New York Giants news, 1/6 – The only way Bill Belichick could return to the Giants

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In an alternative universe, the New York Giants would feature Bill Belichick as their head coach and boast the impressive track record the New England Patriots currently have. However, that’s not the reality we live in.

Our universe holds a different truth — the Giants have won nine games in two years and are preparing to hire their third head coach in three years. Disappointing doesn’t even begin to describe the state of the Giants’ franchise, and recent trends have indicated that fans are begging an existential spirit to bring the man in the hoodie back to his original home…East Rutherford.

After the latest Patriots defeat to the Tennesse Titans on Saturday, questions of Belichick’s longevity have arisen. While these ideas are almost undoubtedly ridiculous rumors, there’s always the chance that he desires a different challenge. The Giants would offer him an opportunity to return to the beginning of his career and spearhead a rebuild that requires genuine leadership.

The return of Belichick would require two essential things:

1.) Tom Brady would need to retire

Brady stated after the loss to the Titans that it’s unlikely he retires this offseason, making Bill’s choice of leaving the Pats that much more unlikely. If Tom decides to call it quits, joining the Giants becomes a tiny possibility. He reportedly had a soft spot for Daniel Jones in the latest NFL Draft, stating that he hopes Jones falls to the bottom of the first round where he could snag him as Brady’s eventual successor.

2.) Dave Gettleman would need to be fired

One unique thing about Belichick is that he’s both the general manager and head coach for New England. If any theoretical move were to take place, it would need to include Gettleman’s firing.


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  1. There is no way that they will wait past Thursday to make an offer to a coach… Bill is in no rush to let the public know what his plans are. Instead he will let people assume what he is going to do! The only way that Bill would leave the patriots, is if he makes that announcement public within the next 24 hours! Could he make a return to Cleveland, especially with all that talent that they have?! Everyone knows he has an obsession with Odell, he would finally have some wide receivers, a young quarterback that he can either groom or trade… Two running back‘s, a first round tight end, decent defense… That might be the right move, and that’s coming from a Giants fan! Yes the Giants have a franchise quarterback and a franchise running back, three very good wide receivers, a very good tight end who is injury prone, and a ton of talent on the defensive side of the ball hall are among the youngest in the league! Giants have the number for pic, along with about $80 million to spend. Gettleman would need to be fired right away, or retain Dave but change his title to something like scouting team executive analyst.