Giants promote Mike Kafka, Jerome Henderson, and Shea Tierney

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The New York Giants are actively trying to change the narrative around their coaching staff, a group that has been in flux over the past few weeks.

Giants’ Coaching Staff Shake-up

With the ugly departure of Wink Martindale and the Giants struggling to find a new defensive coordinator, paired with Mike Kafka considering a lateral move, the optics were indeed headed in the wrong direction.

Strategic Promotions

Fortunately, the Giants took back control on Wednesday, promoting Kafka, Jerome Henderson, and Shea Tierney to new positions, per Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Kafka will remain the team’s offensive coordinator despite the unit struggling in 2023. They averaged 280 yards per game, ranking 29th in the NFL, and recorded 15.6 points per game, good for 30th. Kafka will now serve as the team’s offensive coordinator and assistant head coach, using a little bit of his leverage to receive a new title.

Kafka was up for the Seattle Seahawks head coaching job, but he, unfortunately, was passed over; they had an interest in bringing him on as their new coordinator.

The Giants blocked the Seahawks’ attempt to interview Kafka, offering him a new position and retaining him for the 2024 season.

In addition, secondary coach Jerome Henderson also earned a title revision and is now considered the defensive passing game coordinator. Henderson has been solid over the past few years, helping to develop some young secondary pieces like Xavier McKinney and Deonte Banks last season.

Henderson is considered one of the best secondary coaches in the game, and the Giants certainly didn’t want to lose him either. As for Tierney, the team’s quarterback coach, he will now be considered the offensive passing game coordinator.

A New Direction

These promotions certainly give off the idea that the Giants will have a much more collaborative coaching staff this upcoming season, something that became a problem in 2023, according to multiple reports.

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