Giants’ dark horse safety contending for starting job

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New York Giants safety Jason Pinnock has caught everyone’s attention in training camp, setting himself up as a strong contender for a starting position in Big Blue’s defense. Despite the roster teeming with aspiring candidates, Pinnock’s performance has captured the Giants’ coaching staff’s interest, positioning him as a leading candidate for the esteemed starting role.

The Spectacular One-Handed Interception that Went Viral

Pinnock’s popularity skyrocketed this week following a remarkable one-handed interception during a practice session, a feat that went viral shortly after. His phenomenal catch left everyone in the Giants’ camp in awe, including Head Coach Brian Daboll, who praised it as “impressive.” Pinnock himself was also impressed by the catch, reflecting on it after watching it on film later that day.

“It was kind of cross-body. It looked dope; I ain’t gonna lie. I ain’t gonna hype myself up, but it was a hell of a catch,” Pinnock admitted.

Maintaining Focus on the Ultimate Goal

However, this sudden fame hasn’t distracted the 24-year-old safety from his primary objective—securing a starting spot for the Giants. Pinnock referred to his father’s reaction to his newfound fame following his viral performance.

“After that catch, he called me and said, ‘Great catch, but it’s about what you do tomorrow. That’s cool and all, but what are you gonna do tomorrow?'” Pinnock recounted his father’s words.

Aiming for Greater Influence With the Giants in 2023

Pinnock contributed significantly to the Giants’ defense in the 2022 season, starting five games and registering 41 tackles. As he continues to work with the first-team defense during training camp, Pinnock aims to have an even more significant impact in the 2023 season. He is motivated to produce more standout plays like the one that propelled him into the limelight. With his impressive performances, Pinnock is making a strong case for being a crucial part of the Giants’ defense in the upcoming season.

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