Giants could target Lions pre-season standout offensive tackle

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It’s common knowledge that the New York Giants need to bolster their offensive line depth before the 2023 regular season kicks off. With the opening clash against the Dallas Cowboys just 12 days away, the Giants are scouring the waiver wire and sizing up potential free agents to reinforce their offensive unit.

Shakeup Before the Roster Deadline

On Tuesday afternoon, just hours before the 4 PM 53-man roster deadline, the Giants made the surprising move of cutting offensive tackle Tyre Phillips. This comes despite his solid, albeit limited, performance during the 2022 season.

As of this article’s publication, Matt Peart, a former third-round pick, was still on the roster. However, his recent form leaves much to be desired; Peart gave up two sacks and a total of eight pressures over 148 preseason snaps.

Peart’s Value as a Swing Tackle

Peart, who suffered a torn ACL in 2022, brings with him some experience as a swing tackle—a role the Giants find invaluable.

The Potential Connor Galvin Acquisition

If the Giants decide that they can do better than Peart, their sights may turn toward Connor Galvin, a preseason standout formerly with the Lions.

Galvin’s Untapped Potential

An undrafted free agent from Baylor, Galvin stands at an imposing 6’7″ and weighs 300 pounds. At just 23 years old, he had an impressive preseason, giving up only two pressures over 65 offensive snaps—59 of which came at left tackle. Behind Andrew Thomas, the Giants’ options are limited, making Galvin an intriguing developmental prospect if a roster spot opens up.

A Youthful Boost

Investing in youth like Galvin could be the key to fortifying the Giants’ future offensive line. His skill set includes finesse run blocking, agility, and nimble footwork. According to, he has a knack for finding good angles and seems well-suited for a zone-blocking scheme in the NFL. However, his shorter arm length and tendency to lose power mean he might be better suited for an interior role.

Balancing Upside and Downside

While Galvin has certain limitations, notably in maintaining power, he counters with athleticism against pass rushers. This makes him a viable candidate to develop into a quality swing tackle who can also fill in at guard—a versatile asset considering the Giants’ lack of depth in both areas.

A Long-Term Investment for the Giants

Galvin’s primary weaknesses, largely related to his power, are areas that could be improved with focused weight training and a tailored nutrition plan. Should the Giants decide to invest in his development, he offers sufficient upside to warrant such a commitment.

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