Giants could move up to 3rd overall as Patriots open the door for a trade

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It is no secret that the New York Giants have been proactive in scouting quarterbacks this off-season, notably the top four in the NFL draft. Having already hosted several prospects to the team facilities and planning private workouts, the Giants are preparing for any possibility with the 6th overall pick to move up and land their quarterback of choice.

Fortunately for the Giants, the New England Patriots haven’t closed the door on a potential trade back, especially if the haul is too good to pass up. The Giants still hold the 47th overall pick and their 2025 first-round selection, so they could look to leverage future draft capital in hopes of supporting a move to secure a quarterback.

“Obviously, quarterback is definitely a priority. With that being said, we’re still open to any type of deals that come our way,” Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo said on Monday.

The Giants Know the Patriots Could Use the Draft Capital

In a perfect world, the Patriots would draft a quarterback and build around them for the future. Still, they do understand the roster is extremely thin and that adding more capital would promote a healthier situation in the long term. However, this is an extremely deep quarterback class, and the Giants know they could land their franchise man with the right pick.

Of course, they will have to contend with several other teams looking to make a move, notably the Minnesota Vikings, who now have the 11th and 23rd overall picks.

At this point, it seems as if the first four selections in the draft could all be quarterbacks, so the Giants would have to move up to number four at the very least if they want a chance to draft J.J. Mccarthy or even Drake Maye, depending on how teams grade the respective passers.

Jim Harbaugh gave another glowing review of McCarthy on Monday morning, suggesting that he’s a “killer” and the best quarterback in the draft class. Of course, there’s a bit of bias there, but teams are clearly falling in love with McCarthy and his qualities since he was a second-round projected pick just a few months ago, but he has worked his way into the top 10 with ease.

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