Giants reportedly not shopping star running back

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The New York Giants sit at 1–5 on the season and are quickly approaching a scenario where they may want to offload talent for draft compensation in 2024. The truth is, if they lose to the Washington Commanders in Week 7, fire-selling some of their expiring contracts might be a long-term beneficial strategy.

Players like Adoree Jackson and Leonard William stand out since the Giants can pay the rest of their salaries and allow them to go compete elsewhere on teams with playoff aspirations. The Giants need to be thinking about their future and not compromising the present by committing to expensive players who will eventually leave this upcoming off-season anyway.

One major question revolves around star running back Saquon Barkley, who is currently signed to a one-year, $10.1 million deal. Considering Barkley has already missed several games due to injury, it is safe to say that the Giants likely won’t extend him on a long-term contract, and the franchise tag would lock him into a $12 million deal for 2024. Trading Barkley now to a team that could use more offensive firepower would return some decent draft capital and allow the Giants to start developing their younger talent.

However, according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, the Giants aren’t reportedly shopping Barkley, but it is possible that following a loss to the Commanders on Sunday, the Giants would consider trading players ahead of the October 31 deadline.

The Giants Should Consider Trading Expiring Talent

There’s no question that Big Blue has plenty of talent that other teams may be interested in, especially key position players at cornerback and defensive end. It wouldn’t take much to acquire Jackson or Williams, but Barkley, being the superstar offensive talent he is, may draw more interest. It’s possible an opposing club may be willing to give up a third or fourth-round pick to rent him for the rest of the season, especially if they feel there they’re a running back away from a championship.

This season, Barkley has played in three games, recording 207 rushing yards and 46 receiving yards, enjoying two touchdowns. He had a quality game against the Buffalo Bills this past Sunday night, rushing for 93 yards on 24 attempts, including a 34-yard long. Against Arizona, he’s posted both of his touchdowns, helping distract their defense and open up opportunities for receiving options.

The truth is that the Giants have relied heavily on Barkley to save the day at times in the past, and it is an unsustainable strategy. They need to be competent without Barkley in the lineup since injury has plagued him, and establishing a unit that doesn’t depend on the running back position would be an ideal strategy.

If the Giants were Barkley away from being a threat in the postseason, keeping him around would make logical sense, but he serves little value on a team that is likely going a different direction long-term and consistently depends on him to make mind-boggling plays just to move the football.

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