The New York Giants have a secret weapon at quarterbacks coach

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

When the New York Giants hired quarterback coach Jerry Schuplinski, formerly of the New England Patriots, everyone collectively said, “who?”

People always tend to place their trust in familiar faces that are well known. However, that can lead us down a path of simplicity and often-time, failure. Schuplinski, who worked alongside Joe Judge in New England for years, will bring his talent to the Giants, where he will help groom Daniel Jones into a top-tier quarterback.

Having worked alongside players like Tom Brady, Jacoby Brissett, and Jimmy Garoppolo, the secretive QB coach has quite the resume to prove his worth with Jones. The influence he has had on his understudies has translated into staring-level talent, let alone the elite category Brady sits atop.

Garappolo expressed his praise for Schuplinski, and now, the 49ers quarterback will participate in the Super Bowl:

“Thinking back on everything, I owe him so much. Jerry was there for everything from the minute I got to the Patriots. He was kind of my quarterback coach in a way… I mean, he started with me from day one with the Patriots,” Garoppolo stated. “He’s a great guy at simplifying things, taking a complicated offense and simplifying it for a quarterback. I think that’s crucial and he did a great job of that when I was in New England. I know he did that with Jacoby [Brissett] too.”

The New York Giants made a great hire with Jerry Schuplinski:

Jones will see the offense open up for him in 2020, especially after Jerry helps simplify the system and break down his fundamentals. That’s where Judge’s mentality comes into play, as he stated during his opening press conference that the team would perfect the micro details to develop a sound operation ultimately.

In 2019, the Giants were a wreck under Pat Shurmur, who couldn’t manage the clock well and often saw his players crashing into each other on mesh routes. Poor execution will always lead to failure, and that’s something Judge and Schuplinski won’t tolerate.

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