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New York Yankees could target Trevor Bauer before trade deadline

by Alexander Wilson
The New York Yankees are looking into Cleveland Indians pitcher, Trevor Bauer.

One former New York Yankees player believes Trevor Bauer is an attractive trade target:

If it was up to former New York Yankees third baseman, Alex Rodriguez would be all in on Cleveland Indians ace, Trevor Bauer. The Yankees trade target had a mental meltdown against the Kansas City Royals after allowing eight runs, seven earned.

Before Bauer was taken out of the game by manager Terry Francona, he launched a ball from the pitching mound over the wall in center field. It was certainly a testament to his arm strength, but the passion and anger could be viewed in two different perspectives.

On one side, Bauer could have been viewed as aggressive and radical, on the other, a passionate player that was simply disappointed with his performance.

Given his 3.79 ERA after giving up seven runs, there’s little doubt that he was not pleased with his execution. Rodriguez comments on his anger, which he spins into a positive:

“Here’s the bottom line,” Rodriguez said. “Curt Schilling was one of the best pitchers I’ve ever faced and [he] won multiple championships. Whether you like Curt Schilling or not, he was a tremendous big-game pitcher. So was David Wells. So was [Orlando] ‘El Duque’ Hernandez. Do you want Barry Bonds in your lineup? I like him. Other teams don’t like him. Do you like him?

“At 7:05, when that game starts, you win with great players. You want nice people? Go pick your friends off the field.”

After chucking the ball about 350 feet, A-Rod expressed his desire for the Yankees or any given team to pursue him even further.

“If he was on my radar before he chucked the ball over the center-field wall, he’s going to continue to be,” said Rodriguez, who noted it was a “heck of a throw.”

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With the Bombers in dire need of starting pitchers, Bauer could be a perfect fit. The bright lights of New York and expectation would allow him to thrive in a competitive nature. With CC Sabathia going down with right knee inflammation, the July 31 trade deadline is becoming more important by the minute.

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