2 prospects the Yankees refuse to trade at the deadline

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WORCESTER - WooSox Ryan Fitzgerald couldn't quite get the out on third base stealing Oswald Peraza as the Worcester Red Sox play Scranton/Wilkes-Barre at Polar Park on Wednesday. Spt Woosox Sale8 0707

As the New York Yankees quickly approach the MLB trade deadline on August 2, they are gauging their opportunities to make a big splash to help fuel their World Series aspirations.

However, the Yankees are unwilling to part ways with two of their top prospects, notably Oswald Peraza and Anthony Volpe. Despite that, general manager Brian Cashman is still working diligently to find the right deal, but he’s trying to refrain from compromising the team’s future.

“Obviously, we’re staying engaged,” Cashman said by phone. “The job is always to find a way to make us better.”

Per Jon Heyman of the New York Post, the Yankees won’t give up their two top prospects:

The Yankees wouldn’t mind another starter, and they do like Luis Castillo, but with the Reds’ requesting one of two top shortstop prospects — Anthony Volpe or Oswald Peraza — they may end up settling for a depth piece instead. Like everyone else, they’ll look at the bullpen, but with talented relievers Jonathan Loaisiga and Zack Britton heading back to an already excellent pen, that’s not a major need either.

At this point, the Yankees do need a starting pitcher, specifically one who has experience in the postseason and a large sample size of quality seasons. That pitcher is ultimately Luis Castillo, but the Cincinnati Reds want Peraza or Volpe in return, which is unlikely to happen.

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The Yankees are seeing the best of Peraza and Volpe:

This season, Peraza is hitting .245 with a 31.6% on base rate. However, he’s been elite in the months of June and July. In June, he hit .303 with a 38% on-base rate. So far in July, over 10 games, he’s hitting .275 with a 35.6% on base rate. Peraza is getting bettter after a tumultuous start to the campaign, but given his dominance at Triple-A,  the Yankees could pull him up right now to the major league squad and feel comfortable about his services. He’s hit 12 homers this season with 32 RBIs and 19 stolen bases, presenting solid production.

On the other hand, Volpe is hitting .253 with a 35% on base rate. In June, Volpe hit .298 with a 36% on base rate, but he’s been elite in July. So far, he’s hitting .325 with a 47% on-base rate, two homers, two RBIs, and five stolen bases. On the season, he’s recorded 35 stolen bases, showcasing his athleticism on the base paths.

The Yankees are trying to hold onto their top two prospects at all costs, given their potential in the future. It is possible the Yankee see Peraza as their starting shortstop in 2023, with Volpe still about two years away from making his major league debut.

Cashman will likely try to package together several quality prospects that could boom or bust rather than some of their more guaranteed options. Of course, no prospect is guaranteed, but the probability of success for Peraza and Volpe is much higher than most.