Yankees News, 7/13: Cashman could eye lefty outfielder for cheap, Jasson Dominguez gains gushing review

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

The Yankees will start a three-game series against the Boston Red Sox on Thursday evening after the All-Star break, and with a desperate need for lefty-hitting in the outfield, the trade deadline offers a great opportunity to make a subsequent move. General manager Brian Cashman will likely be active in the coming weeks, and one option that has made himself available is Adam Eaton of the Chicago White Sox.

Eaton is a 32-year-old outfielder who stands at 5’9” and 176 pounds. Traditionally, Eaton has never been known as a slugger but did hit 15 homers in 2019 with the Washington Nationals, averaging .279 over 151 games.

This season, his performance has been less than adequate, serving up a career-high 25.1% strikeout rate, having never cracked 20% over the past nine seasons. Clearly, he’s having an anomaly of a year, which could open the door for the Yankees to make a move for the free agent.

As Mike Rosenstein of NJ.com indicated, Adam Eaton might be running on fumes:

The 32-year-old Eaton actually checks off two boxes for Cashman: he’s an outfielder and he’s a left-handed hitter. But based on his performance this year with the White Sox, it’s safe to wonder how much Eaton has left in the tank. He hit .201 with five home runs in 58 games for the White Sox.

Given his diversity as a lefty with experience, he would be a more affordable option for the Yankees, especially since Chicago was preparing to option him to the farm before granting his release.

The Yankees have another young outfielder climbing the ranks:

Star prospect Jasson Dominguez is climbing the standings, despite going 0-for-3 for the American League team at Coors Field during the MLB All-Star Futures Game.

The Athletic’s Jim Bowden ranked Jasson one of his top-10 counted players on Sunday:

A lot of Yankees prospects get overhyped because they wear pinstripes, but that will not be the case with Dominguez. He’s the real deal. He was the youngest player in the Futures Game at 18 years old and clearly was able to hold his own. He looks like a linebacker but swings like a superstar. He’s balanced at the plate, has electric bat speed and can use the whole field with tremendous power. He has to be untouchable for the Yankees, regardless of who they could get back in a trade. He’s a future star.

At just 18 years old, the Bombers have locked in one of the most physically imposing youngsters in baseball. Not only does he have the frame of an NFL player, as Bowden suggests, but he has elevated bat speed and fantastic balance at the plate.

Simply put, he needs more reps and experience, but there’s no question he will make his way to the MLB sooner rather than later. According to MLB.com, Dominguez lined out to third base, but the ball went firing 106 MPH off his bat. Those are Giancarlo Stanton-type numbers, which should raise a few eyebrows.

New York Yankees: Yankee prospects chomping at the bit (video)

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

The New York Yankees are now in their sixth week of the new season, it seems like the season just started, but the fact is that the season is already 20% completed. Some of the players and pitchers are off to a great start, while others not so much. There is one constant, the minor league season is now in full swing, and with the reduced number of Yankee minor league sites, many young men are champing to get on those teams.

This season minor league Pulaski and Staten Island are gone since MLB has taken over the minor leagues and have accomplished realignment to make the experience better for all. This season fans will see minor league games played in AAA Scranton Wilkes/Barre (Rail Riders), in Somerset, NJ, (AA Patriots), Wappingers, NY, (high A Renegades), Tampa, Florida (low A Tarpons), and the Gulf Coast Rookie League. The Yankees also have two minor league teams in the Dominican Republic.

A short time ago, just before starting the minor league season, the rosters for the teams were released. Interested Yankee fans scoured those lists to see if their favorite prospect made any of the teams. With all the hype the last two years, the name most looked for was Jasson Dominguez; it wasn’t there. Others searched for were Everson Pereria, Kevin Alcantara, Raimfer Salinas, and Alexander Vargas, none to be found.

Many others are not on the lists as well but have less hype involved as they are further off from making the minor league teams. The others that were listed above will most likely, at some point, find themselves one step closer to their dream when they finally get to play professional baseball. No matter how young most of these boys have already worked several years to improve their game for a chance to play with the big boys.

As I said earlier, the Yankees’ number one prospect Jasson Dominguez has generated the most interest since he was signed at just 15. Since then, a multitude of articles has been written about the young sensation, Dominguez. The Yankees paid just over $5 million to sign the player that many call “The Martian” for his other-worldly hitting abilities. Scouts have compared him to a young Mickey Mantle or Mike Trout. To look at the young man, you don’t see an 18-year-old; you see a build and musculature of a decade older player.

