Yankees’ general manager discusses Anthony Volpe’s 2022 struggles: “It’s a marathon”

anthony volpe, yankees

Just when it looked like he was about to catch fire in Double-A Somerset, New York Yankees’ number one prospect Anthony Volpe went cold agan, and it’s fair to say he has been struggling in 2022 as a whole.

It’s a whole new level for him, and it’s to be expected. No one is alarmed yet, but the facts are that he is slashing .167/.291/.344 with a .635 OPS after going 0-for-5 on Thursday, according to Brendan Kuty of NJ Advance Media. The young infielder does have four home runs, 11 stolen bases, and 16 RBI in 26 games, but his overall performance has been disappointing.

Yankees’ general manager Brian Cashman, however, isn’t worried in the slightest. He understands that prospect development is not linear and that Volpe will eventually be fine.

“There’s a ton of very talented players, even at this level, throughout the game,” Cashman told Kuty. “Fast starts. Slow starts. It’s a marathon.”

Lats year, the prized prospect had a 1.078 OPS in Low-A, and then a .977 OPS in High-A, acing two levels in one season.

“He’ll heat up,” the Yankees’ GM said. “I think he’s already started heating up. That kid’s wired right.”

The Yankees’ best prospect has the backing of the organization

But he has been cooling off some as of late: since April 28, he is hitting .111 (4-for-36) with two homers in 10 games.

“Obviously, he’s taking the next step, and we’re excited about his future,” Cashman said. His manager in Double-A, Dan Fiorito, also spoke with NJ Advance Media about Volpe and his struggles.

“He keeps grinding out at-bats,” Fiorito said about a week ago. “Even some of the times where he wasn’t putting it all together, or when he wasn’t just crushing the ball like we saw all of last year, he’s still competitive.”

Volpe should eventually be fine, but it’s not completely unexpected to see him struggle at a new, more competitive level.

Yankees News: Anthony Volpe development update, Yankees Vs Rangers preview

anthony volpe, yankees

The New York Yankees have been on an absolute tear the past few weeks, winning 11 of their last 12 games. It seems as if general manager Brian Cashman’s strategy worked to perfection, especially the acquisition of Isiah Kiner-Falefa, who has been tremendous offensively this year, hosting a .295 average with seven RBIs. The consensus is still that Kiner-Falefa will serve as a stopgap as a team waits for Anthony Volpe to develop.

Volpe started the 2022 season with Somerset in Double-A, hitting. 187 with three homers and 14 RBIs. While Volpe’s numbers aren’t exactly where the Yankees would like them to be, he still shows a ton of fight and will undoubtedly turn things around as he gets more at-bats and familiarity with the change in talent.

“He keeps grinding out at-bats,” Double-A Somerset Patriots manager Dan Fiorito told Brendan Kuty of NJ Advance Media. “Even some of the times where he wasn’t putting it all together, or when he wasn’t just crushing the ball like we saw all of last year, he’s still competitive.”

Volpe is a patient hitter that possesses a monstrous amount of power. He’s struck out 24 times over 75 at-bats this year, which is about on par with the Yankees average at the top level. Given his impeccable preparation, there’s no question he will begin to understand and adjust with more experience, but he has started the season in a bit of a slump offensively.

“The reassuring thing for Volpe and so many of these guys is that, once we get more consistent information, we get more quality information that we can trust in front of them, i think the guys on this team and in this clubhouse are as competitive as anyone else,” Hirst said.

Defensively, on the other hand, Volpe hosts a .966 fielding percentage with two errors over 170 innings. The Yankees will continue to develop him as a defensive player, especially since they project him as their future shortstop. He needs to be hovering around the .975 fielding percentage mark, but he has plenty of time to continue his development at just 21 years old.

New York Yankees Vs Texas Rangers Preview:

The Yankees are gearing up to face off against the Texas Rangers on Friday with ace Gerrit Cole on the mound. The Rangers host a 10–14 record, 4th in the AL West. The Yankees sit at 18–7, first in the AL East.

