Giants looking to get creative with newly acquired wide receiver

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In 2022, the New York Giants established the first layer of their new offense, and expectations are high for the second layer. It aims to leverage players’ strengths and increase their presence in the red zone.

Enhancing Red-Zone Conversion Rates

The Giants held a top-five rank in red-zone conversion offense in 2022. The next logical step is to move down the field smoothly and set themselves up to score more touchdowns.

The Impact of Parris Campbell

The recent addition of receiver Parris Campbell, who played an impressive season with the Indianapolis Colts last year, should contribute significantly in this direction. Despite a rotation of quarterbacks in Indianapolis, Campbell still managed to accumulate 623 yards and three touchdowns with a 69.2% catch rate. He also played all 17 games, showcasing his sound health status.

Waiting for Saquon Barkley’s Decision

While waiting for running back Saquon Barkley to sign his franchise tax extension or agree on a long-term deal, the Giants are finding innovative ways to use the running back position, even considering using Campbell in this role.

Campbell’s Willingness to Adapt

Campbell, 25, has played as a running back before and is more than willing to adapt to any role that could enhance his statistics and help him achieve the crucial incentives in his contract.

“I did it some in Indy,” Campbell said, via the New York Daily News. “But it’s really my high school and my college background. It’s not new to me. It’s something I like to do because they’re using me in different ways. I feel like that’s something that I’m good at, too. Getting some reps back there is good.”

Campbell’s Performance Record

In his career, Campbell has only 11 total rushes but has gained 108 yards from them. He primarily serves out of the slot, playing 67.9% of his reps, with 32% out wide. Last season, he played 82% in a slot and 17.8% on the boundary, displaying his adaptability. Furthermore, he recorded a career-low drop rate of 4.5% across 85 targets.

A Balanced Approach to Nourish Talent

With an abundance of slot options on the roster this season, the Giants have a lot of talent to nurture. Despite this, coordinator Mike Kafka and head coach Brian Daboll are confident their unit will take a significant developmental leap forward. With Daniel Jones entering his second year in the system and a wealth of new talent to support him, the Giants’ offense is gearing up to make an impact.

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