Giants reportedly conflicted on the future of the quarterback position

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The New York Giants are reportedly undecided on the future of their quarterback position. While some in the building are ready to go in a new direction, others are steadfast in building around Daniel Jones, according to a new report from Ralph Vacchiano of Fox Sports.

Some in the Giants’ organization reportedly want to build around Daniel Jones

At 2-8, the Giants currently hold the second overall pick in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft, putting them in perfect position to select a quarterback if they so choose. Of course, the draft order is subject to significant changes between now and the day of the draft, but drafting a quarterback appears to be a real possibility for Big Blue.

However, there are reportedly some within the organization who are against that idea and would rather build around Daniel Jones as their franchise quarterback.

While taking USC’s Caleb Williams or North Carolina’s Drake Maye with one of the top two picks might seem like a no-brainer for the 2-8 Giants right now — especially with Daniel Jones’ health issues — it’s far from guaranteed that the Giants would actually do it. According to multiple sources, including one inside the Giants, some key people in the organization still have faith in Jones and believe their 26-year-old franchise quarterback can still be their long-term answer.

Via Ralph Vacchiano of Fox Sports

Jones signed a four-year, $160 million contract extension prior to the start of this regular season. Despite his struggles with injuries this season, there are some within the organization who feel confident about his future with the team.

Joe Schoen is reportedly preparing to draft a quarterback

Despite there being some members inside the organization who want to move forward with Daniel Jones as the starting quarterback, general manager Joe Schoen and his “top lieutenants” are preparing as though they will be drafting a quarterback in the offseason.

That’s not to suggest they won’t replace Jones, even though the draft will come less than 14 months after the Giants gave him a four-year, $160 million contract with $81 million guaranteed. They might still do it. In fact, their intention, the team source said, is to prepare as if they will. General manager Joe Schoen has already seen both Maye and Williams in person — though his trip to see Maye came before the Giants’ season even started. And the expectation is that Schoen, his top lieutenants and a small army of Giants scouts will stay focused on the top quarterbacks for the rest of the college season, too.

Via Ralph Vacchiano of Fox Sports

With so much uncertainty surrounding Jones’s health and his future with the team, Schoen is wise to take a close look at the top quarterback talents in college. He and his staff will continue to scout the top prospects as they weigh their options leading up to draft day.

Ultimately, the team is undecided

Ultimately, the Giants have not made any decisions regarding their quarterback situation. After all, it is only November, there are eight weeks left in the regular season, and they do not know for sure which pick they will hold in next year’s draft.

“And no matter what it looks like from the outside, it’s not an easy decision — nor is it one they’ve already made,” Vacchiano writes to close out his report.

There are over five months remaining until the 2024 NFL Draft takes place. The Giants are far away from making any final decisions on the future of their quarterback position. As the NFL season continues onward, Schoen and his team will soon turn their attention toward the draft, scouting prospects and evaluating who they do and do not want to draft.

With their first-round pick, they could ultimately decide that a quarterback is the right selection; they could also decide that Daniel Jones is their franchise quarterback and that will not change this offseason. Only time will tell, but regardless, it will be an interesting five months for the New York Giants as they prepare to make a monumental decision.

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