The Young Dominguez has played the first two years in the Dominican Republic, but now he is in the United States. However, he did not make any minor league roster. Dominguez profiles as a true five-tool talent – none of his tools are ranked lower than a 55 on the 20-80 scale. There is no question that he will be a future centerfielder for the Yankees. But the Yankees are taking their time with Jasson; they don’t want to rush him along before he is ready. He has played in very few pro games.

Dominguez is now playing in extended spring training at the Yankee’s Tampa facility. Yankee head of player development Eric Schmidt wants to see him play there for four or five weeks. After that, he will most likely be promoted to low A Tampa sometime in June. For those fans that can’t wait to see him play at Yankee Stadium, you will have to wait a bit longer. He isn’t projected to make his major league debut until 2023-24.

Dominguez is not the only centerfield prospect hoping for their chance. Kevin Alcantara and Raimfer Salinas both played in the Gulf Coast League during 2019. Of the two, neither played last season. If they had, they would, at some point, jumped to Rookie advanced or Short-Season A. But those teams no longer exist. Both will probably play in the Gulf Coast League this season. Salinas received the top signing bonus given out by the New York Yankees in 2017-2018. He is 20 years old and will reach the majors at some point.

Alexander Vargas is an up-and-coming New York Yankees shortstop, one of the best they have seen in years. He will likely find himself in Low A this season as well. He is ranked as the Yankee team’s 13th best prospect by MLB.com. He has played in the instructional league in the Dominican Republic and has received solid reviews. He can be an elite defender at short, something the Yankee minor league system has been missing. He improved as his body filled out; the results were shown in spring training.

Everson Pereria is an experienced player who was pushed quickly during his professional debut. At 17-year-old he was held back due to his age. However, of the prospects mentioned, he has the best chance to advance to the High A team Renegades.  He advanced skipping two of the lowest levels of Rookie ball, but his 2019 season was shortened by injury. If he doesn’t make High A, he will surely make Low A Tampa as long as he is healthy. The 20-year-old multi-talented outfielder is the Yankee’s 18th highest-rated prospect.

Several if not all of these players will find themselves in the minor league system with the New York Yankees sometime during the 2021 season. The Yankees have no shortage of up-and-coming players.

Yankees’ assign uber-prospect Jasson Dominguez to extended spring training; Austin Wells to Low-A

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

New York Yankees’ uber-prospect Jasson Dominguez, the best-ranked young player in the Bombers’ system according to MLB Pipeline, will begin the year in extended spring training at the club’s player development complex in Tampa, Fla. That doesn’t mean he can’t and won’t be assigned to one of the minor league affiliates down the road, but for now, that’s the plan.

Meanwhile, Austin Wells, the Yankees’ first pick in the 2020 MLB Draft, is slated to begin the season, the first one of his professional career, with Low-A Tampa this week. Those two are perhaps the Yanks’ most exciting prospects.

Dominguez is a physical specimen like no other, with enormous raw power, a great arm, and good speed before bulking up in the last year or so. However, he just turned 18 and has never played a professional game in his career, so the Yankees’ approach seems to be the right one.

The Yankees have high hopes for Dominguez

And that way, they can evaluate him in person and, after assessing where his tools currently are, and then assign him to the appropriate affiliate.

“Everything that we’ve seen from this kid, he’s super talented, but he hasn’t played a game here yet,” Kevin Reese, the Yankees’ senior director of player development, said this spring according to the team’s official site. “It’s hard to help him manage those expectations, because he’s not going to show up tomorrow and perform like Mike Trout or Aaron Judge or Brett Gardner.

“We’ll keep him working; our goal is to get the best Jasson Dominguez that’s possible. Hopefully, that’s a really good player that helps us win games and win championships.”

The Yankees published the minor league affiliates rosters to open the 2021 minor league season, the first one since 2019. They announced camp rosters in Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Double-A Somerset, High-A Hudson Valley and Low-A Tampa on Sunday.

Other notable assignments are Deivi Garcia to Triple-A, Oswald Peraza to High-A, Luis Gil to Double-A, and Luis Medina to High-A.

Yankees News: One Jasson Dominguez hot take that will knock your socks off

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

The New York Yankees are packed full of star players, ranging from Aaron Judge to Giancarlo Stanton, but one of their youth prospects continues to draw incredible attention, despite never playing an inning at the minor-league level.

Jasson Dominguez, a Dominican Republic native, who’s just 18 years old, stands at 5-foot-10 and 190 pounds. Some say he could be even better than Mike Trout, who is the consensus best player in the MLB and has been for quite some time.

