Bobby Green outclasses Nasrat Haqparast at UFC 271

On the main card of UFC 271, we saw a fun matchup in the lightweight division. One of the more charismatic fighters in the lightweight division, Bobby Green (28-12-1), was back to test himself against the tough Nasrat Haqparast (13-4).

The last time we saw Haqparast was back in September at UFC 266. That night, he was taking on his toughest test to date in Dan Hooker. Ultimately, Haqparast was outclassed by Hooker and lost a decision.

After losing his UFC debut, Haqparast is 5-2 in his last seven. He was looking to rebound tonight and he was looking to have a good performance against Bobby Green. Unlike Haqparast, the last time we saw Bobby Green, he had his hand raised in victory.

That victory came back at UFC 268 when he knocked out Al Iaquinta. That win snapped a two-fight losing streak for Green. However, both of Green’s losses were to solid opponents and he had good showings in both fights. He was looking to pickup his second straight at UFC 271.

UFC 271 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 271 lightweight contest started with immediate trash talk from Green. Green lands two jabs to start and Haqparast circles on the outside. Hands low for Bobby Green. Wild overhand left just misses for Haqparast. Jab lands for Green and more words for Haqparast.

Big right straight lands for Green. Another stiff jab from Green. Left straight lands for Green and he eats an eye poke on the exchange. Brief break and they’re back at it. Haqparast opens with a combination that just misses. Green just stalking him here and now it’s Haqparast who eats an eye poke.

Another brief pause and they’re back at it. Big jab from Bobby Green and he lands a body kick behind it. Haqparast throws big shots but Green rolls beautifully. Powerful low kick lands for Haqparast. Right straight lands for Green and then he lands a left straight.

Haqparast just misses on a right hand. Green’s defense looking sharp early. Double jab for Green. Another powerful jab from Green. Haqparast storms in with hooks but nothing lands. Green bloodying up the nose of Haqparast with his jabs.

Another nice combination from Green lands. Jab to the body then a 1-2 up top from Green lands. Another nice combination from Green ends the round and it’s 1-0 Green at UFC 271.

Round 2

Entering the second round at UFC 271 and Haqparast is going to need to get some momentum. Pressure from Haqparast to open the round but he eats three straight jabs from Green. Another nice 1-2 from Green but Haqparast is heavy on the pressure.

Huge combination lands for Bobby Green and Haqparast tries to answer. Big left hand lands over the top for Haqparast and he’s really pressuring here . Wild miss from Haqparast as he’s trying to make Green uncomfortable. However, Green lands six straight shots on Haqparast.

Jab to the body from Haqparast. Double jab from Green and he just misses on a uppercut. Both men exchange big shots against the fence. Powerful left straight from Green. Check right hook lands for Green. Nice left hook lands for Haqparast. However, Green answers right back.

Green is catching Haqparast down the middle every time Haqparast throws big hooks. Nice right straight lands for Haqparast. Four straight punches land for Green and then he catches Haqparast again coming in. Check right hook for Green lands.

Big right and left lands for Haqparast and that got Green’s attention. Beautiful right hand lands for Green. Heavy pressure from Haqparast. Double jab from Green and then they exchange big at the end of the round. 2-0 Green at UFC 271 on my scorecard.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC 271 and I think Haqparast needs a finish here. Haqparast comes forward and eats a jab from Green. Low kick lands for Haqparast. Straight left lands for Green. Check right hook for Green. Big right hand lands for Green and Green is turning it on here.

Huge 1-2 from Bobby Green and the power is turning up here in the third for Green. Counter hook lands flush on Haqparast as he rushes in. Green looks absolutely sensational right now. Jab to the body and then a nice 1-2 lands for Green.

Another 1-2 lands for Green. Pressure from Haqparast and he eats a check hook from Green. Jab from Green but he eats a leg kick from Haqparast. Double jab from Bobby Green and then he throws a nice body kick. 1-2 from Green and then he catches Haqparast as he rushes in. Three straight right hands land for Green.

Haqparast gets Green along the fence briefly, but Green lands a combination to get him off of him. Jab to the body then a beautiful left hook lands for Green. Haqparast tries to come forward at the end of the round, but Green lights him up again. Complete domination from Bobby Green at UFC 271.

Bobby Green def. Nasrat Haqparast by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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