Giants HC Brian Daboll preparing for big changes on offense

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The New York Giants are preparing to build on their success following the 2022 season. This offseason, Big Blue has brought in loads of talent on the offensive side of the ball, gearing up for a big 2023 season. Head coach Brian Daboll immediately hit the drawing board, reshaping the offense to capitalize on the team’s influx of talent.

Brian Daboll retooling Giants’ offense

The Giants’ offense this upcoming season could look completely different than it did in 2022. “What you do one year has no correlation to what you do the next year,’’ Daboll said at the NFL’s Annual Meeting.

“What you do one game has no correlation to what you do the next game. I’m not saying we’re starting at ground zero, because they know our system, there’s a lot of things they know more than they knew last year. In terms of where we’re at and the things we got to do, we’ve got a long climb ahead of us.”

Brian Daboll has “got a lot of drawings on the board right now.” He’s preparing to implement new plays built around the new talent the team has added, like star tight end Darren Waller.

Waller is “a pretty unique player,” as Daboll described. “I’ll give ideas to Mike [Kafka, offensive coordinator] and the offensive staff,” Daboll said regarding new plays designed around Waller. “I’ve got a lot of drawings on the board right now.’’ 

Continuity for QB Daniel Jones

New York loaded up on receiving talent this offense in an effort to build around franchise quarterback Daniel Jones. But arguably more important than the extra weapons is the continuity that Jones is getting in 2023.

“This is probably the first time [Jones has] had a little bit of consistency,’’ Daboll said. “Daniel will have some of the same guys he threw to back. Some new guys. We’re just going to have to keep evolving on what we do as a coaching staff, he’s gonna have to keep bettering the things we need to get better at. It starts all over again.’’ 

Jones has had three different head coaches and three different offensive coordinators over his past four seasons as the Giants’ starting quarterback. The Giants are maintaining their current staff with Daboll as HC and Mike Kafka as offensive coordinator, giving Jones a level of continuity has never experienced before.

Daboll explained the importance of continuity among his coaching staff, describing how the team can draw on its past shared experiences.

“You’re with each other for a year. Does it really matter for that game that you want to win? I don’t know about that. I do know you can draw on experiences that you’ve had, good and bad. ‘Hey, remember when we did this Week 4 last year? Maybe we should tweak this here.’ Just some common language that you have that maybe you didn’t have starting out.”

Brian Daboll via The New York Post

The New York Giants are looking to build on the success of their 2022 season. As Daboll enters his second season as the HC of the Giants, he has an opportunity to elevate his team’s offense to new heights with a refined system to maximize the talent of his new and continuing players.

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