Trout has never hit below .281 and has posted 30+ homers six times in his career. He is an incredible talent with great defense and unparalleled offense. Comparing him to Dominguez is simply inadvisable, but one reporter believes Dominguez could even be better based on his tangible traits right now.

Kiley McDaniel, author of ESPN’s top 100 MLB prospects list, believes that Dominguez should be rated higher than Mike Tout when he was “The Martian’s” age.

“You can kind of pick whatever name you want. Technically, (Dominguez is) more advanced than Trout was at the same age because Trout went, what was it, [25th] overall as an 18-year-old, and this guy is not 18 yet and he was considered the best 16-year-old in the world a year ago, and he’s probably still the best 17-year-old,” McDaniel said last week on a conference call.

The Yankees do have something special in Jasson:

Dominguez was recently recorded hitting a ball 117 mph, a number that most professionals can’t even touch. All of the hype is simply based on power and athleticism, but the mental aspect of being a professional baseball player cannot be forgotten. When the lights go on, and fans are chanting your name in a big moment, the pressure can be overwhelming for most, and Dominguez has never come through big in that moment. While Trout and the Angels have struggled to perform at a high-level, he’s always a reliable player that comes through in the clutch.

Of course, this comparison is not meant to look at the two realistically in a microscope, it’s rather meant to focus o  the physical similarities, which are uncanny. Ultimately, with the hype revolving around Dominguez, if he doesn’t end up becoming one of the best players in the MLB, it will be one of the biggest whiffs in baseball history.

New York Yankees: Top 24 Yankee prospects, one is taller than Aaron Judge

New York Yankees, Clarke Schmidt

The New York Yankees have plenty of arms in the system, in no small part because they seem to coax more velocity out of young pitchers than any other organization. They also have a wave of Latin American prospects coming. In recent years they’ve done more with less and hit on a few high draft picks, too. Other than Jasson Dominguez, Oswald Peraza, and Anthony Volpe, the Yankee’s area of weakness with prospects is having power hitters. It is unusual for the Yankees, but they seem focused on pitching and contact hitters rather than the power guys.

To qualify for these rankings, a player must still be eligible for the rookie of the year award in 2021, which means they may not have more than 130 at-bats, 50 innings pitched, or 45 days on an active roster heading into the season. The rankings are by Keith Law of The Athletic.

The first number is the Yankee’s number, and the second the top 100 MLB number in the listing.

1-48 Clarke Schmidt RHP

Clarke Schmidt is the New York Yankees’ number one prospect. Schmidt in spring training and summer camp dazzled manager Boone and other coaches. He, like Deivi Garcia, made his Major League debut last season. Schmidt made three appearances for the Yankees in 2020, two in relief and one as a starter. In the Majors, Schmidt had hiccups with unusual wildness resulting in no record. Should any pitcher in the Yankee rotation becomes injured, expect to see Schmidt on the mound at Yankee Stadium.

2-66 Jasson Dominguez OF

Jasson Dominguez is a powerhouse of a seventeen-year-old. He walks, talks, and acts like a man much older. He has a massive body for a young man. If all the scouts and hype are correct, he will become a big star outfield for the Yankees, but probably not until he develops further. It is not likely that he will show up at Yankee Stadium before he turns 20 years old.

3-81 Deivi Garcia RHP

Garcia made his Major League debut last season, going 3-2 in six games with an ERA of 4.98. This season, Garcia has a chance to be the anchor in the pitching rotation but more likely will start the season in Scranton Wilkes/Barre due to his elevated ERA this past season. If he isn’t there for the opening day, he surely will be at the Stadium at some point in the season.

4-NR Luis Medina RHP

Medina just missed an MLB rating. He is a great athlete with quite an arm and delivery. He can hit 99 mph but has trouble throwing strikes. In 2019 he walked 70 guys with 27 wild pitches in just over 103 innings. If he can put together a whole season building on his recent success, he could be a top 50 prospect at the worst.

5-NR Oswald Peraza SS

Peraza was signed in the international free-agent market in 2014. He is a very athletic shortstop with plus speed. Still very young, he is still growing into his body; the New York Yankees are hoping for big things from Peraza at some point.

6. Luis Gil, RHP

Gil is probably a reliever in the end but will continue to develop as a starter for now, with a dominant fastball in the upper 90s that could miss bats the way Chad Green’s does. He has the body to start and could end up in that role, but his secondary pitches will have to be developed.

7. Austin Wells, C

The Yankees’ first-round pick in 2020 was a bat-first college guy with the potential for a plus-hit tool. He’s a pull-oriented guy, but there’s nothing in the swing that says he can’t use the whole field. He’s probably not a catcher in the long run; if scouts thought he had even a 20 percent chance to catch, I would have put him in the top 100.

