New York Giants: Daniel Jones is Eli Manning reincarnated and more

New York Giants, Eli Manning, Daniel Jones
New York Giants, Eli Manning, Daniel Jones

From first glance, New York Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones almost looks as if he could be Eli Manning’s offspring. Not only does he portray similar facial expressions, but he has the same demeanor and attitude towards success as Eli.

The Giants really outdid themselves in finding their new quarterback. The plan seemed simple – find a passer that resembles Manning but with better physical attributes.

Jones has similar mechanics, given to him by a shared coach in David Cutcliffe. The rookie’s arm motion nearly replicates Peyton Manning’s. The way all three have dealt with the media, especially Eli in New York, the methods they utilized to prepare for big games, and their mentality towards practice, is almost eerie.

Maybe it was destiny for Jones to succeed Manning after all. However, he has one advantage over the veteran going into his 15th season in the NFL. Jones can run…fast.

Daniel Jones’ tangibles traits will help the New York Giants:

The mobility Jones has will allow him to do things Manning was always hesitant to attempt. Picking up yards with his legs, aggressive quarterback-sneaks, third-down runs, etc. Manning was also versed in the play-action and was great at throwing on the run when it was designed.

Off-script success was always an issue for Eli as his lack of speed would often see him succumb to pressure. Manning has been sacked 406 times in his career, that’s a deafening number that likely keeps Eli awake at night. Jones will see that issue alleviate to a certain degree.

The last two seasons have been particularly interested in regards to Manning’s success. He’s only completed one fourth-quarter comeback, the most lackluster streak in his career. In 2016, he recorded three comebacks alone. This can be appropriated towards Manning’s lack of time in the pocket and inability to compensate. Jones will be able to cover up that problem to a degree. However, ensuring he has a solid offensive line must be a priority.

General manager Dave Gettleman has appropriated plenty of resources towards rebuilding the line, a necessity moving forward. In 2020, when Jones could take over, it’s essential he starts off strong with plenty of weapons and protection to build upon his confidence.