New York Yankees: Comparing Jeter and Cano to Torres and LeMehieu

New York Yankees, Derek Jeter

I was watching the 2009 World Series DVD of the New York Yankees beating the Phillies and remembered how much I enjoyed watching the dynamic duo, Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano, hold it down in the middle of the infield. It got me thinking that the Yankees haven’t had two players of that caliber of talent since those years. However, Gleyber Torres and DJ LeMahieu might just be the next big Yankee middle infield duo.

I was looking at both Jeter’s and Cano’s stats from the years they played together which was 2005-2013. In those years, Jeter batted .310 with 106 total home runs and 568 runs batted in. Cano put up a .309 batting average with 204 homers and 822 runs batted in. In those eight years playing together, Cano and Jeter put up some solid offensive numbers.

Between Cano and Jeter when they shared pinstripes, 12 all-star games were played, six Gold Glove awards were given, ten Silver Slugger awards were awarded, and one World Series ring was won. It’s no question that Jeter and Cano made up the best middle infield duo of those years.

Ever since Cano left the Yankees and Jeter hung up the cleats, the Yankees haven’t had that kind of middle infield power. Didi Gregorius and Gleyber Torres are phenomenal infielders, but they still lacked some of the things Cano and Jeter accomplished.

This upcoming year, Gleyber Torres is expected to slide over to shortstop and DJ LeMahieu will be playing at his natural position at second base. These two may have what it takes to put up the same numbers as Cano and Jeter.

LeMahieu is already a premier hitter and consistently has put up a high average throughout his career. Torres is lesser on the batting average but can pop 40 homers a year.

I personally think Torres and LeMahieu can match or even beat Cano’s and Jeter’s offensive numbers but defensively, Jeter and Cano will remain the best duo. They were both constant Gold Glove winners and put up high fielding percentages throughout their careers.

It’s no question that Torres and LeMahieu will be a strong middle infield for the New York Yankees. They’ll definitely be two of the players leading at the plate as the Yanks try and take home championship number 28.