The UFC has released Anderson Silva (Report)

UFC, Anderson Silva

One of the greatest fighters of all time has been released by the UFC. Per MMA Fighting, Anderson Silva and the promotion that made him a star have parted ways. Silva is said to be undecided about retirement.

A few weeks ago at UFC Vegas 12, Silva took on Uriah Hall in the main event of the evening. To the surprise of many, Silva looked very good in the first couple of rounds. Many thought Silva was winning the fight going into the third.

However, the third round is where things drastically turned for the former UFC champion. Silva rushed forward recklessly and got clipped with a right hand on the temple that sent him crashing to the floor. However, Silva was saved by the bell in the third round.

In the fourth round, Silva again rushed forward in a sloppy manner which got himself dropped. Hall followed up with a few shots and the fight was over for the former UFC champion. Dana White said after the fight that he shouldn’t have let the fight happen.

Silva is not your average 45 year old. The Spider was definitely holding his own early on in the fight. However, his lack of quickness in dodging shots did him in. His defensive skills were key in him becoming the longest reigning champion in UFC history.

What’s after the UFC for Silva?

Today’s report said that Silva is still undecided on what he’s going to do. Right after the Hall loss, the former UFC champion said on Instagram that he was saying goodbye to the sport. However, his tune might have changed.

White was adamant that Silva would never fight in the UFC again after that fight. There would have been no reason for the promotion to release Silva unless he’s seriously considering competing again in some form of combat.

Time will tell what the Spider decides to do. Anderson Silva was one of the reasons I fell in love with the sport of MMA. As a fan, I really hope that he decides to hang it up for good. There’s nothing left for him to prove at this point. He’s still one of the best to ever do it.

Anderson Silva’s legacy after UFC Vegas 12

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 12, one of the greatest of all time said goodbye. Anderson Silva (34-11, 1 NC) headlined his final card opposite Uriah Hall (16-9) on Saturday night. The fight actually started out well for The Spider.

Silva didn’t appear to look like a fighter who was 45 years old early on. The former UFC middleweight champion actually took the first round and arguably the second round of the fight. He was aggressive and his striking looked pretty good.

He was on his way to winning the third round as well when he got caught with a glancing right to the temple. Silva went crashing to the mat and Hall almost finished the former UFC champion. However, Silva was saved by the bell.

In the fourth frame, Silva appeared to have his legs under him. However, he charged in recklessly and was caught with another shot that put him down. Hall followed up with a few shots and the referee stepped in calling a stop to the action in the fourth round.

It was a surreal scene inside the octagon. Hall was overcome with emotion as he just defeated one of his heroes. While Silva sat in the middle of the octagon seemingly reminiscing of everything he’s been through inside the cage and with the UFC.

One of the UFC’s GOATs

To me, you cannot have a conversation about the greatest to have ever competed inside the UFC without including Silva. His run in the middleweight division from 2006 to 2013 was unreal. Silva looked like a combination of Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee when he fought.

The soft spoken champion turned into a killer once the doors locked. With sniper like precision, Silva defended his UFC middleweight championship 12 times if you count the Travis Lutter fight. That fight wasn’t technically for the title since Lutter missed weight.

Only Jon Jones, Demetrious Johnson, and Georges St. Pierre have had runs like that inside the UFC. Once Silva lost to Chris Weidman when he was 38 years old, he was never the same again. Silva got an immediate rematch, but he broke his leg viciously in the second round at UFC 168.

Silva has hung on and competed for the last seven years, but he was never the same. He did have a PED scandal which tarnished some of his legacy. That along with all of the losses he’s racked up over the last seven years have changed the lenses when it came to the way people viewed Silva.

I will say this about he former UFC champion. When he was in his prime, he might’ve been the greatest of all time. I really believe that when you consider his overall game. I do not ultimately believe he is the greatest of all time, however, I definitely feel that his reign belongs in the conversation.

What’s next for Bryce Mitchell after UFC Vegas 12

Bryce Mitchell

This past weekend at UFC Vegas 12, Bryce “Thug Nasty” Mitchell (14-0) took on Andre “Touchy” Fili (21-8) in the co-main event. It was a tough test for Mitchell who seems to becoming an increasingly popular figure in the UFC‘s featherweight division.

