Giants may find value in undrafted Wyoming receiver

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The New York Giants have significantly bolstered their wide receiver corps by selecting Malik Nabers from LSU with the 6th overall pick. Nabers is poised to be a top-tier playmaker, a role the Giants have been eager to fill since the departure of Odell Beckham Jr.

Giants Draft and Develop Receivers

In their ongoing search for potential standouts, the Giants also brought in undrafted Wyoming receiver Ayir Asante. Despite only amassing 380 yards and six touchdowns last season, Asante possesses promising attributes that could see him develop into a valuable asset for the team. The 6-foot, 174-pound receiver has demonstrated versatility, playing 52.7% of his snaps in the slot and 46.8% on the outside.

“My top thing is versatility,” Asante said at UW’s pro day last month. “I’m a guy that can play outside, inside and I can come out of the backfield. … I pride myself on being a football player and a huge asset. I know NFL teams only have 53 (roster spots), and I’m one of those guys that’s willing to do whatever to help the team. I think that’s a big point for me. Nothing’s above working hard.

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Path to the Roster: Special Teams and Development

Asante recognizes that his initial path to securing a roster spot might involve contributing on special teams. This area presents his best opportunity to make an immediate impact while he continues to refine his skills as a receiver.

He aims to improve in several key areas, including strength and downfield separation. Nevertheless, Asante exhibits excellent short-area quickness and the drive to maximize each play after the catch. His experience as a kick returner could further bolster his case for a roster spot, though he faces stiff competition.

The Giants have historically found value in undrafted players, and Asante, with his strong work ethic and versatile skills, could very well become a key contributor. His journey begins in the preseason, where he’ll have the chance to prove himself and earn his place on the team.

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