8. Yoendrys Gomez, RHP

Gomez sat at 94-95 mph as a starter for most of 2019, touching 98 mph with high spin, before wearing down in August, showing an average curveball and the potential for an average changeup as well. His delivery works well, and I like him as a potential three-pitch starter with no worse than average command.

9. Alexander Vizcaino, RHP

Vizcaino has been up to 99 mph with a plus-plus changeup, and the Yankees added him to the 40-man roster this winter. He’s a starter for now but could probably pitch in the big-league pen right now if need be. To remain a starter, he needs to find or develop a better breaking ball than his present slurvy slider.

10. T.J. Sikkema, LHP

Sikkema has barely pitched since the Yankees made him their competitive balance round selection in 2019, as they limited his work after he signed that summer, then had him pitch only a little in spring training last year, so he spent some time in the spring as a DoorDash driver while waiting to see if there’d be a season. He did work on his conditioning, at least, but we have to see him in games. Before the draft, he showed three pitches, up to 96 mph with a slider and changeup, showing excellent feel to pitch, working to both sides of the plate and changing speeds, and even sometimes his arm slot to get hitters out.

11. Ezequiel Duran, 2B

Duran is listed at just 5-foot-11, but the Dominican infielder, who signed for only $10,000 in 2017, produces very high exit velocities and legitimate line-drive power in games. There are swing-and-miss issues here, and his fringy arm might limit him to second base despite speed and hands that would play at short. The Yankees praise his work ethic, and he should get the most out of his tools, so he’s one to watch once we get these guys back on the field. A modest cut to his strikeout rate would mean a substantial boost to his long-term projections, making him a potential regular at second or above-average regular at short.

12. Estevan Florial, OF

Florial has been all sizzle and no steak — he has tools to rival guys in the global top 50, but he doesn’t recognize pitches and has had huge swing-and-miss issues, exacerbated by some unfortunate injuries to his hand and wrist in 2018-19. He has plus-plus power, can run and defend, and has bat speed, but he’s going to have to show better pitch identification at least to get to any of those tools. Florial was once the New York Yankees top prospect.

13. Kevin Alcantara, OF

Alcantara is still just 18 years old — he won’t turn 19 until July — but has been in the system for two and a half years, debuting in pro ball in 2019 and playing in the Yankees’ Dominican instructs last fall. He’s 6-foot-5 and has long strides to give him plus speed once underway, with good reads in center field to project as an above-average to plus defender there in time. His bat is behind, although his swing is reasonably short for someone with levers this long.

14. Albert Abreu, RHP

Abreu threw about 20 innings in 2020 between two major-league appearances and five starts in winter ball. He averaged 96.4 mph on his four-seamer in the big leagues but threw so many of them in the heart of the zone that hitters hammered the pitch, and he barely even used the curveball that at least used to be his best off-speed pitch.

15. Antonio Gomez, C

Gomez is an outstanding catch-and-throw prospect who impressed the Yankees in their Dominican instructs program this fall. He has strong hands and good rotation in his swing for future power as well, but the 19-year-old has just 57 pro-at-bats, all in 2019, in his career because of the shutdown.

16. Ken Waldichuk, LHP

The Yankees’ fifth-round pick in 2019, Waldichuk went from 90-91 mph that year to touching 98 mph in workouts this past summer, and he already had a solid-average curveball and above-average control. His delivery had the effort to it in college, but he should at least go out as a starter with the velocity spike and see if he can sustain that.

17. Anthony Seigler, C

Seigler has been snakebitten since the New York Yankees took him in the first round in 2018, suffering a concussion, a fractured kneecap, and strains to a hamstring and a quad muscle in just two-plus years in pro ball. He’s a switch-hitter and was a switch-pitcher in high school, with a strong arm and above-average receiving skills, but he hasn’t hit at all in pro ball and needs at-bats if he’s going to develop as a hitter.

18. Anthony Volpe, SS

Volpe was the Yankees’ first-round pick in 2019, despite a relative lack of tools on either side of the ball, based on their belief that he will end up with a plus hit tool because of his intelligence and instincts. He’s not a shortstop and doesn’t project to power or plus speed, so he has to hit, but like so many other prospects drafted or signed in the last year or two, he needs at-bats.

19. Josh Smith, SS

Smith was the New York Yankees’ second-round pick in 2019, with solid-average tools all around but nothing plus, although he did hit well as a junior at LSU and Staten Island after the draft. If he stays at shortstop, he probably has a utility infielder floor.

