Giants’ LT Andrew Thomas gushes confidence over contract extension

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There’s little doubt that the New York Giants will extend star left tackle, Andrew Thomas, given his pivotal role on the offensive line and his standing as one of the team’s premier players.

Given the challenge of securing top-tier talent for this position, losing Thomas would be highly imprudent. Thus, it’s likely that General Manager Joe Schoen is preparing for a significant extension.

The Giants have the salary space to get it done next year:

Currently, the Giants have $3.8 million in available salary space, but this figure is projected to surge to $59.3 million in 2024, providing substantial flexibility.

Thomas is optimistic about striking a new deal with Big Blue that would ensure his presence for the next five years. Projections suggest he could receive over $25 million per season on a four-year contract.

“It’s definitely a blessing,” Thomas expressed during a press conference at the Giants’ OTA. “I’m excited. I’m just focused on improving every day. It’s great that I’ll be here for at least another five years, continuing to work and enhance my skills each day.”

Negotiations between the two sides have not yet commenced, giving the Giants ample time to secure the 24-year-old with a substantial contract.

The former 4th overall pick in 2020 has demonstrated consecutive seasons of dominance. Last year, he played in 1,173 offensive snaps, yielding four sacks and a mere 23 total pressures. He achieved elite ratings across the board, and if it weren’t for a challenging period between Week 12 and Week 14, his statistics would have topped the league.

“We haven’t really delved into anything yet,” Thomas stated. “If it happens, it happens. At the moment, I’m concentrating on the initial phase of the offseason, and the rest will sort itself out.”

Given the significant struggles of the Giants’ offensive line, possessing a bona fide superstar at left tackle is a luxury. The team recognizes Thomas’ commitment and work ethic, and following the substantial contract for quarterback Daniel Jones, he is a vital element in the trenches.

Hopefully, Schoen and the front office can identify less expensive starters through the draft, which will help manage costs in other areas, thereby permitting them to compensate Thomas appropriately.

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