Giants: 2 players primed for huge paydays after 2023

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Jan 1, 2023; East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA; New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (8) celebrates with New York Giants offensive tackle Andrew Thomas (78) after rushing for a touchdown against the Indianapolis Colts during the second half at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants will have several contract expirations to navigate following the 2023 season. With most key positions secured by long-term extensions, the Giants need to start managing their finances prudently in preparation for some significant future paydays.

The team anticipates having around $59.37 million available for the next season before inking their 2024 draft class, which could cost an estimated additional $10 million. While this provides some financial flexibility, the Giants are set to lose Leonard Williams, Adoree Jackson, and other key contributors. They also face the challenge of extending their star left tackle’s contract and potentially retaining their emergent free safety.

Two Giants Primed for Major Paydays: Andrew Thomas and Xavier McKinney

Andrew Thomas: A Key Player in Giants’ Offensive Line

The Giants’ priority is to retain Andrew Thomas, the 24-year-old left tackle who recently delivered an elite season. Playing 1,173 offensive snaps, Thomas surrendered only 4.0 sacks and 23 total pressures. Notably, most of these pressures occurred over a three-week period when he was battling an illness.

Even amid concerns about a persistent ankle injury, Thomas has risen to become one of the league’s standout tackles. He is a crucial component of an offensive line that has seen its share of struggles over the years.

Given his importance and performance, Thomas is bound for a significant contract extension, possibly exceeding $28 million per season. Currently, the Giants have him on a fifth-year option with a $10.3 million salary cap hit. However, this figure is expected to rise considerably in the near future.

Xavier McKinney: A Reliable Safety with Upside

In addition to Thomas, the Giants also have to contend with the expiring rookie contract of safety Xavier McKinney. Despite some volatility in the safety market, McKinney’s consistent performance and tackling grades make him a valuable player. At only 24 years old, McKinney still has room to improve.

Last season, despite breaking his fingers in an ATV accident during the bye week, McKinney managed to complete the season with 42 total tackles and played 681 total snaps. Apart from this freak accident, McKinney has maintained a healthy record throughout his career, a factor that the Giants are counting on.

The Giants face an interesting decision regarding McKinney’s future. They may prioritize extending his contract or opt to use the franchise tag, buying more time to assess his value to the team.

Balancing Financial Prudence and Team Performance

With a roster full of talent and potential, the New York Giants face some challenging financial decisions in the coming seasons. As they navigate the complexities of salary caps, player extensions, and contract expirations, their financial prudence will be key in maintaining their team’s competitive edge while securing their key performers for the future.

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