Giants have a huge decision to make with expiring free safety

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As the New York Giants move forward in the middle of a disappointing 2023 season, they face several critical decisions that will shape the team’s future. The prolonged rebuild, exacerbated by injuries and a weak offensive line, has put the team in a challenging position. General Manager Joe Schoen is poised to make some significant changes, including potentially drafting a new quarterback to reset the team’s trajectory.

Addressing Key Player Contracts

One of the major decisions for Schoen involves safety Xavier McKinney, whose contract is nearing its end. McKinney’s recent comments criticizing the team’s direction and his performance this season have fueled speculation about his future with the Giants. Despite playing a substantial number of snaps and contributing solidly, McKinney’s demand for top-tier salary in free agency may not align with the Giants’ valuation of his impact.

Assessing the Giants’ Secondary and Defensive Needs

Rethinking the Safety Position

With McKinney’s future uncertain, the Giants are considering their options for the safety position. The possibility of signing a veteran free agent or drafting a new safety at a lower cost is on the table. Given the current market and the declining value of the free safety position, the Giants may opt for a more cost-effective solution.

Focus on Cornerback and Man Coverage

The Giants’ defensive strategy, heavily reliant on man coverage, necessitates a strong cornerback unit. The likely departure of Adoree Jackson and the expiration of his contract open up an opportunity to invest in a new cornerback. The Giants are expected to allocate resources towards finding a capable CB2 to partner with Deonte Banks, ensuring a robust defensive backfield.

Schoen’s Approach to Team Building

Joe Schoen has demonstrated a willingness to make tough decisions to maintain the team’s financial stability and overall health. His choices in the upcoming off-season, particularly in managing player contracts and addressing key positions, will be pivotal in steering the Giants toward a successful rebuild and a more competitive future.

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