Why the New York Giants are primed for a quick rebuild

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The New York Giants entered the 2022 offseason well over the salary cap. New general manager Joe Schoen inherited a mess and had to make sacrifices to get the Giants back under the cap. The Giants were forced to move on from multiple starters, like James Bradberry, Evan Engram, and Jabrill Peppers. Schoen managed, however, to get the Giants back under the cap with enough money to sign free agents and an impressive 2022 draft class. Now the Giants are considered one of the most cap-healthy teams in the NFL.

New York Giants rank ninth in salary cap health

Pro Football Focus recently did a three-year salary cap analysis for every team in the NFL. Surprisingly, the Giants are one of the top-ten most cap-healthy teams in the league. The way that the Giants managed to fix their salary cap overnight is impressive. Joe Schoen utilized an offseason attack completely opposite to the one utilized by the last regime.

Last offseason, the Giants were big spenders in free agency. They made splash signings on free agents Kenny Golladay and Adoree’ Jackson. They also signed Leonard Williams to a mega-extension. This year, however, the Giants were very careful with their spending. Joe Schoen was prudent with the Giants’ money and focused this offseason on setting up a bright future for the Giants financially.

Per PFF, the Giants currently have “the most active draft capital in the NFL,” which captures “both the value of players that have not played an NFL snap yet as well as each team’s total potential for surplus value from rookie contracts.” Essentially, the Giants have most of their money tied up in players on rookie contracts. The Giants are not spending much money on declining veterans.

The Giants are also expected to have a lot of cap space in the next two seasons. They possess the “second-most effective cap space from 2022-2024,” meaning they will have the second-largest amount of money to spend over that timespan in the NFL.

The Giants have the most active draft capital in the NFL and the second-most effective cap space from 2022-2024 — that’s how a franchise turns things around in a hurry after five awful seasons. – PFF on the Giants’ salary cap situation

The New York Giants have hovered around the bottom of the NFL for years. Their last playoff appearance was in 2016. It has been a long and disappointing rebuilding period for the Giants since then. But with their salary cap being as healthy as it is, the New York Giants’ future has never been brighter.

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