Looking ahead to Israel Adesanya – Jared Cannonier after UFC 271

This past Saturday at UFC 271, we saw two massive matchups in the middleweight division. In the main event of the evening, the middleweight title was on the line as Israel Adesanya (22-1) defended against Robert Whittaker (23-6).

On the main card of UFC 271, we also saw a title elimination bout between Jared Cannonier (15-5) and Derek Brunson (23-8). This fight ended up having so many exciting turns that even people who were excited for this fight didn’t foresee happening.

In the first round, Brunson dropped Cannonier and used his wrestling to control him. Near the end of the first round, Brunson locked in a deep rear naked choke. However, the round ended and we moved to the second.

Once in the second, it was all Cannonier. Brunson looked tired and defeated that he didn’t win in the first. Cannonier capitalized and hurt Brunson badly. A flurry of brutal shots led him to the TKO win at UFC 271. 

In the main event, Adesanya and Whittaker went to battle again. After their lopsided first fight, this one was much closer. However, it didn’t start that way. Adesanya controlled the first round and even dropped Whittaker.

However, Whittaker came back strong and made rounds 2-5 extremely competitive. Overall, I think Adesanya was the correct winner. However, I could even see an argument for giving Whittaker three rounds. Nevertheless, Adesanya got the decision at UFC 271 and retained his title. 

Previewing UFC title fight

Dana White made it clear after the fight that Jared Cannonier would get the next shot. Adesanya agreed and said he hopes the UFC could put it together for their June PPV. Early word is that looks like the target for this matchup.

Adesanya’s last two title defenses have been rematches. However, he’s getting new blood with this UFC defense against Cannonier. Adesanya vocalized that he wanted to fight Cannonier back in 2020, but Cannonier was derailed by Whittaker.

Now, Cannonier has won two straight to earn himself a shot. Cannonier has some serious power and he definitely poses some threats to the champion. However, Stylebender should be the big favorite heading into their title fight.

In my early analysis, I’m having a hard time seeing Cannonier having success due to his struggles to get inside. I think Adesanya is going to really work the leg kicks in this one and he’s going to be hard to catch.

Whenever these two meetup at the June UFC PPV, I’m expecting Adesanya to retain his title. I’m not going to rule out anyone beating Adesanya at 185, but right now, it’s hard to see anyone doing it if Robert Whittaker can’t.

After massive win at UFC 271, what’s next for Tai Tuivasa?

This past Saturday in the co-main event of UFC 271, we saw a battle between two of the most beloved heavyweights in the promotion. Knockout artists Derrick Lewis (26-9, 1 NC) and Tai Tuivasa (15-3) went head-to-head looking to get into the title picture at heavyweight.

The fight went almost as expected except for the fact that it went past the first round. In all honesty, I thought that Derrick Lewis would get the job done at UFC 271 and it looked like he was going to in the first round. In the first round, Lewis blasted Tuivasa and even landed a couple of takedowns.

To start the second round, Lewis rocked Tuivasa. However, the UFC’s knockout king couldn’t find the one shot that would put Tuivasa out. Instead, Tuivasa remained composed and in the fight. Then, just over 90 seconds into the second round, Tuivasa rocked Lewis.

Both men were trading big shots and then they ended up in a clinch. During the clinch, Tuivasa pushed Lewis back up against the fence and launched a vicious elbow that landed to Lewis’ chin. The Black Beast crumbled and Tuivasa picked up the biggest win of his career at UFC 271.

What’s next after UFC 271?

Tai Tuivasa entered Saturday as the 11th ranked heavyweight in the UFC. After his knockout win, he’s taken over the third ranking which was previously held by Derrick Lewis. Now, Tuivasa is perhaps just one more good win away from challenging for the heavyweight title.

With that, who should be next for Tuivasa? Well, the cloudiness at heavyweight makes things a little difficult. The UFC is working to mend fences and make a new deal with the heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou who fought out his contract at UFC 270.

