Giants’ Micah McFadden tells the honest truth about defensive collapse

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The New York Giants‘ defense has found themselves grappling with an unimpressive start to the 2023 season, underscored by a series of missed tackles and alarming third-down conversions. A near 50% conversion rate on third downs stands as a testament to this, as illustrated in their recent clash against the San Francisco 49ers. The Giants saw the 49ers seamlessly convert nine 3rd downs, a number of which spanned beyond 10 yards and were riddled with defensive missteps.

Micah McFadden Faces the Music

Micah McFadden, the Giants’ second-year linebacker, hasn’t been one to dodge the criticism stemming from these defensive lapses. Boasting seven missed tackles this season, McFadden’s missed tackle rate hovers at 22.6%. Yet, his stats also reflect 20 successful tackles, inclusive of three pressures and 10 stops. While the Giants anticipate more prowess from their 2022 fifth-round selection, McFadden is embracing the criticism, channeling it into motivation for refinement.

During a recent Monday Zoom interaction with journalists:

“There are a lot of things that go into a third down game plan and the missed tackles last game contributed to it and there are always going to be guys who mess up the assignment or the responsibility, but I think it’s a combination of things and everybody in the building is working real hard to get all those little mistakes corrected so that we can improve and be a better team moving forward,” he told reporters during a Monday Zoom call.

A Look at the Numbers

So far, the Giants have fallen short with 29 missed tackles, 16 of which were against the 49ers. If this trajectory persists, they could be on track to etch some unfavorable records. Yet, the season presents ample opportunity for the Giants to reclaim their known physical prowess. Statistically, the Giants boast an eminent defense. However, intermittent lapses in zeal and effort, glaringly evident in their face-off against San Francisco, are thwarting their potential.

Conversely, the offense hasn’t been the defense’s ally in terms of providing restful intervals. The power of momentum in football was vividly showcased during the Giants’ Week 2 triumph over the Arizona Cardinals. With the Giants racking up 31 points in the latter half versus Arizona’s eight, the defense surged, registering key stops.

Trusting the Giants’ Journey

Football’s essence lies in its collaborative spirit. Outcomes, whether favorable or not, are often a culmination of various elements. McFadden, while refraining from directing blame towards the schedule, emphasizes the significance of faith in their process.

“I think it’s just about staying the course and yeah, like you said, just trusting the process and believing in what we are doing. There are no complaints or pointing fingers or worrying about the schedule and what we have to do moving forward, but I think that’s what it’s going to come down to, is just trusting the process. I think we are excited to be in a week like this.”

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