Anderson Silva stopped by Uriah Hall at UFC Vegas 12

Daniel Cunningham
UFC, Anderson Silva

Tonight, one of the greatest to ever do it made the walk to a UFC octagon for the final time. In the main event of tonight’s card, Anderson Silva (34-10, 1 NC) took on Uriah Hall (15-9). It was a very highly anticipated matchup between the two elite strikers.

For Silva, his UFC career is coming to a close. However, this week he left the door open for potential fights in the future outside of the promotion. However, his family was in attendance which signaled that this would be the end for the former UFC middleweight champion.

Uriah Hall came into the evening looking to play spoiler on this celebratory night. Hall was looking to break through into that next tier in the middleweight division. A win over Silva would likely net Hall an opponent near the top five in his next outing.

Opening Rounds

As the UFC Vegas 12 main event got underway, both men touched gloves. Both fighters looked to be trying to read the other as the fight got underway. The first strike was landed by Silva 90 seconds in and it was a leg kick. Hall countered with a leg kick of his own.

Silva started to bounce a little two minutes in and look to strike. Hall looked for a headkick, but Silva defended well. Silva pushed forward a couple of times and landed some really nice left lands. The former UFC middleweight champion was getting really aggressive halfway through the round.

Hall looked a little uneasy in the striking exchanges in the first. However, he did land a few nice jabs in the final minute. Good first round for the former UFC champion. Both fighters were bouncing on their feet to start the second round.

Hall looked to work the jab in the opening minute, but nothing was landing. Silva was able to land some nice side kicks early in the second round. Hall was trying to be more aggressive in the second, however, he still didn’t look comfortable.

Anderson landed a nice 1-2 and Hall countered nicely with a straight shot. In the final 90 seconds of the round, Hall was starting to throw more. He was landing a nice clean jab that he was following with some leg kicks.

Silva was dancing on the outside, but he was striking a lot less in the second round. Hall landed a couple of additional stiff jabs in the final minute. Much better round in the second for Uriah Hall.

The End for a UFC legend

As the third round of the UFC Vegas 12 main event got underway, Silva opened with a 1-2. Anderson’s movement still seemed to be making Hall uneasy in the third. Hall got his striking started a minute into the third with a couple of nice jabs.

Two minutes into the round and both fighters seemed to be picking up the pace a little. Both tried to throw spinning back kicks, but neither were able to land. Silva landed a really nice overhand left hand that he followed with some stiff jabs.

A minute left in the round and Silva was looking very aggressive. The former UFC champion backed Hall against the cage and landed some very nice shots in the clinch. However, Hall lands a massive right hand that drops Silva. Hall nearly finishes the former UFC champion, but the bell saves Silva.

Silva seemed to have his legs back under him in the fourth opening with a nice jab and leg kick. Hall seemed to be measuring Silva for some finishing shots in the fourth. Silva pushed forward, but another big right hand dropped Silva again. A couple of follow up shots and it’s over.

Uriah Hall def Anderson Silva by TKO – Round 4