Ngannou also has to have knee surgery which will keep him out most of 2022. At the moment, there appears to be some preliminary talks to have Jon Jones face off against Stipe Miocic for an interim title with the winner fighting Ngannou once the champion is healthy.

If that happens, Tuivasa would need another win and some patience before he gets a UFC title shot. That said, there is a fight that makes a ton of sense. I think the UFC should pair Tuivasa up against Ciryl Gane (10-1). Gane is coming off of a loss to Ngannou at UFC 270 and he’s currently ranked first in the rankings.

It’s a logical fight for both men and it’s just the type of test that Tuivasa needs. In fighting Lewis, Tuivasa had an opponent that would stand and trade with him. If he fights Gane, he’ll have to solve the puzzle that only Francis Ngannou has seemed to crack. If he could, you wouldn’t be able to deny Bam Bam of a title shot.

What’s next for Derrick Lewis after UFC 271?

This past Saturday in the co-main event of UFC 271, two of the best knockout artists in the heavyweight division went toe-to-toe. The hometown favorite Derrick Lewis (26-9, 1 NC) took on the surging Tai Tuivasa (15-3). Going into the fight, the only thing we knew for sure is that one man was getting stopped.

In the first round, it certainly looked like that man was going to be Tai Tuivasa. Derrick Lewis started out really strong and even mixed in some takedowns against Tuivasa. During one exchange along the fence, Lewis unloaded on Tuivasa and dealt out some shots that would put away most heavyweights.

However, Tuivasa remained in the fight at UFC 271. In the second round, it looked like Lewis once again rocked Tuivasa. The Black Beast went after him, but he couldn’t put him away. During a wild exchange in the second, Tuivasa clipped Lewis and rocked him.

Both men just started trading big shots. Then, Tuivasa pushed Lewis up against the fence and delivered a massive elbow that put Lewis out. Lewis fell face first to the mat and once again suffered defeat in front of his hometown crowd.

What’s next after UFC 271?

It’s hard not to feel for Derrick Lewis after UFC 271. The heavyweight knockout king has had two fights in the last year in front of his home crowd in Houston, Texas. Both times, he’s been stopped. When he’s fought at the APEX in Las Vegas, he’s been untouchable, but Houston has not been kind to him.

So, after suffering a knockout loss to Tuivasa, what’s next for The Black Beast? Well to be honest, I don’t think he drops much after this fight. I think he will get a guy in the middle-range of the top ten. I’m thinking a good next fight for the UFC to book is Lewis against Jairzinho Rozenstruik (12-3).

Rozenstruik is currently scheduled to take on Marcin Tybura at UFC 273 in April. Should he get the win there, a fight with Lewis makes a ton of sense and would be a lot of fun for fans who love striking and knockouts.

After second loss to Israel Adesanya at UFC 271, what’s next for Robert Whittaker?

This past Saturday in the headliner of UFC 271, we saw a rematch for the middleweight title. Former champion Robert Whittaker (23-6) was looking to regain the middleweight crown as he took on the champion Israel Adesanya (22-1). This rematch was a fight that was two and a half years in the making.

Robert Whittaker had never lost to another man in the UFC’s middleweight division outside of Israel Adesanya. After losing the title to Adesanya in 2019, Bobby Knuckles responded by defeating three top contenders to earn another shot at the champion. He was out to prove that the first fight was not a representation of him as a fighter.

When the fight started at UFC 271, Whittaker was looking really shaky. Adesanya dropped him in the first round and Whittaker was having a difficult time getting on the inside. However, as the fight went on, Whittaker got better and better.

Rounds 2-4 were very close, but Adesanya seemed to still be getting the edge on things. Whittaker put together his best round in the fifth and he thought he did enough to win the title at UFC 271. However, all three judges gave the fight to Adesanya and Whittaker dropped to 0-2 against the champion.

What’s next after UFC 271?