As expected, Fili proved to be one of the toughest tests of Mitchell’s career. Thug Nasty used his strong grappling to win rounds one and three decisively, but Fili had his moments which pushed Mitchell. Mitchell was not able to storm through Fili on the ground.

The takedowns were the key to the victory for Mitchell. However, his striking did look much improved on Saturday night. In fact, he actually won a lot of the striking exchanges. However, it was still his grappling that sealed with win at UFC Vegas 12.

After the fight, Mitchell revealed that he broke his left hand. He said he wasn’t sure how long he’d be out, but he did want to take a little time to recover. My guess is that it’ll be a few months before we see Thug Nasty back in a UFC cage.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 12?

Mitchell entered the cage Saturday night as the 15th ranked featherweight in the UFC. The win was his fifth with the promotion, and again, it was his toughest opponent yet. Mitchell will definitely need someone with a ranking for his next fight.

I think a fun matchup for the UFC could be a matchup with Ryan Hall. Hall is currently ranked 13th in the division and he’s a ground wizard himself. I mean he’s the only man in UFC history to submit Hall of Famer, BJ Penn.

Hall is looking for his next fight, and a matchup with Mitchell could be fun. If you love the ground game, this would be the fight for you. This might be one of the few UFC matchups where you could see Mitchell look to do more standing.

Another route the UFC could go is pairing him up with a guy like Shane Burgos. Burgos is just outside the top ten and he’s coming off of an incredible fight against Josh Emmett. This would be the more dangerous fight, but one that could lead to a big jump for Thug Nasty.

What’s next for Greg Hardy after UFC Vegas 12?

This past weekend at UFC Vegas 12, Greg Hardy (7-2, 1 NC) took on “The Crochet Boss” Maurice Greene (9-5). The fight was all Hardy from the very beginning. After dropping Greene a couple of times, Hardy closed the show in the second round.

It was the second UFC victory of 2020 for the former NFL All-Pro defensive lineman. Back in May, Hardy defeated Yorgan De Castro by Unanimous Decision at UFC 249. Hardy continued to show improvement this past Saturday evening.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans, has taken Hardy under his wing. You can tell that Hardy has really put all of his time and effort into becoming a better mixed martial artist. In the past, Hardy always seemed to leave the door open for an NFL return.

However, this past week, Hardy said that MMA has completely taken over his life. Hardy could be a very dangerous contender if he continues to tighten things up and progressing down the path that he’s currently on.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 12?

I personally think it’s time that the UFC steps up the competition for Greg Hardy. Outside of the Ben Sosoli No Contest, the only fight that Greg Hardy hasn’t won in the last year and a half was the last minute fight against Alexander Volkov.

If I was playing matchmaker after this last performance, I would give Hardy someone who’s either on the fringe of the top 15 or someone who’s on the backend. If you want to give him someone with a ranking, I would look at Marcin Tybura.

However, I think there’s a better option that will come out of this upcoming weekend. At UFC Vegas 13, Tanner Boser is scheduled to take on Andrei Arlovski. I think the winner of that fight would be a good next step for Hardy in the UFC‘s heavyweight division.

UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter officially returns in March of 2021

UFC, Dana White

Tonight on the UFC Vegas 12 broadcast, it was officially announced that The Ultimate Fighter would be returning in March of 2021. The Ultimate Fighter will feature fighters in the men’s bantamweight division and the middleweight division.

The UFC‘s reality show will air exclusively on ESPN+. On the broadcast, it was announced that the UFC is currently conducting virtual auditions for the show. The announcement was made tonight for the show, but there was one thing missing.

The UFC did not announce who would be the coaches for the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter. There has been plenty of speculation about who could be the coaches. However, we were left in the dark on that one.

The show has produced some of the best fighters the promotion has ever seen. Guys like Kamaru Usman and Tony Ferguson are two that come to mind. UFC champions have been bred from The Ultimate Fighter, and it’s very exciting that the UFC is officially bringing it back to ESPN+.

Who will be the UFC’s coaches?

While there were no official announcements from the UFC, we can certainly start to speculate on who will coach the next season of TUF. One option that sticks out in my mind would be to have Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns coach the next season.

