How the Yankees can keep Gleyber Torres and still start Anthony Volpe

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The Yankees have had quite the spring already; Anthony Volpe has been the main headliner thus far. The phenom prospect has turned heads thanks to his excellent play in spring training, and it seems like he may make the opening day roster. On The Michael Kay Show, Kay stated that Volpe should likely make the roster. Not only that, but assuming he makes it, he’ll also start.

Torres should fit into the Yankees’ lineup in any way possible:

All offseason, there have been mock trades put together involving one Gleyber Torres, yet I believe that both he and Volpe can still feature in the lineup together. Adding Volpe to the major league roster would definitely add a spark, and it would show that the Yankees are fully committed to the youth movement. However, if he were to make the cut, it wouldn’t do him much good just sitting on the bench. 

Having Volpe and Torres in the lineup would be a best-case scenario for the Yanks. Gleyber is still one of the better second basemen in baseball, and his bat continues to play up with this team. He’s certainly a top four-or-five hitter on this team, and I see no reason to look to move him out of the lineup just so Volpe can play every day. One potential possibility is rolling Torres at DH, so Stanton can see some time in the outfield, which he states he prefers anyway. 

Now I’m not suggesting that the Yankees play Torres as a DH entirely, because that would be super counterproductive. However, if they wanted to give Volpe as many opportunities to play as possible, having Gleyber at DH would allow them to do so. Now, that’s not a gripe on Gleyber’s defensive capabilities. If anything, he’s earned more respect for his defense last season than any individual year. He had 9 defensive runs saved, which was good for 4th out of all second basemen in baseball. He’s earned the everyday role, yet some fans still want him gone. 

Gleyber is an integral part of this team, and keeping him around would most definitely do more good than bad. He posted a 115 wRC+ last season, hit 24 HR, and would’ve ended the year with fans’ embracement and love if not for a dismal August. He’s still just 26 years old, and the Yankees should do everything in their power to fit him in the lineup on a daily basis. Having Volpe play every day is a must, but it shouldn’t come at the dispense of Gleyber Torres. 

Gleyber and Volpe can split time at second base:

Volpe can handle the 2B duties and both he and Gleyber can alternate their days in the field. Additionally, it helps that Volpe can play SS as well, which will mean he sees even more playtime when Torres is at second. He’s too good a player to keep on the bench, and if the Yankees want to move Gleyber, they should only do so for an impact player in return. It makes no sense to move him for prospects or to move him just for the sake of moving him. He’s a quality player that continues to improve on the defensive side of things, with a bat that’s been proven for years now. 

Volpe should make the opening day roster. There’s no doubt in my mind that he can handle the major league lifestyle. This spring we’ve just gotten a taste of how he sees MLB pitching, and he’s shown nothing but excellence. Sure, there may be some adjustment and him trying to get the hang of things, but that’s how baseball works. He may not just immediately slot in and bat .300, but he can certainly do so over time. He’s the top prospect for a reason, and the Yankees elected to hold onto him rather than pursue a big-name shortstop in free agency. 

Anthony Volpe is the future of this organization and has already been getting the Jeter comps in terms of his role and status with the team. He’s still incredibly young and would help bring that fire to the lineup, whether he bats leadoff or 9th. He’s an all-around great player with superb baserunning and defense and a bat that gets better as the year goes by. Having both he and Gleyber in the lineup would do wonders for this team. 

Additionally, Peraza has been great at short this spring, and having Volpe split days occasionally with him could keep him fresh for the entire season. It’s always a bit of an adjustment when there are multiple rookies in a squad, but Volpe already looks like a veteran. He and Jasson Domínguez have both thoroughly impressed in camp, and it’s been a joy to watch them continue to develop and showcase their skills. The future is now, and Volpe is helping to usher in that new wave of talent for the Yanks.

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