Cole features a 3.00 ERA, 1.17 WHIP, and 10.13 strikeouts per nine rate. His walk rate is up tremendously this year to 3.75, but he finally hit his stride against the Kansas City Royals and Cleveland Guardians, pitching a combined 12.2 innings, allowing nine hits and zero runs.

With Cole finally settling into the season, the Yankees are the heavy favorites over Texas, and with Joey Gallo returning to the lineup, they are healthy as well.

The game will start at 7:05 PM at Yankee stadium.

Yankees’ star prospect Anthony Volpe update: Overcoming struggles in Double-A

anthony volpe, yankees

The New York Yankees have been dominating at the Major League level, picking up another blowout win on Friday over the Kansas City Royals. Piecing together eight consecutive wins, the offense has finally picked up the pace, matching the quality of their pitching to open the year. Hosting the 2nd best record in baseball, just behind the New York Mets, the Yankees should be extremely excited about their potential, and that’s not even concerning their top prospect.

Anthony Volpe has begun the 2022 season in Double-A Somerset, hitting .210 to open the year but has been increasingly more effective as he adapts to the change in quality. Volpe has picked up two homers and 12 RBIs over 62 at-bats, but in his last two games, he’s tallied a combined three hits over 10 at-bats, showing an uptick in efficiency.

Yankees’ star prospect Anthony Volpe spoke with Sam Dykstra of MLB.com, noting this transition to Double-A ball and what he’s been trying to improve upon:

I just think it’s been the pitching, how they’re planning to attack me and trying to pick up on that as early in the week as I can to make my adjustments and be better prepared every single at-bat.

The stud shortstop prospect clearly sees the difference in quality from Single-A to Double-A, as players take a more detailed approach to each individual hitter. It seems the preparation and knowledge are advanced, which has taken Volpe time to get used to — understanding his opponent and how they will try to attack him in the batter’s box.

Defensively, Volpe is working diligently to improve his reaction timing and making plays others are incapable of:

Range and getting to the balls that other guys can’t. I work really hard in training and practice and everything to kind of separate ourselves out. Obviously, we’re always taking care of the fundamentals — your hands and your conversion and your throws and stuff like that. So it’s definitely a lot of little things to keep up on, but I’d say probably the range and getting to balls other guys can’t was probably the main priority.

Over 15 games this season, Volpe hosts a .980 field percentage, allowing one error. He’s been mostly stout at SS, showcasing great arm talent and smooth transitions. The Yankees have found their stop-gap solution in Isiah Kiner-Falefa, but they must be excited about Volpe’s gradual development this season, so far.

WATCH: Yankees’ No. 1 prospect smashes a Grand Slam

anthony volpe, yankees

While the New York Yankees were losing embarrassingly against the Baltimore Orioles, No. 1 shortstop prospect Anthony Volpe was hitting dingers for the Somerset Patriots in Double-A ball.

So far this season, Volpe has five hits and one homer over 32 at-bats, hitting just .156. However, he smashed a Grand Slam against Erie on Sunday afternoon, providing him an additional four RBIs, bringing his total to 10 on the season.

The Yankees are extremely excited about the development of Volpe, who features plus arm talent and incredible offensive capabilities. However, he is still raw at just 20 years old and needs more time to find his potential.

Last season with Hudson Valley, Volpe hit .286 with 15 homers and 37 RBIs over 55 games. While his numbers this year haven’t reached those lofty expectations, the season is young, and he’s already beginning to show some of the flash scouts have noted during their evaluations.

Yankees: Anthony Volpe’s slow start isn’t concerning, but it teaches important lesson

anthony volpe, yankees

The New York Yankees concluded the 2021 season knowing they had a problem at the shortstop position. Gleyber Torres was abysmal at the position and Brian Cashman admitted that they needed to address it in the offseason.

The free agent class this past offseason was the greatest free agent class of all time in regards to shorstops. However, Brian Cashman also had in the back of his mind that the Yankees two top prospects were shortstops.

Would he spend big or would he find a stop-gap? In the end, he went with the latter and acquired Isiah Kiner-Falefa much to the dismay of fans. IKF was brought on due to his ability to make contact and play good defense. Well, he hasn’t shown much for Yankees fans to be excited about so far.

