Giants’ Kavon Thibodeaux says Saquon Barkley should’ve been ‘paid first’ over Daniel Jones

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The New York Giants‘ decision to award quarterback Daniel Jones a $160 million contract over four seasons has been a subject of intense debate both within the organization and among external observers. Despite doubts about whether Jones had truly earned such a lucrative deal, the Giants found themselves in a challenging situation, partly due to their playoff appearance and the scarcity of viable alternatives in the market.

Internal Team Dynamics and Saquon Barkley’s Situation

Adding another layer to the controversy, pass rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux recently voiced his opinion on the “7 PM in Brooklyn Podcast,” suggesting that running back Saquon Barkley should have been the first to receive a long-term extension. Thibodeaux acknowledged his confidence in Jones but noted that Barkley’s failure to secure an extension had caused some discontent within the team.

The Giants’ hesitation in committing to Barkley long-term stems from their philosophy regarding running backs and concerns over Barkley’s injury history. With Barkley approaching free agency, the Giants might be inclined to let him walk, considering his age and their reluctance to invest heavily in a position often replenished through the draft.

Thibodeaux’s Media Exposure and Potential Backlash on the Giants

Thibodeaux’s public comments, particularly his praise of Barkley’s explosive playmaking abilities, could draw criticism from the media. While he acknowledged Jones’s capabilities, there is a significant difference between expressing confidence in a player and substantiating it with performance metrics.

As Thibodeaux navigates the media landscape, his remarks could attract scrutiny, especially considering the Giants’ recent substantial investment in Jones. The organization will need to be mindful of internal comments that could amplify the debate around their high-profile quarterback’s contract and the team’s overall decision-making process.

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