The two were originally supposed to fight at UFC 256, however the fight was scrapped due to some lingering injuries for Burns. We don’t know when exactly the fight will take place. However, if it can’t take place until April, that would be an option for the promotion.

A sexier option could be to have Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington coach the next season. Masvidal has blossomed into one of the biggest stars in the sport. Colby Covington who’s his former friend has turned into his biggest rival.

The UFC is currently working to book those two in a fight against each other, but nothing is finalized. Perhaps they could coach the next season of TUF to build that fight up even more. However, I’m not sure the UFC will want to push the fight that far out.

Another possibility would be Israel Adesanya and Jan Blachowicz. Tonight, the promotion announced that Adesanya would be moving up to light heavyweight to challenge Blachowicz next year. Could be another avenue for the promotion to build up one of their biggest stars.

BREAKING: UFC planning on Israel Adesanya – Jan Blachowicz for light heavyweight title

Some pretty massive news broke tonight after UFC Vegas 12. Dana White told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto that middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya (20-0), will be moving up to light heavyweight to challenge Jan Blachowicz (27-8) for the light heavyweight title.

This news comes on the heels of the UFC’s light heavyweight champion calling for a fight with Adesanya this week. There’s been some teasing from the Adesanya camp about a potential move to the light heavyweight division. Now, that teasing has been confirmed.

Blachowicz called for the fight to take place in March. However, there are no details around when the UFC will actually book this fight. Perhaps those two could be the next coaches of the Ultimate Fighter after it was announced tonight.

This will be a massive fight that could propel Adesanya to be the biggest star in the sport. However, it will not be an easy fight at all for the UFC‘s middleweight champion. Blachowicz possesses more power in his strikes than anyone Adesanya has fought so far.

The UFC’s next double champ

Adesanya will be trying to do something that only Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier, and Amanda Nunes have done and that’s hold two UFC belts at the same time. I will say that the timing of the announcement from Adesanya is extremely interesting.

The UFC‘s middleweight champion had the opportunity to fight Jon Jones, however that fight never got made. Adesanya said he wanted to fight Jones at some point in the future, but he didn’t want to take the fight just yet.

After Jones vacated the light heavyweight title to move to heavyweight, Blachowicz won the UFC light heavyweight title. Now, Adesanya says he’s ready to move up and capture his second title. The fight is going to be massive for the UFC.

If Jones moves up and captures the heavyweight title, it could make the Adesanya fight even bigger. Imagine if Adesanya beats Blachowicz to become UFC light heavyweight champion and Jones becomes heavyweight champion. Never before would there have been a fight that involves champions of three combined weight classes.

Anderson Silva stopped by Uriah Hall at UFC Vegas 12

UFC, Anderson Silva

Tonight, one of the greatest to ever do it made the walk to a UFC octagon for the final time. In the main event of tonight’s card, Anderson Silva (34-10, 1 NC) took on Uriah Hall (15-9). It was a very highly anticipated matchup between the two elite strikers.

For Silva, his UFC career is coming to a close. However, this week he left the door open for potential fights in the future outside of the promotion. However, his family was in attendance which signaled that this would be the end for the former UFC middleweight champion.

Uriah Hall came into the evening looking to play spoiler on this celebratory night. Hall was looking to break through into that next tier in the middleweight division. A win over Silva would likely net Hall an opponent near the top five in his next outing.

Opening Rounds

As the UFC Vegas 12 main event got underway, both men touched gloves. Both fighters looked to be trying to read the other as the fight got underway. The first strike was landed by Silva 90 seconds in and it was a leg kick. Hall countered with a leg kick of his own.

Silva started to bounce a little two minutes in and look to strike. Hall looked for a headkick, but Silva defended well. Silva pushed forward a couple of times and landed some really nice left lands. The former UFC middleweight champion was getting really aggressive halfway through the round.

Hall looked a little uneasy in the striking exchanges in the first. However, he did land a few nice jabs in the final minute. Good first round for the former UFC champion. Both fighters were bouncing on their feet to start the second round.

Hall looked to work the jab in the opening minute, but nothing was landing. Silva was able to land some nice side kicks early in the second round. Hall was trying to be more aggressive in the second, however, he still didn’t look comfortable.

