Casey O’Neill spoils Roxanne Modafferi’s retirement fight at UFC 271

Casey O’Neil

One of the featured prelims tonight at UFC 271 was a battle between two ranked flyweights. One of the brightest prospects in the division, Casey O’Neill (8-0), was looking to remain unbeaten as she took on “The Happy Warrior” Roxanne Modafferi (25-19).

Modafferi made her MMA debut all the way back in 2003. She’s had a career that has taken her all over the place from Invicta to Strikeforce and to the UFC. She’s challenged for a UFC title and she was retiring after tonight’s fight. She was looking to go out on top at UFC 271.

However, that was going to be a very tall order. Casey O’Neill is a savage and she’s been perfect inside the octagon. Since making her UFC debut, not only has Casey O’Neill been good, but she’s been sensational and she’s stopped all three of her opponents.

In her last fight, she took on Antonina Shevchenko in October at a UFC Fight Night. She brutalized the older sister of the flyweight champion and stopped her in the second round. A win over Roxanne Modafferi would show everyone that O’Neill has truly arrived.

UFC 271 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 271 flyweight contest kicked off with no touch of the gloves. Modafferi comes forward immediately and lands a couple of shots. O’Neill lands a couple of counters as Modafferi continues to pressure. Head kick attempt from O’Neill just misses but she catches Modafferi with a nice right hook.

More pressure from Modafferi but she continues to eat clean shots from O’Neill. A beautiful 1-2 lands for O’Neill then she lands a right hook behind it. Another 1-2 lands for O’Neill. Check left hook lands for Modafferi. O’Neill pressure but she eats a nice shot from Modafferi.

Another nice left from Modafferi then she lands a right hand behind it. 1-2 from O’Neill and then she doubles it up. Modafferi is getting hit but she’s walking through everything. Powerful right hand lands for Casey O’Neill.

Body kick lands for O’Neill. Both ladies exchange right hands and a little blood is coming out of the nose of O’Neill. O’Neill comes forward but she eats a right from Modafferi. Nice right hook from O’Neill finds the mark. The round comes to a close and Modafferi looked good, but the first goes to Casey O’Neill at UFC 271.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 271 and this fight is a lot closer than the odds makers had it. Modafferi runs at O’Neill to start the second round but she eats a couple of clean counters. Double jab lands for Modafferi but O’Neill lands a big right hand after.

Powerful leg kick lands for O’Neill. Modafferi continues forward and O’Neill is showing some damage but she’s getting the better of these exchanges. Both fighters land big shots in the center. Jab from Casey O’Neill then she follows up with a right hook.

Huge right hand lands flush for O’Neill but Modafferi just eats it. Pressure from O’Neill but Modafferi meets her in the center and backs her up. O’Neill circles on the outside and she lands three straight shots. Beautiful right straight lands for O’Neill as Modafferi rushes in.

Left and a left hook behind it for O’Neill. 1-2 lands for Modafferi but not much on it. Two straight jabs land for O’Neill and she’s really found a groove here in the second round. 1-2 lands big for O’Neill. A loud scream from O’Neill and she ramps up the big shots. Takedown attempt from Modafferi and she gets it. The round ends and it’s 2-0 O’Neill at UFC 271.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC 271 and The Happy Warrior is going to need a finish here. Modafferi takes the center to start the final frame and O’Neill immediately lands two straight. Big shots from Modafferi counter the O’Neill attack.

Right to the body and a left hook up top lands for Casey O’Neill. Running attack from Modafferi and she lands one shot but eats two from O’Neill. Another good combination lands for Casey O’Neill. Beautiful knee to the body lands for Modafferi and O’Neill might’ve been hurt by that.

However, Modafferi can’t follow up. Halfway through the round and Modafferi needs to really pull off a miracle here. The two come together and Modafferi lands a nice knee to the body in the clinch. Big right hand lands for O’Neill.

Modafferi gets a clinch and lands two nice knees to the body. O’Neill breaks and immediately lands a combination. Modafferi takedown attempt is stuffed easily by O’Neill. However, Modafferi catches a kick from O’Neill and takes her down briefly. However, O’Neill bounces right back up.

Modafferi keeps O’Neill against the fence and works for a takedown as the round ends. Very competitive final round, but Casey O’Neill should get the nod at UFC 271.

Casey O’Neill def. Roxanne Modafferi by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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