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New York Giants: Daniel Jones Has What it Takes to Succeed In New York

by Anthony Rocchio
New York Giants rookie quarterback, Daniel Jones.

When the New York Giants selected Daniel Jones with the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft they weren’t just selecting a QB, but the face of a franchise. Jones hasn’t surprised anyone within the Giants facility with his impressive preseason play but it’s the thick skin of the rookie that’s unteachable. 

It is more than just looking at a guy’s physical talent. It is about his makeup – Dave Gettleman Pre-Draft. 

Dave Gettleman knew that whoever he chose to replace the greatest quarterback in franchise history would forever be linked to his fate. Draft analysts are quick to value arm talent, statistics, big-time schools, competition…etc. 

But what about the DNA of a potential franchise quarterback? 

Jones has possessed a rare trait to brush off criticism focusing on his play and the players/coaches within the facility. Sound familiar? This is something that two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning has preached throughout his 16-year career.

At the beginning of the 2007 NFL season, Eli Manning was about to get run out of town by New York tabloids with even Tiki Barber (all-time franchise leader in rushing yards) questioning Eli’s leadership skills. 

We all know how that turned out with Eli Manning. The franchise legend tuned out the critics and went on to win two Super Bowls. 

Today, Jones faces a similar feat and has handled it exactly as Gettleman and Mara expected him to. 

In an interview with GQ back in April that was recently released, Baker Mayfield said he “cannot believe” the Giants took Jones and that it “blew my mind.” 

In response, Jones shrugged off the comments and reiterated his focus on the New York Giants: 

“I try not to listen to much that’s said,” said Jones. “I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that. I heard that before, I kind of have the same mindset, I certainly have a lot to focus on here, I have a lot to worry about here and I’m focused on that. It’s been good but just focused on what I’m doing here” (CBS Sports).

When the interview broke Baker clarified on the comments and how they were completely taken out of context. He later on texted Jones to clarify the air to which Jones responded, “no worries.”

Regardless of the context, the Giants front office must be sleeping nicely knowing their franchise QB resembles a culture that owner John Mara has coined: The Giants Way.

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