20. Beck Way, RHP

Way is a projectable, athletic right-handed starter heading to LSU from junior college had the Yankees not signed him as their fourth-round pick. He has good deception in his delivery and projects to have several solid-average offerings as he fills out. Given the Yankees’ history of helping pitchers add velocity, he’s a name to watch.

21. Hyden Wesneski RHP

Wesneski hit 100 mph with the short-season Staten Island Yankees in 2019. The Yankees selected him in the sixth round in 2019. He, like other minor leaguers, did not pitch in 2020.

22. Daniel Bies RHP

The Yankees picked Bies in the seventh round of the 2018 draft. He can look down on Aaron Judge. Bies is a giant at 6 foot 9 inches and 245 pounds. He has pitched for six Yankee minor league teams getting as high as high A Tampa in the past three seasons.

23. Trevor Hauver

The New York Yankees picked Hauver in the third round of the 2020 draft. He is a left-fielder that throws and bats from the left. He is from Arizona State. The Yankees plan to convert him to a second baseman.

24. Everson Pereira

The 19-year-old Venezuelan hit .263 for the Pulaski Yankees but took a step backward in 2019 with the short-season Staten Island Yankees hitting just .171. Ranked as the 5th best international talent going into the 2017 IFA pool, he is still young with plenty of time to develop.

2021 impact

García is already in the rotation right now. However, there is competition for those last two spots depending on the health of various other candidates. Schmidt is a rotation candidate for later in the season if the need arises. Abreu could appear in the bullpen, but I doubt he starts the Yankees after their offseason acquisitions.

These are only the New York Yankees’ top prospects, they have a total of 178 minor league players that hope to someday play at Yankee Stadium. With the Minor League contraction this year the Yankees have two fewer teams, so all of these players will fight for playing time making the competition even greater.


Yankees News/Rumors: Yankee fans get a shot in the arm, golden opportunities, and more

For the first time since the 2019 season, New York Yankees fans and other Bronx, New York residents were allowed in The Great Hall of Yankee Stadium. The Great Hall in the new stadium can hold events for up to 1,500 guests for Cocktail parties, dinners, food drives, Christmas toys for kids,  and concerts on a non-game day. This expansive hall is lined with larger-than-life banners of Yankees legends and beautiful vaulted arches that illuminate the hall with natural light. Now the Yankees have a special use, an inoculation site to administer the Covid vaccine.

The Stadium was opened as a mass vaccination site Friday by officials trying to boost inoculation rates in surrounding Bronx neighborhoods hit hard by the pandemic. Of the five boroughs of New York City, the Bronx has the highest infection rate. The population of the Bronx neighborhoods that surround Yankee stadium is just under 1.4 million residents. The Great Hall will see 13.00 to 15,000 vaccinations each week.

It will initially be open seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Officials encouraging people to get vaccinated. The Yankees and officials enlisted former Yankees star relief pitcher Mariano Rivera to help. The Hall of Famer said he wanted to support the people who supported him for so many years. He said, “we saved so many games here, now it’s about saving lives.”

Yankees dump Ottavino, Rockies dump Arenado, what it might mean to the Yankees

Last week, the New York Yankees did what no one thought they could do, they moved Adam Ottavino off the payroll mostly to save near $9 million and open up some dollars to improve the team. In a much bigger move, the Colorado Rockies accomplished something of their own that few thought was possible, they moved Nolan Arenado’s $200 million off their payroll.

The two moves could be for different reasons; the Yankees managed to move Ottavino to a  team the Yankees seldom deal with, the Boston Red Sox. It was seen as a way to free up some money to improve the team. The Colorado Rockies deal with the St. Louis Cardinals might signal a teardown and a rebuild for the team; if that is the case, it could open up some golden opportunities for the Yankees.

If, in fact, a rebuild is the plan for the Rockies, Trevor Story, and Germán Márquez could be the next to go. That would open up some great trade possibilities for the Yankees. The Yankees don’t have the money to buy either player, but they do have some and several prospects they could dangle in front of the Rockies.  Story is a veteran shortstop that hit seven home runs and two triples, and he slugged .864 over the first 10 games of his career. He had an OPS of 1.183. The then-23-year-old hit six home runs over his first four games alone. Story will hit free agency in 2022.

German Marquez could be the big prize for the Yankees if a trade could be completed. There are two huge upsides for the Yankees; he is as good if not better than Jameson Taillon and would fight him for the number three spot in the rotation; if the Yankees can get him, it would give the Bombers a rotation next to none. The other plus is that the Yankees would have control over him through 2024. This would be a costly trade for the Yanks but well worth it if the Rockies are looking to move more payroll.

