Giants’ 6th-round cornerback has a chance to win a starting spot

Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams (9) reacts to a first down catch against New York Giants cornerback Tre Hawkins III (37) during the first half of a preseason game at Ford Field in Detroit on Friday

When the New York Giants chose to offer sixth-round Old Dominion product Tre Hawkins an opportunity with the first team during training camp, they may have been pondering the future.

Over a decade has passed since the Giants were proficient at late-round drafting, struggling to find value in some obscure selections. Hawkins, however, is already shaping up to be an exceptional find.

Preseason Performance: A Glimpse of a Bright Future?

Hawkins assembled a solid Week 1 performance against the Detroit Lions to commence the preseason, suggesting a possible reason for giving Adoree Jackson slot reps. This strategy may pay off if Hawkins secures a spot on the starting team and assumes a boundary position.

Training Camp Insights: Hawkins’ Perspective

Several days ago, Hawkins spoke about his performance at training camp, illustrating his humility, which is essential for growth, while expressing pride in enhancing his game.

“I’m most definitely proud, but humble at the same time,” Hawkins declared, noting that his determination would be unchanged, no matter his school, via the New York Post. He views his performance without overestimating or underestimating his abilities.

Debut Performance Against the Lions

In a recent game against the Lions, Hawkins made four tackles and was targeted six times, yielding only 30 yards. He exhibited solid plays and aggression as a tackler, ensuring that he wasn’t notably beaten in coverage and swiftly wrapped up the opponent after a catch.

Hawkins had the chance to face off against Jameson Williams, one of the NFL’s fastest and most thrilling young receivers, a test he passed successfully.

Upcoming Challenges: The Carolina Panthers

Against the Carolina Panthers this upcoming Friday, Hawkins faces a significant opportunity to demonstrate consistency and build on his performance to earn a starting position. Defensive coordinator Wink Martindale praised him during training camp; now comes the real chance to astonish the front office with substantial developmental progress.

Martindale remarked on Hawkins’ excellent camp, recognizing that the origin of a player doesn’t matter once they reach this level. He sees Hawkins’ confidence growing, though acknowledging there’s much work to be done.

Hawkins’ Potential: A Corner for the Future

With tangible traits that could make him a dependable NFL corner, Hawkins’ inexperience from attending a smaller school has been his main hindrance. Issues related to pre-snap decisions and route diagnosis are being rapidly mitigated, reflecting his diligent off-season film studies.

Considerations for the Giants: Preparing for Future Games

Having two rookie corners would indeed be a substantial gamble for the Giants, but it might pave the way for the future, permitting them to shift Jackson to the slot, a position where the NFL is nurturing elite talent.

The Giants are preparing to face players like Ceedee Lamb, Jalen Waddle, Jackson Smith-Njigba, Garrett Wilson, and Cooper Kupp, all formidable opponents. Moving Adoree to the slot could turn out to be a brilliant move if Hawkins establishes himself on the starting team.

The Road Ahead: Building on Success

Though plenty of football remains to be played, and the Giants must see further enhancements, the course is set in a promising direction for one of the most significant draft surprises in years. The integration of Hawkins into the team may signal a bright future and a revitalization of the Giants’ strategy in unearthing late-round gems.

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