Jets News: Key takeaways from OC Mike LaFleur’s press conference

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New York Jets second-year offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur spoke with the media on Tuesday morning prior to minicamp practice. He was asked a ton of great questions. They pertained to Zach Wilson, Breece Hall, Elijah Moore, Garrett Wilson, Denzel Mims, involving all of the new skill talent and the offensive tackle situation. LaFleur gave some useful insight.

The difference in Zach Wilson

LaFleur mentioned his “daily focus” when asked about Wilson’s offseason. He stated the difference from focusing on many things a year ago to now, “let’s focus on this one thing,” and “stay dialed into that.”

LaFleur mentioned how 2021 was the first year of the offense, the coaching staff, and Wilson as a rookie quarterback. From Wilson’s perspective, LaFleur spoke on grasping the scheme as well as the NFL game.

He stated that what allows for present focus is “the fact that he knows what to expect come August, come September,” and Wilson can “dial in on what matters right now,” which is “mastering our offense.” LaFleur concluded by saying that things are “very different from last year.”

Excitement with Breece Hall

LaFleur described Hall as a “talented football player” and how that was what “excited” him. His ability “stood out right when you watched him.” LaFleur stated how Hall is a “fluid mover” with a “different movement style.” He said the rookie has “done a great job since he’s been here.”

LaFleur highlighted just how fast Hall is for a bigger, 220-pound guy. He also spoke on his receiving ability stating how his “really good” hands catching the football have been on display so far.

Early impressions of Garrett Wilson

When asked about Wilson, LaFleur called him a “versatile, good football player.” LaFleur highlighted how “he understands the game” and is “full-throttle trying to learn this system.”

How LaFleur plans to involve all skill players

The Jets added a starting running back, wide receiver, and three tight ends with premium resources this offseason. There were already some talented running backs and wide receivers in place.

When LaFleur was asked about how everyone will make an impact, he stated, “it’ll all work itself out organically.” He mentioned that he has been asked himself about the plan to get everyone involved and ultimately said it is “a very good problem” for him to have.

Jets tackles George Fant and Mekhi Becton

With Becton now being at the facility, LaFleur said, “He looks good. It was good to see him yesterday.”

He was asked about the looming question of who will win the left tackle job. LaFleur stated, “That stuff always plays itself out.” He highlighted how to this point there are no pads and no run game. LaFleur did go on to mention, “George has earned the right” to gain opportunities at left tackle. He stated that ultimately, “The best two are going to be slotted where they may be.”

When asked about having an idea sooner, he said, “The faster that you can stamp,” the best place for each player “the better.” LaFleur said he can see a resolution on the battle “fairly quickly.” Later, he stated, “We have a plan as a staff right now.”

LaFleur talked about what a healthy Becton adds to the Jets offense, “He’s a very large man that is hard to run around in the pass game.”As a run blocker, LaFleur noted his “first step” at his size.

Denzel Mims’ offseason

Mims continues to gain glowing reviews from the front office and coaching staff. LaFleur mentioned the much better shape that Mims is in. He spoke about his energy in the meeting rooms each day. LaFleur stated how he is “much more confident in the offense.” To this point, LaFleur said Mims has put himself in the best possible situation to be an impactful contributor.

Elijah Moore’s growth

LaFleur said that Moore told him after last season that he wants to be the best and that he puts in the work to do so. He spoke on the fact that Moore is one player he is not concerned about coming back to training camp and not being ready to go after 40 days off. LaFleur finished with Moore saying, “he’s had a great camp, he’s a great kid. So, I’m excited to see what he can do.”