FanGraphs releases the top Yankee prospects

According to a report by Bleacher Report in January, they rated the New York Yankees as having the 23rd best farm system in baseball, which was a drop from 21st in 2020. MLB.com has the Yankees a 19th up three spots from 2020. But both reports indicate the Yankees have the most upside out of the top ten teams.

Now FanGraphs has released their list of the New York Yankees top 47 prospects in the farm system. It should be no surprise that Jasson Dominguez is number one. The 18-year-old centerfielder, according to the report, will not be ready for the majors until 2025. 2nd is Deivi Garcia, who has already made his Major League debut last season; he is slated to take a bigger part this season. 3rd is Oswald Peraza; the shortstop should be ready next season. 4th is Clark Schmidt, who is Major League ready. 5th is Alexander Vargas, another shortstop. 6th is pitcher Luis Medina who could make his debut this season.

Others that are, according to the report, Major League-ready are pitcher Alexander Vizcaino, pitcher Albert Abreu, Brooks Kriske, and Alfredo Garcia.


Yankees News: Jasson Dominguez report card will get you excited for the future

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

They call him the “Martian,” based on his freakish physical talent and size at just 17 years old. With an exit velocity reaching 108 mph, New York Yankees‘ Jasson Dominguez is one of the more polarizing prospects in all of baseball.

In fact, Dominguez is considered so highly, he ended at number 33 in Baseball America top 100 prospect list. Despite not even playing a minor-league game yet, Dominguez contains all of the tools necessary to be the next Mike Trout. He has all five tools, hitting, hitting for power, running, fielding, and throwing. His jump from number 38 to 33 is based simply on potential, despite not having seen him play a live-action game yet.

The outfielder ranks in between two other Yankee prospects, including Deivi Garcia, who is at number five, and Clarke Schmidt at number 64.

When the Yankees originally inked him to an international deal, they knew what type of prospect he could become. However, the optimism has ballooned so high that his expectations are astronomical. Based on scouting reports, though, he has every ability to reach them.

Donny Rowland, the Yankees top international scout, had glowing reviews about Jasson Dominguez when they initially signed him:

“The hardest thing to do in sports is hit and the second hardest thing to do is figure out who’s going to hit,” Rowland said. “We have 50-plus official submitted reports on him very high hit grades and power grades. Swing is very good both sides. The explosion, and his exit velocity touching 108 (mph). His launch angle is in the happy zone. We saw him work out on July 1. The final footage. … He threw and had a well-above average arm. The most impressive aspect is that the accuracy is just as good as arm-strength.”

At just 17 years old, the expectation is that Dominguez will likely spend a few years in the Yankees’ minor-league system but could find his way to the top team within the next few seasons. He’s a Martian, after all, with incredible power for his age. He simply has to get used to facing off against pitchers with high velocity, and due to the minor-league season being canceled in 2020, his development has stagnated.

Reps, reps, and more reps are what Dominguez needs, and if he shows significant growth in his first year, he could rise through the ranks similar to Garcia, who made the jump to the MLB in after just one year in the minors.

New York Yankees’ star prospect Jasson Dominguez obliterates baseballs (video)

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

A 17-year-old kid should not be able to hit baseballs as hard as Jasson Dominguez of the New York Yankees Prospect ranks. The Bombers signed him to an international deal this past off-season and were preparing to feature him in 2020 in his first professional season. However, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down operations across baseball, forcing Dominguez to wait one more year for his first opportunity in pinstripes.

Dominguez is considered a five-tool player, with incredible slugging power, something the Yankees have focused on in recent years with their new analytical approach.

Theoretically, if they can hit more home runs, they can guarantee runs on the scoreboard. Contact hitters and getting on base does not guarantee points, so this is an interesting and logical way to ensure your team has a chance of winning due to offensive proficiency.

Dominguez undoubtedly backs up that approach, and just take a look at this incredible video of the young outfielder smashing baseballs over 100 mph.

Do the New York Yankees have the next generational star in their farm system?

Some say that Dominguez is capable of being a generational talent, and hitting a 104 mph ball at his age is simply astounding. Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge are capable of hitting 120 mph plus, but Dominguez hitting this hard without much movement and from slower pitches is incredible. It is almost reminiscent of Prince Fielder being able to hit homers with barely double digits on his age.

MLB Pipeline has compared Dominguez to greats like Bo Jackson, Mickey Mantle, and Mike Trout. He signed a $5.1 million deal out of the Dominican Republic in 2019 and considering his well above-average tools, his much anticipated professional debut can’t come soon enough.