After UFC 271, Robert Whittaker finds himself in a very tough position. He’s clearly the second best middleweight in the world. He’s head and shoulders better than even the third best middleweight. However, he’s also been defeated twice by the champion and that puts him in a weird purgatory-type place at 185.

In a way, he’s very much like Colby Covington. If Kamaru Usman wasn’t around, Covington would rule the UFC middleweights. Meanwhile if Adesanya wasn’t around, Whittaker would rule 185. Now, Whittaker must take out all contenders again to try and warrant a third fight with the champion.

With that in mind, who should the UFC pair him against? Well, there are a couple of options that make sense. One option would be pairing him against Marvin Vettori (18-4-1). Like Whittaker, Vettori has also lost to Adesanya twice which puts him in a very difficult spot.

Another option for Whittaker could be Sean Strickland (25-3). Strickland has fought his way into UFC title contention, however, he’s going to need one more big win to get a title shot. A win over Whittaker could do that or a win for Whittaker could once again cement that fact that he’s above the rest of the division.

After falling short at UFC 271, what’s next for Derek Brunson?

Derek Brunson

On the main card of UFC 271, we saw a big time matchup in the middleweight division. A potential title fight was on the line as Derek Brunson (23-8) was looking to continue his winning streak by defeating “The Killa Gorilla” Jared Cannonier (15-5).

Brunson told everyone ahead of UFC 271 that win, lose, or draw, he would only be fighting two more times. In an ideal situation, Brunson would defeat Cannonier at UFC 271 then retire after a title shot against Israel Adesanya. After one round, it looked like that was going to happen.

Brunson had some success in the first round against Cannonier with his wrestling. Then, at the end of the first round, Brunson dropped Cannonier with a counter shot as Cannonier rushed in. Brunson immediately hoped on Cannonier’s back and locked in a rear naked choke.

However, there was only seconds left in the round. The bell sounded and both men went back to their corners. That is where the fight changed completely. Brunson couldn’t get anything going in the second at UFC 271 and he looked tired and sluggish. Late in the round, Brunson was hurt badly by Cannonier.

Cannonier followed up with some brutal shots and the referee stepped in to save Brunson. The dream scenario was within his grasp, but it just slipped through his hands.

What’s next after UFC 271?

Brunson was dejected after the fight, but he said that he would fight on for one more fight after UFC 271. It’s not the outcome he wanted, but he seems committed to giving fans one more good fight before he hangs up his gloves for good. With that, who should he face off with?

In looking at the middleweight division, I think a good opponent would be Jack Hermansson (22-7). Hermansson is still in the top ten of the UFC’s middleweight division, but he’s a bit in No Man’s land. I think a fight with Brunson makes a lot of sense for him as well.

It’s a good matchup for Brunson and it’s still a quality guy who he could face off against as he prepares to ride off towards the rest of his life.

Israel Adesanya edges Robert Whittaker at UFC 271

In the headliner of UFC 271, we saw a rematch for the middleweight title that was two and a half years in the making. The middleweight champion Israel Adesanya (21-1) was defending his championship against the former champion Robert Whittaker (23-5).

Whittaker has waited patiently and he’s finally getting his second crack at Adesanya for UFC gold. Back in 2019, Whittaker lost his title to Adesanya when he was knocked out by him in the second round. After that loss, Whittaker went back to the drawing board.

He’s come back better than ever and he’s rattled off three straight wins. Not only has he won three straight, but two of the three men were guys that Adesanya was interested in defending the middleweight title against. Those two men were Darren Till and Jared Cannonier.

Adesanya last fought at UFC 263 when he defeated Marvin Vettori. That was a bounce back win after his loss to Jan Blachowicz where Adesanya failed in his attempt to become a two-division champion. That said, Adesanya has remained perfect at 185 and he was looking to continue that at UFC 271.

UFC 271 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 271 main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Adesanya opens the striking with a low kick. Low kick answer from Whittaker. Oblique kick from Whittaker and another low kick lands for the champion. Inside leg kick from Adesanya lands and Whittaker circles.