The rationale for Cashman was that star prospects Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza were right around the corner. While the organization loves Peraza, it seems clear that they are intent on making Anthony Volpe the next face of the franchise.

Volpe is already being labeled as the next Derek Jeter by many. He’s a New Jersey kid who was drafted in the first round by the Yankees a few years ago. He’s climbed up the prospect rankings and many believe that he can be baseball’s top prospect by the end of the year.

Yankees Unrealistic Expectations

On one hand, I absolutely love the fact that the Yankees believe in their prospects so much. However, on the other hand, I get incredibly frustrated at the amount of unnecessary pressure that gets put on kids to perform at the highest level.

It’s known how passionate Yankees fans are. Us as fans always want to know about the next crop of prospects that could turn into the next “Core Four”. What the front office does a terrible job of is giving fans unreasonable expectations.

It’s perfectly fine to say that a prospect can turn into a star. However, it’s a very risky game to play in passing on trades or star free agents for guys who have yet to see an advanced stage of the minor leagues. You’re telling the fans that unproven prospects are worth more than MLB proven stars.

Now, I am in the camp that believes Jasson Dominguez and Anthony Volpe are going to be great players for New York. I firmly believe that both have a great chance to be All Stars and faces of the franchise for many years to come.

However, it’s important to use the word “chance”. There are no guarantees and prospects not panning out has played out way more than it hasn’t. In the past few years we’ve been told that Chance Adams was going to be an ace, Deivi Garcia was like Pedro Martinez, and Clint Frazier was going to be a perennial all star.

Let the prospects play and lower the expectations

I use those three because all three were requested in big trades and the Yankees said no. Two are no longer with the organization and were let go for nothing while the other (Garcia) has gone from a top prospect to barely hanging on in the Yanks top 30.

Last year, Jasson Dominguez made his professional debut and many were underwhelmed. He had an okay season, but when he was labeled as the next Mickey Mantle, fans were left disappointed with the teenagers first year.

Anthony Volpe has started this year 3-20 in Double-A. It’s an extremely small sample size, but I’m already seeing some Yankees fans online complain. Why? Well, when he’s being touted as the next Derek Jeter, anything short of superstar numbers is a disappointment.

At the end of the day, us as fans and the Yankees organization need to taper back the expectations. Let these guys work their way through the minors and stop overhyping before they reach higher levels. Anthony Volpe hadn’t even seen Double-A before this year and the Yankees have placed all their faith in him.

I believe they are going to be great, but the hype is setting them up to fail. If Dominguez and Volpe come up and produce as solid major league players, it’s not going to be good enough. They have to be stars, and the Yankees are telling you they will be.

That’s not only unfair to the players, it’s unfair to the fans. Don’t get wrapped up in the numbers right now and don’t hit the panic button. Realize there are going to be many ups and downs just like there are with our favorite major leaguers.

Don’t buy into the hype 100%. Instead, buy in some while keeping the possibility of failure in the back of your mind. Doing this saves you and the Yankees from being left in no man’s land if someone doesn’t pan out to be the star the team sold you on.

Brian Cashman and New York Yankees playing with prospect fire, could they get burned?

New York Yankees, Yankees, Brian Cashman

The New York Yankees made their first move of the offseason a couple of nights ago. New York traded Gio Urshela and Gary Sanchez for Josh Donaldson, Isiah Kiner-Filefa, and Ben Rortfedt from the Twins.

It was a little bit of a head-scratching move, but it makes some sense. The Yankees were ready to move on from Gary Sanchez and they needed a shortstop. In Josh Donaldson, they feel like they upgraded at third and upgrading across the board was worth taking on the Donaldson salary.

Yesterday, we saw one of the Yanks biggest offseason targets come off the board. From the moment the offseason began, there was chatter that the Yankees really wanted to make a trade with Oakland for superstar first baseman, Matt Olson.

However, the prospect haul would have to be big and Cashman seemed resistant. Well, the Atlanta Braves were willing to do it and they secured the start lefty. Now, the Yankees are still trying to figure out the first base position.