Without ever playing a minor-league game, he already ranks at the top of the Yankees’ prospect list. Incredibly, pitcher Deivi Garcia ranks in third place, below Dominguez, despite having enjoyed Major League experience.

Despite his girthy size, he’s considered the Yankees’ best athlete and power hitter, two traits upper management salivate over. It is going to be exciting to watch his development and how quickly he can make it to the top team.

New York Yankees: Jasson Dominguez is unfazed by money and fame

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

For most 17-year-olds, receiving $5.1 million overnight may lead to an unexpected (and perhaps irresponsible) spending spree. Fortunately, that’s not the case with New York Yankees‘ phenom Jasson Dominguez.

That’s the amount of money Dominguez got from the New York Yankees last year as a signing bonus ahead of the international free agent period. And, apart from acquiring a house for his parents in the Dominican Republic, he has avoided making big expenses and buying pricey things for himself.

The Yankees got themselves a good young kid, level-headed and centered. He is hard-working, he is incredible talented, and he seems to make sound decisions both on and off of the field.

Recently, Domiguez bought a new car. But no, it wasn’t a luxury one. According to his agent Gio Rodriguez, the Yankees’ young outfielder wanted to keep a relatively low profile when it comes to his automobile choice.

“This is my Bugatti,” Dominguez said with a proud grin. As the pair looked at the vehicle in question, they shared a laugh.

The Yankees’ prospect has shown he is level-headed

“He bought himself a Honda Accord, and I’m not even sure it was new,” Rodriguez said, according to MLB.com. “That’s just the kind of person he is. There’s no flash. He just needed something safe and reliable to get back and forth from the field each day. This guy is not buying into the hype. His goal is to prove to the Yankees that they signed the right kid and earn everything he gets.”

Dominguez, the Yankees’ top prospect, hasn’t made his pro debut because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The year 2020 was a lot different than what I expected,” Dominguez said in Spanish. “I expected to play my first professional season and get to experience what that felt like. I wanted to live the experience, but COVID changed everything. But I learned how to adapt. What I’ve learned, and what I think everyone in the world is learning, is how to adapt and live with what is happening.”

“My hope for next season is to meet the expectations I have for myself and people have of me,” Dominguez said. “That’s my goal and that’s why I’ve never stopped working out.”

New York Yankees News/Rumors: Is the “Martian” Jasson Dominguez too young to make his Major League debut?

The New York Yankees coming off another disappointing season, are spending the offseason looking for ways to improve the team. They have to deal with a multitude of players that have become free agents and some with options. They also have some significant decisions to make with players that didn’t perform as well as the Yankees would have liked. For Yankee fans, they want the team to get good enough to win another World Championship. With all of that in mind, many fans wonder if the amazing player they have heard about, Jasson Dominguez, will be ready to join the team this season. Sadly, for the time being, the answer is no.

There is no question that the young man that will turn 18 on February 2nd has the talent to play at the Stadium. The question is it right to push the young man that hard. If you asked the Dominican star, he would probably say yes. But the New York Yankees have a process not only to build a baseball player but to build a Yankee. There is precedent for debuting a player as young as Jasson. The Youngest ever was Joe Nuxhall; he was a 15-year-old pitcher for the Cinncinati Reds back in n1944. There have been a few sixteen-year-olds and even more seventeen and eighteen-year-olds. All tolled, there have been more than 20 teenagers that have made the opening day lineup.

Some of these youngsters excelled and some not so much. One became a Major League manager, one, Bobby Doerr, the Red Sox second baseman, became a baseball Hall of Famer. The Yankees have never been big on starting kids young. Mickey Mantle was the youngest ever Yankee in the modern era (1900). We all know how that baseball career turned out. Mantle started with the Yankees at the age of 19, 179 days. The youngest pitcher was Cornelius Joseph Brady at the age of 18. More recently, Derek Jeter debuted with the Yankees at the age of 20.

To fully understand the young Jasson Dominguez, you need to start at the beginning. Jason was born in Valverde Province, the Dominican Republic    to Felix Dominguez and his mother Dorca Gonzalez. You could say that Jasson was a Yankee fan from birth, as his father was a big time Yankee fan and named his son after Yankee slugger Jason Giambi. The young Jasson accompanied his father to the grocery store, where they had a television to watch New York Yankee games.