Outside leg kick from Whittaker. Jab lands for Adesanya. High kick attempt from Adesanya is blocked by the challenger. Another solid oblique kick from Whittaker. Both men are very patient in the opening couple of minutes. Two more solid leg kicks land from Adesanya.

Whittaker blitzes but nothing lands. Jab from Whittaker and a vicious calf kick from Adesanya lands. Big straight shot from Adesanya and Whittaker goes down. Whittaker is right back up but Adesanya is taunting him here. Sloppy takedown attempt from Whittaker is easily defended.

Pressure here from Adesanya and he lands a brutal leg kick. Another sloppy takedown attempt from Whittaker and Adesanya is looking supremely confident here. The round ends and it was a very good one for Adesanya. 1-0 for the champion at UFC 271.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 271 and Whittaker needs to get some respect to make this competitive. Double jab from Whittaker and he tries to follow with a head kick but Adesanya evades. Whittaker attacking more here in the second round.

Things are getting wild and Adesanya clips Whittaker. However, Whittaker lands a couple of big shots in the exchanges. Adesanya lands a brutal kick and they are back at range. Nice jab lands for Whittaker. Big right hand just misses from Whittaker, but he lands two good left hands.

Whittaker is definitely landing more here in the second. Head kick dodged by Adesanya and he lands a big leg kick. Big takedown attempt from Whittaker and he gets Adesanya down. However, Adesanya uses the fence and immediately gets back up to his feet.

Whittaker keeps the clinch and is pushing Adesanya against the fence. They break and they’re back to striking. Two solid kicks land for Adesanya. Solid jab from Adesanya and Whittaker lands a big calf kick on the counter. Two good left hands from Whittaker.

Pressure here from the champion and both men trade big shots. Powerful leg kick from Adesanya. The round comes to a close and it was razor close, but I lean towards Whittaker which would make it even at UFC 271.

Round 3

Entering the third and this could be even at UFC 271, but Adesanya definitely still holds the edge in momentum. Adesanya goes right back on the pressure to start the third round. Switch kick from Adesanya just misses the mark and Whittaker comes in with a straight left.

Body kick from Adesanya. Jab from Whittaker as Adesanya comes in. Another solid body kick from Adesanya lands. Low kick from Adesanya who is starting to put on a kicking clinic here at UFC 271. Big left straight from Whittaker and Adesanya lands a big counter.

Oblique kick from Whittaker. Whittaker tries blitzing but Adesanya evades. Level change from Whittaker and he tries a takedown, but Adesanya defends well. Adesanya goes for a head kick and Whittaker uses the opportunity to get a brief takedown.

However, Adesanya pops right back up and they are back to striking again. Nice jab from Whittaker. Double jab from Whittaker but Adesanya lands a flush shot back. Huge low kick from Adesanya buckles the leg of Whittaker. Left straight from Whittaker and a nice counter right lands from Adesanya. Another really close round at UFC 271.

Round 4

Entering the fourth and this is a very close fight at UFC 271. Oblique kick starts the round for Whittaker and he lands a flush left hand behind it. Body kick finds the mark for Adesanya. another brutal leg kick lands for Adesanya. The two men come to a clinch and Whittaker lands some good shots on the inside.

However, Adesanya lands a flush counter on the exit. Whittaker times a takedown beautifully and gets to the back of Adesanya. Adesanya pops up but Whittaker is hunting the choke. He almost has it in, but Adesanya defends it well and shakes off the challenger. Great scramble there and we are back at range.

Both men trade big jabs. Nice left hand from Whittaker but Adesanya brutalizes him with two more leg kicks. Big counter right from Adesanya and Adesanya is pressuring here. Uppercut in tight lands for Whittaker. Whittaker double jabs and Adesanya just misses on a huge right hook.

Adesanya pushes forward, but Whittaker catches him in a clinch and pushes him against the fence. Big right hand lands for Whittaker and the round comes to a close. Likely Whittaker’s round and I honestly have no idea how this is scored at UFC 271.