They are in on Freddie Freeman. However, most believe it’s going to be a steep hill to climb to get him. A reunion with Anthony Rizzo could be in the cards, but there’s something that’s struck me in the last couple of days about the Yankees approach this offseason.

Yankees Prospects and Holding on Too Long

A few years ago, Gary Sanchez could’ve been the centerpiece of a trade that brought a legit star to the Yankees. Clint Frazier, Chance Adams, and Miguel Andjuar were requested by the Pirates a few years ago for Gerrit Cole.

Deivi Garcia and Estavan Florial were asked about in trades for proven MLB starting pitchers. Gleyber Torres was asked about in many trades that could’ve brought stars back to the Yankees that could’ve drastically helped this club potentially win a World Series.

Brian Cashman turned down major trades over and over again to hold onto these prospects out of the fear of missing out. In the last few years, there’s really only been one prospect Cashman has held onto that’s turned out to be a star and that’s Aaron Judge.

Remember Greg Bird? Look, I absolutely love the fact that Brian Cashman truly believes in his guys. However, he has really developed a horrible habit of holding onto guys until they virtually have no value at all.

You will not find a bigger fan of Anthony Volpe than me. I also love Oswald Peraza and Jasson Dominguez. They all are sensational prospects. However, all three of them are far from guarantees and Yankees fans have to hope they pan out.

The Prospect Problem and Hopium

Let me ask you, if you were told that Jasson Dominguez and Oswald Peraza were traded for Matt Olson, but the Yankees won a World Series next year would you do it? I would hope many if not all would say yes.

Cashman has behaved like a GM who is half in and half out. Half of him wants to build for the future while the other half wants to win now. You can’t have it both ways and the Yankees are 13 years removed from a World Series as a result.

If Anthony Volpe turns out to be the next Derek Jeter and Dominguez turns out to be the next Mickey Mantle, Cashman is a genius. However, if they both flame out, Yankees fans will once again be left wondering, what if?

What if Gerrit Cole was traded to New York instead of Houston? What if the Yankees acquired Jose Ramirez or Francisco Lindor a couple of years ago for a package headlined by Gleyber Torres.

Yesterdays trade will be another what if? What if the Yankees had made the prospect package needed to acquire Matt Olson. Time will tell, but it’s a risky game that has burned Cashman more times than not in recent memory. I truly hope he’s right this time.

Yankees’ head of player development called two top prospects “leaders amongst their peers”

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

The New York Yankees are excited about the future. Yes, they have plenty of current needs, most notably shortstop, first base, center field, and pitching, but they know their top prospects can be impactful when they get the call.

Shortstop Anthony Volpe and outfielder Jasson Dominguez are the Yankees’ top two prospects by most specialized sites. Kevin Reese, the Yankees’ vice president of player development, talked to MLB.com’s Bryan Hoch about their development.

“You want these guys to succeed; you want these guys to have fun and not have to deal with unnecessary stresses,” Reese said. “I think everybody reads the articles. Everybody reads social media, knows what the hype is and what’s expected. That’s always a challenge for everybody to deal with. It’s something we try to be open, to talk about with them and try to help them manage.”

The Yankees are in love with Volpe and Dominguez

Volpe is just 20 years old and was not only the Yankees’ most improved prospect in 2021, but he made a huge jump according to all prospect evaluators. He slashed .294/.423/.604 slash line in 109 games at Low-A Tampa and High-A Hudson Valley, with 27 homers and 33 stolen bases.

Dominguez, on the other hand, is 19, and while he didn’t have such an explosive season statistically, the Yankees are pleased with how he handled playing and living in the United States.

He has only played in 56 professional games thus far, hitting .252/.353/.379 in Rookie ball and at Low-A last season. The Yankees, however, think he is ready to shine.

“They’re very mature for their age, very professional and off the charts in work ethic,” Reese said. “You don’t get that type of hype, draft value or signing bonus if you don’t have some of that. There’s definitely some God-given talent in there, but the work that they put in, it shows when they compete with everybody else.”

Reese called Volpe and Dominguez “leaders amongst their peers,” while new High-A manager Rachel Balkovec called the “Martian” a “joy to work with”.