Anderson landed a nice 1-2 and Hall countered nicely with a straight shot. In the final 90 seconds of the round, Hall was starting to throw more. He was landing a nice clean jab that he was following with some leg kicks.

Silva was dancing on the outside, but he was striking a lot less in the second round. Hall landed a couple of additional stiff jabs in the final minute. Much better round in the second for Uriah Hall.

The End for a UFC legend

As the third round of the UFC Vegas 12 main event got underway, Silva opened with a 1-2. Anderson’s movement still seemed to be making Hall uneasy in the third. Hall got his striking started a minute into the third with a couple of nice jabs.

Two minutes into the round and both fighters seemed to be picking up the pace a little. Both tried to throw spinning back kicks, but neither were able to land. Silva landed a really nice overhand left hand that he followed with some stiff jabs.

A minute left in the round and Silva was looking very aggressive. The former UFC champion backed Hall against the cage and landed some very nice shots in the clinch. However, Hall lands a massive right hand that drops Silva. Hall nearly finishes the former UFC champion, but the bell saves Silva.

Silva seemed to have his legs back under him in the fourth opening with a nice jab and leg kick. Hall seemed to be measuring Silva for some finishing shots in the fourth. Silva pushed forward, but another big right hand dropped Silva again. A couple of follow up shots and it’s over.

Uriah Hall def Anderson Silva by TKO – Round 4


Bryce Mitchell defeats Andre Fili to remain perfect at UFC Vegas 12

Bryce Mitchell

In the co-main event of tonight’s UFC Vegas 12 card, Bryce Mitchell (13-0) took on Andre Fili (21-7). Thug Nasty was looking to remain unbeaten while Touchy Fili was looking to remain sort of a gate keeper of the UFC‘s featherweight division.

Over the last few years, Fili has fought some of the best guys in the world. He’s put together some good wins, and he’s only lost to some of the best that the division has to offer. If Mitchell could get by Fili, it would say a lot about where Thug Nasty is in the UFC‘s featherweight division.

UFC Vegas Co-Main Event

As the UFC Vegas 12 co-main event got underway, Fili looked to work the jab. Mitchell landed a really nice leg kick to get his striking started. Thug Nasty shot in for a nice takedown in the opening minute. Fili defended well initially, but Mitchell was able to get him down.

Fili kept trying to work his way up, but every time he did, Mitchell got him back down. Halfway through the round and Mitchell started landing some good ground and pound. After Fili forced a scramble, Mitchell took him right down and landed in the mount position.

Fili did get back to his feet finally with a minute left, but was taken right back down. Dominant opening round for Thug Nasty. Mitchell opened the second round with some solid strikes. Thug Nasty was getting the better of the striking in the second.

Fili did start landing some clean jabs a minute into the round. Mitchell went in for a takedown, but Fili landed a clean knee that backed up Mitchell. Fili started walking Mitchell down, but Mitchell was able to fire back. Mitchell shot deep in for a takedown, but couldn’t land it.

After Fili landed a couple of additional clean shots, Mitchell shot in deep for a takedown and got it. Mitchell tried to lock up a choke from side control, but Fili defended well. Mitchell kept the fight on the ground, but a scramble allowed Fili up in the final few seconds.

Thug Nasty’s Superior Grappling

Entering the final round of the UFC Vegas 12 co-main event, I had the fight one round a piece. Fili seemed fresher as the final round started. However, Mitchell landed some really clean shots to open the final frame.

Mitchell got in deep on a shot in the opening minute and took Fili down. Fili was able to work his way back up to his feet after a minute on his back, however, Mitchell took him right back down. Fili exploded into a reversal that found him on top.

Mitchell worked his way back up to his feet almost immediately. Thug Nasty landed a clean right on the feet before taking Fili right back down. Mitchell was able to work his way to the mount, however, Fili defended well. However, Fili was running out of time in this one.

As the fight entered the final minute, Mitchell started landing some clean ground and pound. Fili forced one final scramble in the last few seconds, but Mitchell took him down again before the bell. Very impressive performance from Thug Nasty who remained perfect in his UFC career.

