New York Giants: Optimism bubbling for potential Saquon Barkley contract extension

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The New York Giants have shown wavering stances on the prospect of a contract extension for their star running back, Saquon Barkley.

It’s clear that General Manager Joe Schoen is hesitant about overpaying for the position. However, retaining Barkley, a key leader and offensive weapon, seems like a crucial move, provided the cost is reasonable.

Barkley has repeatedly asserted that he’s not interested in resetting the market or demanding an exorbitant deal. He’s simply seeking compensation that reflects his contributions over previous seasons and anticipates the future, which will likely include a more robust roster that doesn’t rely solely on him.

Giants’ Shift Towards Pass-Happy Offense and Barkley’s Role

With the Giants seemingly moving towards a pass-focused offense, the role of the running back is somewhat devalued. This shift creates room for secondary players to meet the team’s needs. However, Barkley’s star power and dynamic playing style remain valuable assets to any offensive coordinator.

The challenge now is whether the Giants can find a compromise with Barkley’s agents, but recent developments hint at a potential new deal.

Ongoing Negotiations for Barkley’s Contract Extension

“They do have time to get a deal done. The two sides have had conversations,” said NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport. “The fact that they have had conversations and are talking is good news and a Saquon mentioned [in his remarks on Sunday] there is plenty of time.

Schoen’s primary concern appears to be the amount of guaranteed money rather than the annual salary. It’s the former that holds the most significance in these negotiations. If the two sides can’t find a middle ground, the $10.1 million franchise tag is the only option.

Saquon Barkley’s Potential Future with the Giants

The Giants are fully aware of the immense value Barkley adds to their team, as echoed by co-owner John Mara’s desire for Barkley to remain a Giant for life. This endorsement certainly places the new GM in a tricky situation.

Fresh from his second-best season, amassing 1,650 yards and 10 touchdowns, the Giants would struggle to replicate these numbers with a late-round draft pick like Eric Gray.

Still, with some time to spare and positive momentum in negotiations, a new deal might be on the horizon. If Barkley can reconcile with the falling running back market and accept that the Giants have a financial limit, an extension could be within reach.

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