Giants’ rookie tight end could make an instant impact in 2024

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The New York Giants are currently facing uncertainty with Darren Waller’s potential retirement decision. If Waller decides to retire, the Giants would save $6.7 million in cap space but would still owe him $14 million for the 2024 season.

Evaluating Waller’s Impact and Financial Implications for the Giants

The dilemma for the Giants is whether the $6.7 million saved would be sufficient to match the value Waller brings to the team. Waller’s presence on the field is generally seen as more beneficial than his absence, given his proven abilities. However, the Giants have prepared for the future by drafting a promising tight end who could fill in effectively.

Rookie Potential: Introducing Theo Johnson

In the fourth round of the recent NFL draft, the Giants selected Theo Johnson, a 6-foot-6, 264-pound tight end from Penn State. Johnson demonstrated his potential last season by recording 341 yards and seven touchdowns, particularly excelling in the red zone.

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Credit: Dan Rainville / USA TODAY NETWORK

Should Waller decide to step away, Johnson and Daniel Bellinger would become the primary tight ends. Both possess considerable size but have differing strengths. Bellinger excels more as a blocker than a receiver, having been underutilized last season in favor of Waller. On the other hand, Johnson, while needing to enhance his blocking skills, offers substantial receiving talent that could be leveraged immediately. He gives major Jimmy Graham vibes with his frame and physicality.

As quarterback Daniel Jones is on track to return by Week 1 from his rehabilitation, a robust tight end group could provide him with reliable options underneath and enhance his ability to distribute the ball effectively. Johnson’s impressive wingspan and catching ability could quickly make him a favored target for Jones, particularly in the short to intermediate passing game.

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