Giants rookie WR trashed by anonymous NFL exec

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The propensity of anonymous executives to disparage players who haven’t even participated in an NFL game is intriguing. Jalin Hyatt, the New York Giants’ third-round selection from Tennessee, is no stranger to this kind of unmerited criticism, seemingly aimed at stirring controversy.

Hyatt, who fell into the Giants’ hands several rounds into the 2023 NFL Draft, anticipates making a substantial impact as a high-risk, high-reward prospect.

Given his exceptional speed and impressive college career, the Giants are optimistic that he’ll rise to the challenge and make a significant impact at the professional level.

However, the unexpected negative attention he’s currently receiving is entirely undeserved.

Dan Duggan of The Athletic reported some intriguing comments from an anonymous executive about Hyatt.

“Talented athlete, obviously elite speed,” the executive said. “Questions are going to be the strength, and the kid is interesting. He’s just young, little squirrelly, maybe a little naïve. I don’t know if he totally gets it as far as being a pro.”

Given that Hyatt is a rookie, it’s reasonable to assume he doesn’t fully grasp what it means to be an NFL player yet. But with time and experience, he’ll learn the ropes, particularly from an experienced group of receivers with a wealth of knowledge to share.

Moreover, the Giants boast one of the finest coaching staffs in the league, and he stands to gain a lot from this resource.

The Giants know what they have in Jalin Hyatt:

In 2022, the 6-foot, 175-pound speedster accumulated 67 catches for 1,267 yards and 15 touchdowns. Given that he scored five times in a single game against Alabama’s formidable defense, it’s safe to say he has the potential to excel at the next level.

Certainly, there are reasons why Jalin dropped to the third round, primarily due to concerns about his route running, given his single-faceted style at Tennessee.

However, he believes he can adapt and broaden his route tree to enhance the offense in a variety of ways. It seems that to some anonymous executives, an NFL player brimming with confidence and a conviction that he can achieve anything is deemed criminal.

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