Round 5

Entering the final round at UFC 271 and this could be anyone’s fight. Whittaker comes in with a double jab and he lands it twice in a row. Nice jab from Adesanya and Whittaker lands a nice left hook. Body kick from the champion and he’s pushing forward here.

Another body kick lands for Adesanya. Huge left straight from Whittaker pops Adesanya’s head back, but he doesn’t follow up. Adesanya back on the pressure and he lands a big kick. Level change from Whittaker and he looks for a takedown. However, Adesanya defends and shakes him off.

Another good left hand lands for Whittaker. Big takedown attempt from Whittaker and he gets Adesanya down briefly. However, once again, Adesanya gets back to his feet. Body lock from Whittaker and he presses Adesanya against the fence.

Nice left hook from Whittaker on the break. Big jab lands for Adesanya and he’s back to the pressure. Low kick from Adesanya lands and Whittaker throws a combination. Another level change and takedown attempt from Whittaker.

He nearly gets him down. However, Adesanya stays on his feet. Whittaker is holding him against the fence and he tries to drag him down, but Adesanya stays on his feet. The round comes to a close and that should be Whittaker’s round, but this could be anyone’s fight at UFC 271. I think Adesanya will likely win a decision here.

Israel Adesanya def. Robert Whittaker by Unanimous Decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46)

Tai Tuivasa knocks out Derrick Lewis at UFC 271

Two of the biggest and baddest knockout artists went to war tonight at UFC 271. The heavyweight knockout king, Derrick Lewis (26-8) returned to his hometown of Houston to take on fellow knockout artist Tai Tuivasa (14-3).

This is a quick turnaround for The Black Beast as he just fought in December against Chris Daukaus. That night, Lewis was looking to bounce back and he did in a big way when he knocked Daukaus out in the first round. The win was able to get Lewis back on track after his poor performance at UFC 265 where he lost to Ciryl Gane.

Tai Tuivasa burst onto the UFC scene a few years ago and he was knocking out everyone. After reaching 10-0, he had a fight with former heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos. Tuivasa was knocked out in the second round of that fight. That loss started a three fight losing streak.

After this streak, Tuivasa started taking his UFC career more seriously and he drastically turned things around. Heading into UFC 271, Tuivasa was riding a four-fight winning streak and only one of those fights had reached the second round.

UFC 271 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 271 co-main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Lewis holds the center and Tuivasa opens with feints. Low kick from Tuivasa just misses. Then a powerful low kick lands for Tuivasa. Tuivasa ducks under a big hook from Lewis and he pushes him against the fence.

Tuivasa holding Lewis against the fence and he’s working knees to the thighs. More knees to the thigh from Tuivasa and Lewis seems composed. The referee breaks them apart and they’re back to striking. Big head kick attempt from Lewis and Tuivasa just evades a big shot from Lewis.

They clinch again and Lewis pushes Tuivasa against the fence. Takedown attempt from Lewis, but Tuivasa defends well and reverses the position. Good elbows on the inside from Tuivasa, but Lewis gets an inside trip and he gets a takedown.

Massive power shots from Lewis and Tuivasa is rocked, but Tuivasa gets to his feet and they both trade big power shots. Huge exchange and Tuivasa pushes Lewis back up against the fence. Hip toss from Lewis and he gets a takedown.

Tuivasa holds onto a leg and he’s trying to get top position. They get back up to their feet and they rest against the fence. Big knee to the body from Tuivasa. The round comes to a close and it’s 1-0 Lewis at UFC 271.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 271 and this is anyone’s fight right now. They touch gloves and here we go. Low kick from Tuivasa and Lewis just misses a huge counter. Lewis rocks Tuivasa again in an exchange. Tuivasa retreats and Lewis is on him.

Lewis settles into the dominant position in a clinch, but Tuivasa reverses. They break and they are back to striking. Huge exchange from both men and Lewis is now rocked. Tuivasa is going after him and he lands a huge elbow. Face plant from Lewis and this one is over. Tai Tuivasa shocks Houston and Derrick Lewis at UFC 271.

