Giants’ Daniel Jones responds to players hating on his contract

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Week 3 was tough for the New York Giants, especially after a challenging game against the San Francisco 49ers. Yet, what caught the media’s attention were post-game remarks that centered around quarterback Daniel Jones and his recent contract.

Jones has inked a sizeable four-year deal valued at $160 million, with $92 million guaranteed. While there weren’t many other options on the table for the Giants, Jones’ new contract doesn’t necessarily imply the cessation of the team’s rebuild strategy.

Notably, there’s a potential exit for Jones after the 2024 season, which would involve $22.2 million in dead money. But if Jones ups his game and drives offensive success, he’s poised to pocket substantial earnings for the 2025 and 2026 seasons.

However, 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw voiced skepticism over the deal. He was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle as saying, “A lot of people who make all that money don’t even deserve it. I think they took a chance [when the Giants signed Jones to a four-year, $160 million contract]. I mean, he’s not bad. And if you ain’t got nothing better …”

Jones’ Performance This Season

This season’s stats reveal that Jones has thrown for 562 yards, marking two touchdowns and four interceptions. Alarmingly, he’s experiencing a career-high interception rate of 4.1%. However, it’s worth noting that three of those interceptions resulted from passes bouncing off the receivers’ hands.

Jones, despite these less-than-stellar numbers, acknowledges the need for improvement. Upon learning about Greenlaw’s critique, Jones expressed hope that such comments might spur him to greater heights, especially in the imminent game against the Seattle Seahawks. His response to the comments was focused, stating, “I saw it,” Jones said. “I’m focused on what we’re doing here with these guys and trying to get back on track.”

Giving due credit to the 49ers for their defensive prowess, Jones looked to move past the setback, stating, “They won,’’ Jones said of San Francisco. “They’ve got good players on defense and they won. We’re focused on us and what we’re doing here.”

When probed about players’ tendencies to judge peers and their contracts, Jones remarked, “I guess some people are like that, where they feel the need to do that. That’s fine. It’s part of it.”

The Giants Have a Collective Challenge

The stark reality is this: both the New York Giants’ management and Jones have their tasks cut out. While the Giants could have fortified the team more robustly, Jones, too, hasn’t exceptionally uplifted his teammates. Accountability is a shared burden. And as the Giants grapple with carving an identity in a results-driven NFL, each week intensifies the challenges they face.

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