Giants: 2 rookie making waves at training camp

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The New York Giants have hit the ground running in their training camp, moving into Day 7 on Thursday afternoon with their pads on. Two rookies have particularly stood out in this early phase, impressing on both sides of the ball.

Players Making Waves in Giants’ Training Camp

Jalin Hyatt: The Offensive Game Changer

Firstly, Jalin Hyatt, a product of Tennessee, has been nothing short of electrifying in camp. Hyatt, who accrued 1,267 yards and 15 touchdowns in his senior season, is anticipated to revolutionize the Giants’ passing game.

Explosive playmaking is integral to offensive coordinator Mike Kafka’s strategy. Last season, while the Giants successfully laid the groundwork for their offense, it fell short in deep passing. The underperforming offensive line and a deficit of receiving talent left quarterback Daniel Jones with little chance of throwing the ball 20+ yards downfield.

In fact, Jones only completed 10 passes covering that distance, garnering 359 yards and two touchdowns. Hyatt, who averaged 18.9 yards per reception last season, is expected to transform this area, given Jones’ excellent arm.

Hyatt has been employing his speed and burst to surpass defensive backs and make significant plays in the camp. His swift integration with the first team is a promising sign, especially considering his third-round selection status.

Trey Hawkins: The Defensive Prodigy

Old Dominion corner Tre Hawkins is the second rookie making headlines. He’s already strategized his way into the first-team snaps, earning commendations from defensive coordinator Wink Martindale for his stellar performance in the camp.

Possessing all the attributes to excel as a corner at the NFL level, Hawkins requires more experience to polish his skills. He has demonstrated his ability to compete stride for stride with players like Hyatt and shut down some of the team’s top receivers.

Hawkins’ quick learning and application of the game could fast-track his ascension to the first team, particularly with Adoree Jackson’s contract expiring post the 2023 season. Although it’s still early days, and he has much to prove, the initial signs of Hawkins’ potential are encouraging.

Looking Ahead

These two players, Jalin Hyatt, and Tre Hawkins, are stirring excitement in the Giants’ training camp, heralding promising prospects for the team. Their performances and potential have set the stage for an interesting season ahead for the New York Giants.

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