Tai Tuivasa def. Derrick Lewis by KO – Round 2

Jared Cannonier knocks out Derek Brunson at UFC 271

On the main card of UFC 271, we saw a potential title elimination bout in the middleweight division. Top contenders battled it out as “The Killa Gorilla” Jared Cannonier (14-5) took on Derek Brunson (23-7).

Brunson made headlines earlier this week when he announced that win, lose, or draw, UFC 271 will be one of his final two fights. With that, there was a ton of pressure on him to get the job done. He came into tonight riding a five-fight win streak.

Since moving down to the middleweight division, Jared Cannonier has been sensational. He’s 4-1 with the lone loss coming to Robert Whittaker at UFC 254. In his last fight, he won a decision over Kelvin Gastelum. Cannonier was looking to make a statement at UFC 271 and earn himself a shot at the middleweight title.

UFC 271 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 271 middleweight contest kicked off with immediate pressure from Cannonier. Both men try to land kicks but they both miss. Body kick lands for Brunson. Pressure here from Cannonier and Brunson gets a body lock. However, Cannonier shrugs him off.

Brunson tries shooting in for another takedown and he gets deep on a single leg. Cannonier showing good defense, but Brunson gets him down to the ground. However, it doesn’t last long as Cannonier pops right back up. Desperate shot from Brunson and Cannonier defends.

Low kick lands for Cannonier. Body kick and a straight shot lands for Brunson. Brunson once again charges forward looking for the takedown. However, Cannonier shrugs him off once again. Both men trade straight shots in the center. Nice left hand lands for Brunson and he immediately shoots again.

Once again, Cannonier defends. Left hand for Brunson and another takedown attempt for Brunson. Brunson jumps right to mount but Cannonier gets him back to half guard. Cannonier uses th fence to get back to his feet and pushes Brunson off.

Cannonier pushes forward and gets dropped by Brunson. Brunson jumps on a rear naked choke and locks it in. However, the round ends and Cannonier is saved. 1-0 Brunson after one at UFC 271.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 271 and Cannonier needs to try and answer Brunson’s big first round. Brunson shoots for a takedown within seconds of the second round and gets Cannonier down. He settles right into half guard.

Cannonier does a good job of exploding out of it and they’re back to striking. Big uppercut lands for Cannonier and Brunson might be hurt. Immediately the body language changed from Brunson, however, he’s hanging in there. Nice left hand from Brunson.

Good right straight lands for Cannonier. Brunson still looks like he’s trying to get his footing back. Takedown attempt from Brunson, but Cannonier shrugs him off. Big right hook from Cannonier lands. Another right hand lands for Cannonier and Brunson is getting sloppy here.

Jab lands for Cannonier. Another big jab from Cannonier snaps Brunson’s head back. Right hand from Cannonier and Brunson shoots for another takedown. Once again, Cannonier defends well. Big shots from Cannonier on the inside and Brunson is hurt badly.

Cannonier is all over Brunson here. Brunson goes down and Cannonier lands vicious elbows. This one is over and Jared Cannonier might’ve just earned himself a UFC title shot.

Jared Cannonier def. Derek Brunson by KO – Round 2

Bobby Green outclasses Nasrat Haqparast at UFC 271

On the main card of UFC 271, we saw a fun matchup in the lightweight division. One of the more charismatic fighters in the lightweight division, Bobby Green (28-12-1), was back to test himself against the tough Nasrat Haqparast (13-4).

The last time we saw Haqparast was back in September at UFC 266. That night, he was taking on his toughest test to date in Dan Hooker. Ultimately, Haqparast was outclassed by Hooker and lost a decision.

After losing his UFC debut, Haqparast is 5-2 in his last seven. He was looking to rebound tonight and he was looking to have a good performance against Bobby Green. Unlike Haqparast, the last time we saw Bobby Green, he had his hand raised in victory.