“We try to hold them accountable and develop them as people as well,” Balkovec said.

WATCH: Yankees’ Anthony Volpe shows off smooth swing in batting practice

anthony volpe, yankees

While the Yankees’ Major League team isn’t set to enjoy any live action anytime soon, the Minor League system is gearing up for their 2022 campaign.

There are several high quality prospects that are preparing to climb the farm system, one of them being shortstop Anthony Volpe, who the Yankees are extremely excited about and expect to become their starter at the position in the future.

Volpe enjoyed his first Minor League action last season with Hudson Valley and Tampa, recording a combined .294 average with 27 homers and 86 RBIs. He also stole 33 bases, showcasing his awesome speed and athleticism.

Despite all of his exciting attributes and qualities, the Yankees will have to wait at least one more year before he can make his way to the top team, whereas Oswald Peraza might earn an opportunity this or next season.

Nonetheless, Volpe enjoyed some batting practice on Thursday, showcasing his smooth mechanics and swing. At 5-foot-11 and 180 pounds, Volpe contains incredible power and contact hitting, providing the Yankees with multiple tools they can extract from and develop around.

“He just dominated from start to finish at multiple levels and it was just refreshing,” GM Brian Cashman said a few weeks ago. “It’s nice to see because you always have the other side of it play out most of the time. Players either take a long time to develop or they don’t develop like you thought and maybe they weren’t what you thought they could be. It’s nice to see his performance, his tool package, his makeup, his work ethic, his character, all coming to fruition. He definitely looks like the real deal so we’re excited about that, for our fans and for our organization.”

With the MLB owners and Players Union still battling it out for a new CBA, Minor League baseball is the best we can get, and luckily the farm system is littered with talent that will one day make an impact in the Bronx.

The Yankees already have their answer at shortstop, they just need to commit

oswald peraza, yankees

The New York Yankees and general manager Brian Cashman could open up their checkbook and sign a big free agent at shortstop, but they could also commit to a prospect with upside.

Unloading another decade-long contract worth over $300 million on a player like Carlos Correa would only put management in another hole. Given these long deals have often come back to bite the Yankees in the butt, trusting their youth development is a far more efficient method of building a championship roster.

Looking over at teams like the Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays, they have done a phenomenal job growing from within and keeping their costs down in the process. The Yankees made a ton of coaching changes this off-season, but at some point, they need to begin giving their youth more opportunities, especially at important positions.

One player who could be ready to make the leap next season is Oswald Peraza, who featured predominantly with Double-A Somerset last season at 21 years old.

Peraza got called up to feature with Scranton/Wilkes-Barre in Triple-A, but only enjoyed 28 at-bats. Despite a small sample size, Peraza hit .286 with one homer and two RBIs. Altogether with Hudson Valley, Somerset, and Scranton, he compiled a .297 average with 18 homers and 58 RBIs over 115 games.

Defensively, he recorded a .969 fielding percentage with 10 errors over 858.2 innings. His defensive quality may take some time to adjust, but as other teams have done, putting their youngsters in positions to grow and experience big league baseball has fueled a new wave of talent.

There is no doubt that Oswald has all the attributes to be a quality player at the next level, given the Yankees don’t utilize him as trade bait this off-season.

MLB.com gushed about Peraza’s defensive capabilities:

Peraza could have four plus tools once he’s fully developed. He has smooth actions at shortstop, the arm to make any throw necessary and a good internal clock that helps him slow the game down defensively. He makes good use of his plus speed and stole 44 bases in 54 attempts in 159 games over his first three pro seasons.

Overspending on Correa or Trevor Story isn’t advised, but rather finding a stopgap solution that the Yankees can easily supplement with Peraza at some point next season might be the best course of action. They have to find out what Peraza is capable of in the majors before committing to a long-term contract. The upward trajectory of Anthony Volpe also throws a wrench into the equation.
Who’s to say Volpe or Peraza changes positions, and they feature together with the Yankees down the line?

