Giants: 3 wide receivers fighting for a roster spot

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As the New York Giants prepare for their first preseason game against the Detroit Lions on Friday night, there’s a fierce competition unfolding among the wide receivers. Several reserve pass catchers are battling for roster spots, with opportunities available for veterans and undrafted rookies alike. Here are three Giants receivers who are fighting for their place on the team.

1. Collin Johnson: A Veteran Returning from Injury

Background and Performance

Collin Johnson is no stranger to the Giants, having played in 12 games back in 2021. He picked up 105 yards with a 52.4% catch rate before suffering an Achilles tear.

Recovery and Opportunity

Now back to normal and showcasing his usual burst and speed, Johnson’s looking impressive. He has a ripe opportunity to win a backup job, especially considering the Giants could use more depth on the boundary. Fans can expect Johnson to receive plenty of playing time on Friday night against Detroit, a critical step in his roster battle.

2. Bryce Ford-Wheaton: A Speedy Undrafted Rookie

Athleticism and Potential

Bryce Ford-Wheaton, coming out of West Virginia, landed the best athleticism score of any receiver at the NFL Combine. However, his productivity was less stellar, ranking him 19th overall, according to

Speed and Value

With a 4.38 40-yard dash, Ford-Wheaton’s speed is undeniable. Projected in the fourth round, he ended up undrafted, allowing the Giants to gain substantial value without using a pick.

Opportunities Ahead

Though he’s a prime practice squad candidate, Ford-Wheaton’s upside provides him an opportunity to win a roster spot. He will need an excellent preseason performance to make the cut, but his athletic prowess might just tip the scales in his favor.

3. Jamison Crowder: The Veteran With a Tough Task

Experience and Achievements

Jamison Crowder’s NFL experience spans four games with the Buffalo Bills, three years with the New York Jets, and four years with the Washington Commanders. He has 4,667 career yards and 28 touchdowns, boasting fantastic seasons during his prime.

Positional Challenges

Crowder has spent 76% of his career snaps in the slot, essentially pigeonholing him into one position. With the return of Wan’Dale Robinson and the presence of Sterling Shepard, Cole Beasley, and Darren Waller, the slot target share is highly competitive.

The Battle Ahead

Crowder’s path to a roster spot has become more difficult, but there’s still time to prove his worth. His experience and proven talent could make a compelling case for his inclusion in the team.

A High-Stakes Battle for Giants’ Wide Receivers

The New York Giants’ preseason game against the Detroit Lions is more than just a warm-up; it’s a critical stage for the wide receivers fighting for a spot on the roster.

With a mix of seasoned veterans and promising rookies, the battle is set to be a thrilling one. Whether it’s Johnson’s comeback, Ford-Wheaton’s speed, or Crowder’s experience, each player has a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression. The coming weeks will reveal who has what it takes to wear the Giants’ colors for the 2023 season.

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