Giants B/R mock trade with Bills is the worst thing we’ve ever seen

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If the Giants are truly looking to improve their roster, notably their offensive production, landing a wide receiver would certainly go a long way. However, the Giants are in a perfect spot to secure the talents of a player like Malik Nabers or Rome Odunze in the 2024 NFL Draft.

A Questionable Trade Proposal

Nonetheless, Bleacher Report recently suggested a trade that made our eyes bleed. They believe moving star interior defender Dexter Lawrence, who just signed a massive four-year, $87.5 million extension, should be moved alongside a second-round and fifth-round pick in this upcoming draft for receiver Stefon Diggs, who’s not only regressing at a rapid pace but is also owed $18.5 million in base salary next season with a $27.8 million cap hit.

Bills Receive: DL Dexter Lawrence, 2024 second-rounder (No. 39 overall pick) and fifth-rounder (No. 139 overall pick)

Giants Receive: WR Stefon Diggs, 2024 sixth-rounder (No. 197 overall pick)

Evaluating the Trade’s Logic

The Giants Would Laugh at This Proposal

Let’s get one thing straight: Not even former general manager Dave Gettleman would make this preposterous move. The Giants would be handing over one of the best interior defenders in football, coming off a season where he tallied 65 pressures, including six sacks, 14 quarterback hits, and 45 hurries over just 709 snaps.

Lawrence is by far one of the best defensive players in the league, and Diggs is losing value despite the fact that he’s a key cog in a high-octane offense. Diggs is 30 years old compared to Lawrence, who’s only 26 and will be headed into the first year of his four-year deal.

That’s not even to mention the Giants would be giving up a second-rounder and fifth-round pick while they would be getting back just a sixth-round selection from the Bills. Lawrence is arguably more valuable than Diggs in a straight-up deal, let alone giving additional draft picks to make this one of the more lopsided offerings we’ve seen in recent memory.

A Better Strategy for the Giants

The truth is simple: The Giants can stay with the 5th overall selection and draft a WR1 on a rookie contract, keeping costs down and installing a new piece with multiple traits. Despite the fact that the mock trade should have never been constructed, any general manager would laugh at the idea of sending Lawrence straight up for Diggs, let alone including multiple draft picks in favor of the Bills.

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