Giants’ former GM Dave Gettleman set the organization back a decade

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Former New York Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman’s tenure was marked by a series of questionable decisions that significantly impacted the team. His approach to free agent signings and draft choices often missed the mark, notably when he passed up on potential elite prospects for less effective alternatives.

Missed Opportunities and Poor Decisions

One of Gettleman’s most glaring errors was the decision to pass on Micah Parsons and Rashawn Slater, opting instead to trade down and draft Kadarius Toney. Toney, who was recently benched by the Kansas City Chiefs, has not lived up to expectations, underscoring the missed opportunity. However, current GM Joe Schoen deserves credit for obtaining a third-round pick in exchange for Toney, even if Darren Waller hasn’t exactly been a difference-maker.

Toney’s situation escalated recently when he took to social media to express his frustration about being sidelined despite claiming to be injury-free. This is just one instance of the broader issues stemming from Gettleman’s tenure, which set the Giants back significantly.

Financial Mismanagement and Its Aftermath

Gettleman’s approach also led to financial strain for the Giants. He signed several big contracts that burdened the team financially, including deals with Leonard Williams, James Bradberry, Golden Tate, and others. His attempts to bolster the offensive line, like the signing of Patrick Omameh and Nate Solder, ultimately proved to be costly mistakes.

The repercussions of Gettleman’s decisions are still being felt. Saquon Barkley, while a talented player, is seeking a lucrative contract that may not align with his positional value. Additionally, Daniel Jones, who recently suffered an ACL injury, was given a significant four-year, $160 million contract, further complicating the Giants’ financial situation — of course, this was the doing of the current front office.

Navigating the Giants’ Current Challenges

Under Joe Schoen’s management, the Giants have shown some signs of improvement, evidenced by their playoff appearance in 2022. However, they still face several challenges, including decisions regarding Jones’s contract and the impact of Wink Martindale’s departure.

The Giants’ fluctuating fortunes resemble a volatile stock, with moments of promise followed by significant setbacks. The road ahead for the Giants remains uncertain, with critical decisions looming, particularly regarding their quarterback situation and overall team development. Schoen’s leadership will be key in navigating these challenges and steering the Giants toward a more stable and successful future.

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