That victory came back at UFC 268 when he knocked out Al Iaquinta. That win snapped a two-fight losing streak for Green. However, both of Green’s losses were to solid opponents and he had good showings in both fights. He was looking to pickup his second straight at UFC 271.

UFC 271 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 271 lightweight contest started with immediate trash talk from Green. Green lands two jabs to start and Haqparast circles on the outside. Hands low for Bobby Green. Wild overhand left just misses for Haqparast. Jab lands for Green and more words for Haqparast.

Big right straight lands for Green. Another stiff jab from Green. Left straight lands for Green and he eats an eye poke on the exchange. Brief break and they’re back at it. Haqparast opens with a combination that just misses. Green just stalking him here and now it’s Haqparast who eats an eye poke.

Another brief pause and they’re back at it. Big jab from Bobby Green and he lands a body kick behind it. Haqparast throws big shots but Green rolls beautifully. Powerful low kick lands for Haqparast. Right straight lands for Green and then he lands a left straight.

Haqparast just misses on a right hand. Green’s defense looking sharp early. Double jab for Green. Another powerful jab from Green. Haqparast storms in with hooks but nothing lands. Green bloodying up the nose of Haqparast with his jabs.

Another nice combination from Green lands. Jab to the body then a 1-2 up top from Green lands. Another nice combination from Green ends the round and it’s 1-0 Green at UFC 271.

Round 2

Entering the second round at UFC 271 and Haqparast is going to need to get some momentum. Pressure from Haqparast to open the round but he eats three straight jabs from Green. Another nice 1-2 from Green but Haqparast is heavy on the pressure.

Huge combination lands for Bobby Green and Haqparast tries to answer. Big left hand lands over the top for Haqparast and he’s really pressuring here . Wild miss from Haqparast as he’s trying to make Green uncomfortable. However, Green lands six straight shots on Haqparast.

Jab to the body from Haqparast. Double jab from Green and he just misses on a uppercut. Both men exchange big shots against the fence. Powerful left straight from Green. Check right hook lands for Green. Nice left hook lands for Haqparast. However, Green answers right back.

Green is catching Haqparast down the middle every time Haqparast throws big hooks. Nice right straight lands for Haqparast. Four straight punches land for Green and then he catches Haqparast again coming in. Check right hook for Green lands.

Big right and left lands for Haqparast and that got Green’s attention. Beautiful right hand lands for Green. Heavy pressure from Haqparast. Double jab from Green and then they exchange big at the end of the round. 2-0 Green at UFC 271 on my scorecard.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC 271 and I think Haqparast needs a finish here. Haqparast comes forward and eats a jab from Green. Low kick lands for Haqparast. Straight left lands for Green. Check right hook for Green. Big right hand lands for Green and Green is turning it on here.

Huge 1-2 from Bobby Green and the power is turning up here in the third for Green. Counter hook lands flush on Haqparast as he rushes in. Green looks absolutely sensational right now. Jab to the body and then a nice 1-2 lands for Green.

Another 1-2 lands for Green. Pressure from Haqparast and he eats a check hook from Green. Jab from Green but he eats a leg kick from Haqparast. Double jab from Bobby Green and then he throws a nice body kick. 1-2 from Green and then he catches Haqparast as he rushes in. Three straight right hands land for Green.

Haqparast gets Green along the fence briefly, but Green lands a combination to get him off of him. Jab to the body then a beautiful left hook lands for Green. Haqparast tries to come forward at the end of the round, but Green lights him up again. Complete domination from Bobby Green at UFC 271.

Bobby Green def. Nasrat Haqparast by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Casey O’Neill spoils Roxanne Modafferi’s retirement fight at UFC 271

Casey O’Neil

One of the featured prelims tonight at UFC 271 was a battle between two ranked flyweights. One of the brightest prospects in the division, Casey O’Neill (8-0), was looking to remain unbeaten as she took on “The Happy Warrior” Roxanne Modafferi (25-19).