Bryce “Thug Nasty” Mitchell def Andre “Touchy” Fili by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Greg Hardy looking to show improvement at UFC Vegas 12

Tomorrow night at UFC Vegas 12, Greg Hardy (6-2, 1 NC) will be making the walk to the octagon for the sixth time. The former all-pro defensive lineman in the NFL has had an up and down career so far in the UFC.

Hardy will be taking on “The Crochet Boss” Maurice Green (9-4) on tomorrow’s main card. This will be the second fight of the year for Hardy. He fought back at UFC 249 and defeated Yorgan De Castro by decision.

Hardy came into the sport of MMA with a ton of hype. After some issues in his personal life essentially ended his NFL career, Hardy decided to change his focus to MMA. Since making that transition, Hardy seems to be a completely different person and he’s dedicated himself to the sport.

He was knocking everyone out left and right when he started. Then he ran into his first hurdle against Allen Crowder. Crowder was the first person that Hardy couldn’t just knockout and he gassed in that fight. He ended up losing by DQ due to an illegal knee.

Following that fight, Hardy won two straight fights by first round knockout. He then won another fight by decision, but it was overturned due to his use of an inhaler. He lost to Alexander Volkov in a short notice main event for the UFC back in November.

UFC Vegas 12 is a big night for Hardy

Hardy is a top level athlete, and he has all the tools to become a great fighter in the UFC. However, it’s never easy for someone to transition to the sport after only competing and training for a few years. Yet, here we are with Hardy.

This week at the UFC Vegas 12 media day, Hardy acknowledged that he still has a ways to go. He said that he believes he’s only on the B-level as of now. I think he’s fringe b/c, but if he can come out and defeat Maurice Greene, he will be at the b-level.

Greene is not going to be an easy fight for Hardy. Maurice Greene comes out of a great camp and he’s extremely fluid on his feet. Not too mention he’s got very good submissions and should have the advantage on the ground should the fight go there.

Whoever comes out victorious tomorrow night could be looking at a ranking in their near future. If not a ranking, for sure a ranked opponent will be in their future. It should be a fantastic fight in the heavyweight division.

UFC Vegas 12 Preview: Bryce Mitchell – Andre Fili

Bryce Mitchell

The co-main event of tomorrow night’s UFC Vegas 12 card is a good one. It’s a battle of the nicknames as Bryce “Thug Nasty” Mitchell (13-0) takes on Andre “Touchy” Fili (21-7) in the co-main event of the evening.

Mitchell has started his UFC career out by winning his first four fights to continue his perfect record. In those fights it’s been Mitchell’s superior ground game that’s really been impressive. Thug Nasty even pulled off a twister back in December against Matt Sayles.

In his last contest against Charles Rosa, Mitchell showed the difference between a good grappler and an elite grappler. Rosa couldn’t do anything and Mitchell went on to win a unanimous decision. His striking isn’t that great, but his ground game is next-level.

Andre Fili always seems to be that guy that fights all the fighters with hype behind them. He fought Yair Rodriguez, Calvin Kattar, and Sodiq Yusuff all on their rises in the UFC‘s featherweight division. Fili has some losses, but only to really good competition.

When he’s not facing top guys, Fili hasn’t really lost. He has some good wins on his record like Myles Jury, Charles Jourdain, and Dennis Bermudez. Fili is good wherever the fight goes, but tomorrow you can expect that he’s going to want to keep the fight standing.

UFC Vegas 12 Prediction

This fight is one of those ones that’s really easy to pick depending on where the fight goes. If the fight stays on the feet, I really like Fili’s chances to give Mitchell his first career loss. Fili isn’t an elite striker by any means, however, his striking is still better than Mitchell’s.

If Fili can stop the takedowns, I expect him to be able to score enough points to win on the cards. However, if Mitchell is able to land just one takedown he can end the fight. While Fili has a good ground game, they are on very different levels with their skills on the mat.

I definitely understand why Fili is a very live underdog at the moment. Again, if the fight remains standing, he’s got an excellent chance. I’m going to ride the UFC‘s hype train a little longer and say that Mitchell is able to get a takedown and a submission in this one.

Prediction: Bryce “Thug Nasty” Mitchell by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) – Round 2