodrick Arias. They are also expected to pick up Brandon Mayea, the highest-rated shortstop out of Cuba.

In two years, the Yankee farm system could look like this: SS Anthony Volpe, SS/IN Oswald Pereza, OF Jasson Dominguez, SS/3B Trey Sweeney, SS Rodrick Arias, and CF Brandon Mayea. With those top signings SP Wandy Peralta, and the hands already in the Yankee minor league system, the Yankees will look to have the top farm system in all of baseball, which spells future success, and not just for a year or two.

Not being overly optimistic, it is important to recognize that while highly-touted international prospects are extremely hit-or-miss. Players like Rusney Castillo, Hideki Irabu, and Kei Igawa were complete duds, while Hideki Matsui, Robinson Cano, Orlando Hernandez, Bernie Williams, and of course Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera have been superstars for the Yankees.

While this looks extremely positive for the future, Yankee fans want instant satisfaction. With a second meeting between the sides in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, it appears a resolution may be in the offing, hopefully sooner than later. General manager Brian Cashman and the front office will have to pounce quickly to resolve their issues after being silent in postseason 1.0 if they expect to come closer to a World Series appearance in 2022.

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