Modafferi made her MMA debut all the way back in 2003. She’s had a career that has taken her all over the place from Invicta to Strikeforce and to the UFC. She’s challenged for a UFC title and she was retiring after tonight’s fight. She was looking to go out on top at UFC 271.

However, that was going to be a very tall order. Casey O’Neill is a savage and she’s been perfect inside the octagon. Since making her UFC debut, not only has Casey O’Neill been good, but she’s been sensational and she’s stopped all three of her opponents.

In her last fight, she took on Antonina Shevchenko in October at a UFC Fight Night. She brutalized the older sister of the flyweight champion and stopped her in the second round. A win over Roxanne Modafferi would show everyone that O’Neill has truly arrived.

UFC 271 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 271 flyweight contest kicked off with no touch of the gloves. Modafferi comes forward immediately and lands a couple of shots. O’Neill lands a couple of counters as Modafferi continues to pressure. Head kick attempt from O’Neill just misses but she catches Modafferi with a nice right hook.

More pressure from Modafferi but she continues to eat clean shots from O’Neill. A beautiful 1-2 lands for O’Neill then she lands a right hook behind it. Another 1-2 lands for O’Neill. Check left hook lands for Modafferi. O’Neill pressure but she eats a nice shot from Modafferi.

Another nice left from Modafferi then she lands a right hand behind it. 1-2 from O’Neill and then she doubles it up. Modafferi is getting hit but she’s walking through everything. Powerful right hand lands for Casey O’Neill.

Body kick lands for O’Neill. Both ladies exchange right hands and a little blood is coming out of the nose of O’Neill. O’Neill comes forward but she eats a right from Modafferi. Nice right hook from O’Neill finds the mark. The round comes to a close and Modafferi looked good, but the first goes to Casey O’Neill at UFC 271.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 271 and this fight is a lot closer than the odds makers had it. Modafferi runs at O’Neill to start the second round but she eats a couple of clean counters. Double jab lands for Modafferi but O’Neill lands a big right hand after.

Powerful leg kick lands for O’Neill. Modafferi continues forward and O’Neill is showing some damage but she’s getting the better of these exchanges. Both fighters land big shots in the center. Jab from Casey O’Neill then she follows up with a right hook.

Huge right hand lands flush for O’Neill but Modafferi just eats it. Pressure from O’Neill but Modafferi meets her in the center and backs her up. O’Neill circles on the outside and she lands three straight shots. Beautiful right straight lands for O’Neill as Modafferi rushes in.

Left and a left hook behind it for O’Neill. 1-2 lands for Modafferi but not much on it. Two straight jabs land for O’Neill and she’s really found a groove here in the second round. 1-2 lands big for O’Neill. A loud scream from O’Neill and she ramps up the big shots. Takedown attempt from Modafferi and she gets it. The round ends and it’s 2-0 O’Neill at UFC 271.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC 271 and The Happy Warrior is going to need a finish here. Modafferi takes the center to start the final frame and O’Neill immediately lands two straight. Big shots from Modafferi counter the O’Neill attack.

Right to the body and a left hook up top lands for Casey O’Neill. Running attack from Modafferi and she lands one shot but eats two from O’Neill. Another good combination lands for Casey O’Neill. Beautiful knee to the body lands for Modafferi and O’Neill might’ve been hurt by that.

However, Modafferi can’t follow up. Halfway through the round and Modafferi needs to really pull off a miracle here. The two come together and Modafferi lands a nice knee to the body in the clinch. Big right hand lands for O’Neill.

Modafferi gets a clinch and lands two nice knees to the body. O’Neill breaks and immediately lands a combination. Modafferi takedown attempt is stuffed easily by O’Neill. However, Modafferi catches a kick from O’Neill and takes her down briefly. However, O’Neill bounces right back up.

Modafferi keeps O’Neill against the fence and works for a takedown as the round ends. Very competitive final round, but Casey O’Neill should get the nod at UFC 271.

Casey O’Neill def. Roxanne Modafferi by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)