Giants: 3 new players who will transform the offense in 2023

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The New York Giants are set to overhaul their offensive efficiency in 2023. After a notable improvement in their red-zone conversion rate in 2022, ranking fifth compared to the last place in 2021, their primary goal now is increasing their presence in the red zone.

General Manager Joe Schoen, despite certain salary restrictions, has managed to identify quality talent expected to have a significant impact in the upcoming season.

Three Players Set to Change the Giants’ Offense

1. Darren Waller: A Valuable Tight End

A healthy Darren Waller could be a game-changer for the Giants. Boasting WR1 numbers, Waller’s $4 million cap hit this upcoming season is a steal. With two years of over 1,100 yards under his belt (2019 and 2020), Waller’s potential is undisputed, despite a recent dip in performance due to playing only 11 games in 2021 and nine games last season.

Waller’s nearly 70% catch rate throughout his career showcases his reliable hands and explosive contribution to the passing game.

The Giants plan to capitalize on Waller’s strengths, particularly since quarterback Daniel Jones has shown a propensity for targeting TEs. His versatility to function both in-line and as a boundary receiver adds a new dimension to the Giants’ offense. If Waller can maintain his fitness, his athletic prowess could provide exceptional value.

2. Jalin Hyatt: The Stand-Out Receiver

Jalin Hyatt, a Tennessee standout drafted in the third round, offers immense potential with his elite speed and burgeoning route tree. Should the Giants further refine Hyatt’s routes and foster chemistry with Daniel Jones, he could significantly impact the 2023 season.

In his final year at Tennessee, Hyatt amassed 1,267 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns, five of them scored against Alabama in a single game. His average of 18.9 yards per reception indicates his ability as a formidable downfield threat, likely to open up the defensive backfield substantially.

3. Parris Campbell: The Under-the-Radar Acquisition

Parris Campbell, formerly with the Indianapolis Colts, may be the Giants’ most underrated acquisition this off-season. Having completed his first full 17-game season after three injury-ridden years, Campbell delivered a career-best 623 yards and three touchdowns, alongside a commendable 69.2% catch rate.

Campbell’s elite speed from the slot adds another layer of complexity for the opponents. Previously, teams found it easy to play man coverage against the Giants, but with the addition of Campbell and increased speed and athleticism at the receiver position, the team is poised for greater separation and target opportunities.

Moreover, Campbell’s potential as a return man and his positive influence in the locker room further enhance his value to the Giants.

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