Giants could still sign a quality veteran with Darren Waller’s cap savings

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With June 1 already past, the New York Giants are anticipating the retirement of veteran tight end Darren Waller in the coming weeks. This move would free up $11.6 million in salary cap space for the team, although it would push some dead money to 2025, meaning the Giants will need to address these financial obligations later.

Strengthening the Giants’ Secondary

The additional financial flexibility should enable the Giants to bolster their secondary, which boasts considerable youthful talent. Deonte Banks is expected to step into the CB1 role, but there is an ongoing competition for the CB2 position between Cor’Dale Flott and Nick McCloud. The team might use the newly available funds to invest in a seasoned player, with several viable candidates still on the free-agent market.

Top potential additions include Xavier Howard, Adoree Jackson, and Stephon Gilmore. The decision will hinge on how much the Giants are prepared to invest, but Gilmore, with 11 years of NFL experience and a recent stint in Dallas, could be a valuable asset.

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Veteran Experience and Tactical Fits

Last season, the 33-year-old Gilmore played 1,055 snaps, during which he allowed 734 yards in coverage and five touchdowns but also made nine pass breakups. While his performance was mixed, he demonstrated his capability in several games. When Trevon Diggs was injured early in the season, Gilmore took on the top cornerback role; however, the Giants would only need him to cover secondary receivers.

Banks will likely handle the primary wide receivers, but Gilmore has proven he can competently manage his assignments and offers good value. His durability is noteworthy, having played over 1,000 snaps in consecutive seasons.

The Giants might consider bringing back Jackson, but at 28 years old, he is likely to command a higher salary on the free-agent market. Last season, Jackson struggled in the slot before moving back outside, giving up 753 yards and two touchdowns.

Howard, at 30, allowed 502 yards and two touchdowns, with eight pass breakups over 743 snaps. However, his recent inconsistency might deter the Giants from pursuing him. Given his extensive experience, including five years with the Buffalo Bills, Gilmore presents a more reliable option and has an existing connection with the Giants’ management.

General Manager Joe Schoen is expected to maintain at least $5 million for operational flexibility during the season, which means if the Giants decide to spend, they would have about $6 million available for a one-year deal.

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