Tai Tuivasa knocks out Derrick Lewis at UFC 271

Two of the biggest and baddest knockout artists went to war tonight at UFC 271. The heavyweight knockout king, Derrick Lewis (26-8) returned to his hometown of Houston to take on fellow knockout artist Tai Tuivasa (14-3).

This is a quick turnaround for The Black Beast as he just fought in December against Chris Daukaus. That night, Lewis was looking to bounce back and he did in a big way when he knocked Daukaus out in the first round. The win was able to get Lewis back on track after his poor performance at UFC 265 where he lost to Ciryl Gane.

Tai Tuivasa burst onto the UFC scene a few years ago and he was knocking out everyone. After reaching 10-0, he had a fight with former heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos. Tuivasa was knocked out in the second round of that fight. That loss started a three fight losing streak.

After this streak, Tuivasa started taking his UFC career more seriously and he drastically turned things around. Heading into UFC 271, Tuivasa was riding a four-fight winning streak and only one of those fights had reached the second round.

UFC 271 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 271 co-main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Lewis holds the center and Tuivasa opens with feints. Low kick from Tuivasa just misses. Then a powerful low kick lands for Tuivasa. Tuivasa ducks under a big hook from Lewis and he pushes him against the fence.

Tuivasa holding Lewis against the fence and he’s working knees to the thighs. More knees to the thigh from Tuivasa and Lewis seems composed. The referee breaks them apart and they’re back to striking. Big head kick attempt from Lewis and Tuivasa just evades a big shot from Lewis.

They clinch again and Lewis pushes Tuivasa against the fence. Takedown attempt from Lewis, but Tuivasa defends well and reverses the position. Good elbows on the inside from Tuivasa, but Lewis gets an inside trip and he gets a takedown.

Massive power shots from Lewis and Tuivasa is rocked, but Tuivasa gets to his feet and they both trade big power shots. Huge exchange and Tuivasa pushes Lewis back up against the fence. Hip toss from Lewis and he gets a takedown.

Tuivasa holds onto a leg and he’s trying to get top position. They get back up to their feet and they rest against the fence. Big knee to the body from Tuivasa. The round comes to a close and it’s 1-0 Lewis at UFC 271.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 271 and this is anyone’s fight right now. They touch gloves and here we go. Low kick from Tuivasa and Lewis just misses a huge counter. Lewis rocks Tuivasa again in an exchange. Tuivasa retreats and Lewis is on him.

Lewis settles into the dominant position in a clinch, but Tuivasa reverses. They break and they are back to striking. Huge exchange from both men and Lewis is now rocked. Tuivasa is going after him and he lands a huge elbow. Face plant from Lewis and this one is over. Tai Tuivasa shocks Houston and Derrick Lewis at UFC 271.

Tai Tuivasa def. Derrick Lewis by KO – Round 2

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