By the age of eight, with his father’s nurturing he was actively playing baseball and working with different academies before he signed on with noted buscone Ivan Noboa at age 13. According to Yankees Magazine, Dominguez and Noboa made bets on each other. Dominguez saw Noboa’s track record, the Major Leaguers that he had produced, including Nomar Mazara, who earned a then-record $5 million bonus from the Rangers in 2011. He was willing to commit a percentage of his future earnings in exchange for years of training from Noboa and his team of instructors. On the other side, Noboa saw the same things that American teams’ scouts would notice over the next few years. A work ethic and an attitude that, when combined with a body that was advanced far beyond most kids his age, projected to something special enough to be worth one of the three or four spots available at the academy in any given year.

“He wasn’t fully developed,” Noboa says, with González translating. “You could see that he had the hitting ability, but he didn’t have the power. And he was only like 5-foot-4 when I first met him. You could project him, guess that he was going to develop into what he did, obviously with time and work.”

Under Noboa’s direction Dominguez would wake up between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. every day and begin his demanding routine. Mornings were for defense and conditioning, then batting practice before lunch. After some time cleaning the house and a quick nap, he’d head to the gym around 2 p.m. for a full workout. Sometimes he’d add in a second afternoon hitting session. School? That was on Saturday.

Within a year or so, Dominguez was racing toward the top of the class, drawing all kinds of attention around the island. Every team was sending scouts, including the New York Yankees. Donny Rowland runs the Yankees’ international scouting department, and, in concert with the player development staff in Tampa and the executives in New York. Rowland had been getting amazing reports on the young Jasson Dominguez. The Yankees’ affinity for Jasson Dominguez can be summed up by his cost. Rarely does a 16-year-old Latin American player demand $5 million, let alone get it. On July 2, 2019 Dominguez signed a $5.1 million contract with the Yankees.

We are talking about a player that can play the outfield, centerfield in particular, pitch and catch. Add to that the he regularly hits homers over the fences and beyond the trees of the Yankee training academy. Plus he is a switch-hitter. Also when you look at Dominguez you don’t see a boy of 17, you see a monster of a man that looks ten years older and in the prime of his career.

Before siging the contact with the Yankees, Jasson Dominguez said this:

“On July 1, it was only rumors,” Jasson says some six months later. “Nothing was a fact. July 3, it was a fact. … I had a goal, I worked for my goal, I reached my goal. But that’s in the past. I need to set up new goals.

“But also, I was thinking, ‘This is the time. I’m here. I’m doing it.’ And I felt like I had proved to other people that might have their doubts that I could do the things that I knew that I could do.”

All the scouts include Rowland were seeing the likes of Mickey Mantle and Mike Trout in Dominguez. And that became even more evident when Jasson arrived at the Yankees academy in Boca Chica, DR.  That was when he was only 16 years old. Since then an already muscular young man has turned into a monster of a man, far beyond his years. He has grown seven inches sinced he work with Noboa, and put on thirty pound of muscle, he is 5′ 10″ and 195 pounds.

When you look at Dominguez the first thing you see is his broad shoulders, massive biceps and thighs the size of Volkswagens. Then as he talks you are brought back down to reality when you see the braces on his teeth. Teeth don’t straigten quickly and either does the making of a New York Yankee. There is a process. Whether you call Jasson the “Martian,” due to his out of this world talent, or “Monster” because his massive build, the reality is that he is still a kid.

The process of becoming a Yankee involves constant work outs. Hitting instruction and fielding instruction, but it also involves classwork. Classwork on how to conduct yourself and how to be a Yankees and represent the tradition of the team.

“I think there’s just a sense of urgency that’s coming with his work,” says Andrew Wright, the director of the Yankees’ Dominican academy. “It’s go time now. I know you talk about that clock, that he’s now got to think about preparing himself for a long career, but every day has to matter. He came in understanding that, but I think you can really see it now. He’s competitive. And he’s also a 17-year-old kid. You’ve got to understand that he has to be afforded the same perspective that you would give any other 17-year-old. I think that’s one of the things that we really have to be cognizant of, as the people who are trying to guide him through his first years in professional baseball.”

Jasson is a Christian. In his Instagram bio, his first descriptive word of himself is “Christian,” followed by the hashtag #GodFirst with prayer emoji hands. He is a young man on a mission to become the best baseball player ever. Whether he makes his major league debut this year of next, depends on his progress. What might be telling, is if the Yankees invite him to summer camp in Tampa at George M. Steinbrenner Field, if they do that might be a path to playing in the minors with the Tampa A team. If that doesn’t happen he will likely spend another year at the Yankee Academy in the Dominican Republic. Whichever the case the Yankees may just have a generational baseball star in the making.

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