New York Yankees News: Weekend news recap, check it out

hal steinbrenner, brian cashman

The New York Yankees and the other 29 teams are still suffering through a lockout that is now 88 days long, with no apparent quick resolution in the offing. MLB canceled more spring training games on Friday due to not reaching an agreement. Spring training games will not start at least until March 5 at the earliest.

“While negotiations have yet to result in an agreement, we are committed to working around the clock through Monday’s deadline,” MLB said in a statement.

CBA social media hoax, tweets that should be banned!

“BREAKING: MLB and the MLBPA have agreed to a new CBA that will cancel the next 5 seasons and remove the Tampa Bay Rays from MLB, via several sources”.

Those waking up early this morning likely saw an outrageous tweet saying that a new CBA has been reached with a ridiculous outcome.  The poster may have been mischievous or just thought it would be a funny joke. If that is the case, he failed miserably, with Twitter users scolding him without reluctance.

This Tweet, although not about politics or CDC guidelines, nevertheless is just as egregious and should be immediately removed from Twitter and the poster banned.

Yankee Joey Gallo sights the shift for his dropoff

Joey Gallo’s first foray into Yankees baseball didn’t turn out as he or the Yankees had hoped for. It had little impact and was just lousy. Now the 28-year-old power hitter believes he knows why and has spoken to the Athletic’s Jayson Stark about his dismal performance. Gallo blamed elements of the shift for his downturn in form.

“I get the defensive strategies. I do. I am 100 percent not against that… But I think at some point, you have to fix the game a little bit…” Gallo said. “I don’t understand how I’m supposed to hit a double or triple when I have six guys standing in the outfield.”

Although Gallo is saying that the shift was a contributing factor, he’s not advocating for banning the shift entirely. What he doesn’t like is the ability of infielders to stand in the outfield. This, of course, may not be the full reason that the shift made him suffer at the plate. His 38.6 strikeout rate certainly didn’t help his behind-the-plate performance.  He missed balls in the strike zone, time after time.

Yankee owner Steinbrenner influential in talks outcome

Make no mistake about it Commissioner Rob Manfred and players head Tony Clark have the final say about the outcome of the ongoing negotiations to resolve a lockout, holding up the new season. But also not to be overlooked, some involved in the negotiations have more pull than others. New York Yankee owner Hal Steinbrenner is one of those with influence.

Dick Monfort is the head of MLB’s labor committee, but if you’re looking for the actual most powerful owner in the game, Steinbrenner is the guy sitting beside Monfort this week in CBA talks. Hal Steinbrenner has been mostly silent on his thoughts, but make no mistake about it, he has more sway than many other owners on how the talks end.

All owners have a single vote on any issues, but those with influence have the ability to move the conversation on the intending outcome of the talks.

Hal Steinbrenner controls the sport’s richest baseball franchise in the biggest market in the states. Of course, Hal also often runs the near-highest payroll in the game. He may get pressure from his own players, like Gerrit Cole, who will lose 137 million dollars for every game lost due to no new agreement. Hal will certainly want to get the dollars rolling in with a new season. But, so far, his influence has not made that happen.

Yankees determined to keep top prospects

Due to the MLB lockout, the Yankees and all the other teams have not been able to make any deals, even not having the ability to talk to each other. But, in this dead period, the Yankees have revealed some strategies. We may know more about what they won’t do than what they will do. The Yankees front office has made it pretty clear they won’t be giving up some of their top prospects.

The Yankees have indicated that they will not use prospect Anthony Volpe in any trade. They also have said that Oswald Peraza and catcher Austin Wells likely will be protected but are more likely to be traded in any blockbuster deal to fill the holes in the team.

Even though there is a lockout, the Yankees may have lost another shortstop target!

The New York Yankees, doing nothing in Postseason 1.0, Yankees have already lost several of their options to fill the hole made by Gleyber Torres being moved to second base. The Yankees looked to Marcus Semien and Corey Seager as they were high on their list of shortstops to go after, but they have gone to another team before the lockout.

Their next move appeared to consider Isiah Kiner-Fakefa if the Texas Rangers were willing. But now, after Josh Jung’s injury, the Texas Rangers appear destined to hold onto him when the lockout ends, taking another shortstop option off the table for the Yankees.