Giants could draft perfect complementary running back in mid-rounds

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With the NFL Draft approaching, there’s no better time for the New York Giants to bolster their roster and add depth to their offense.

One player who could be a game-changing addition is Tulane’s explosive running back, Tyjae Spears. Despite suffering a torn ACL in 2020, he’s had a tremendous collegiate career. Spears has showcased his skill and versatility on the field, proving that he has the potential to make an immediate impact in the NFL.

A Glimpse into Tyjae Spears’ Collegiate Career

Tyjae Spears began his collegiate career at Tulane University in 2019. Though he played sparingly in his freshman season, he demonstrated his potential with 32 carries for 192 yards, averaging 6.0 yards per carry. However, his sophomore season in 2020 truly showcased his talents. Despite playing only three games before suffering a season-ending injury, Spears accumulated 37 carries for 274 yards and four touchdowns, averaging an impressive 7.4 yards per carry.

In the 2021 season, Spears returned from injury and continued to showcase his skills. In 12 games, he recorded 129 carries for 863 yards and 9 touchdowns, achieving a solid average of 6.8 yards per carry. Additionally, he demonstrated his receiving prowess with 19 receptions for 145 yards. These stats speak volumes about Spears’ versatility and potential as an offensive weapon in the NFL.

Spears is an explosive runner with easy acceleration and the breakaway speed needed to gain significant chunks of yardage. Tulane features a blended run scheme that utilizes a balanced approach to zone and gap runs and Spears is comfortable functioning in either concept. While he isn’t a big bruising back, I am impressed with how competitive Spears is through contact and how he battles to maximize every touch.

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Strengths that Make Spears a Valuable Addition to the Giants

Speed and Agility: Spears’ speed and agility are his most notable attributes. He consistently displays the ability to make quick cuts and burst through the line of scrimmage. His acceleration and elusiveness make him a constant threat to break off big plays, providing the Giants with an explosive weapon that can generate game-changing moments.

Receiving Ability: As mentioned earlier, Spears has proven himself as a reliable receiver out of the backfield. This skill adds another dimension to his game, making him a valuable asset in today’s pass-heavy NFL. The Giants can utilize his versatility to create mismatches and exploit defensive weaknesses.

Vision and Patience: Spears exhibits excellent vision and patience when running the football, allowing his offensive line to create lanes for him to exploit. This trait will enable him to fit seamlessly into the Giants’ zone-blocking scheme, maximizing his potential to contribute immediately.

Work Ethic and Resilience: After overcoming a significant injury in his sophomore season, Spears showcased resilience and determination by returning to the field and having a breakout season in 2021. This work ethic will undoubtedly make him a valuable addition to the Giants’ roster, both on and off the field.

Diving into his 2022 stats:

Spears was a menace in 2022 as a senior. Across 229 rushing attempts, Spears accumulated 1,581 yards, averaging 6.9 per carry with 19 touchdowns. In the passing game, he hauled in 22 receptions for 256 yards and two scores. From scrimmage, he totaled 1,837 yards and 21 total touchdowns, showcasing his ability to feature as a bell-cow back but also generate a ridiculous amount of production.

Spears has a bouncy way about his running style and is capable of hitting home runs. Despite his smaller frame at 5’10” and 190 pounds, he runs with power and anger, breaking tackles and utilizing his center of gravity to stay upright.

If the Giants are looking to build a running back by committee approach, Spears would be a tremendous addition that could complement a heavy hitting running back nicely.

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