Giants’ new offensive line coach ‘wasn’t a favorite of players’ in Vegas

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The New York Giants have been trying to rebuild their offensive line and feature an above-average unit for the better part of a decade. Poor coaching and failure to develop talent have been at the forefront of their struggles.

However, the Giants are turning to another coach once again after firing Bobby Johnson after the end of the 2023 regular season.

The Giants featured the bottom-ranked passing unit this past season, allowing 267 pressures and 45 sacks per PFF. Those metrics are almost hard to believe, given the 31st-ranked pass-blocking unit was the Pittsburgh Steelers, who gave up 219 pressures and 22 sacks. The Giants gave up more than double the number of sacks and nearly 50 more pressures, which should give you an idea of how bad they were.

Nonetheless, the Giants will look to Carmen Bricillo, who was hired off the Las Vegas Raiders’ coaching staff, to help bolster the offensive line.

After Josh McDaniels was fired in Vegas, there was an expected departure of several coaches, and the Giants decided Bricillo was the man for the job, having helped the Raiders feature a top-ranked offensive line this past season.

The Giants Are Hoping Bricillo Can Work His Magic

In fact, they landed as the 13th-ranked pass-blocking unit, giving up 168 pressures and 28 sacks. It is important to note that the resource allocation on the Raiders’ offensive line was far less than the Giants’, and several primary starters were either journeymen or mid to late draft picks. In fact, two of their starters were undrafted free agents at one point.

Despite the success enjoyed with the Raiders, Jordan Raanan of ESPN reported that he wasn’t a favorite of the players, using questionable coaching techniques, which clearly worked based on the metrics.

“There were questions about his coaching techniques,” Raanan wrote.

The truth is that the Giants haven’t had a genuinely competent coach in years, all of which featured problematic coaching techniques. Bricillo’s system seems to work, and the Giants desperately need to reinforce a unit that has completely derailed their offense and destroyed any chance of Daniel Jones developing into a franchise quarterback.

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